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Cashflow Podcasting: Authority, Audience Growth and Sales through podcasting

Ben Krueger, Chief Podcast Strategist takes you on a journey with leaders and brands who successfully leverage podcasting to generate BIG incomes and BIG results for their own businesses. The first 10 episodes is the Cashflow Podcasting “Fast-Start” Series to give you the step-by-step on how to launch a podcast for traffic, leads and sales. Then you’ll see case studies from various business types on how they’re using podcasting to generate significant income, plus their tips on how you can do the same. Discover whether podcasting is the BEST tool for your growth at CashflowPodcasting.com.

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CFP 023: Case Study: How John Logar Generated over $100,000 in Two Months through Podcasting

Are you looking for a fantastic way to connect with your audience and expose yourself and your business to a whole bunch of other people’s audiences? Do you need a new, proven way for growing your business? You’re in luck! On this episode of Cashflow Podcasting, we have a great case study of what podcasting can do for your business. Get full show notes and more information here: http://bit.ly/29f5joI


5 Jul 2016

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CFP 013: How to Build an Audience that's Addicted to Your Message and Will Follow You Anywhere with Ryan Moran

Our today’s guest, Ryan Moran, has accomplished that incredible feat with his podcast, Freedom Fast Lane. In our in-depth case study with Ryan, we dig into his approach to building a really tight-knit, responsive, and committed following that’s excited to about what he has to share through his show. You don’t want to miss this deep dive into how podcasting has been an absolute game changes for his business and his brand! Get full show notes and more information here: http://bit.ly/1W3GH4N


22 Sep 2015

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CFP 004: Behind The Scenes of A Client-Getting Podcast Launch

We are excited to introduce you to Catherine Newton, a successful entrepreneur and best-selling author. She is also the scholarship winner of our Cashflow Podcasting course, a proud founding member. Have you been on the fence about starting a podcast because you can’t seem to find the direction or support for starting a podcast for your business? Catherine has been there…twice! She generously shares her experience (including the fact that she had her own radio show) on this episode. Press play to get a behind-the-scene listen into Catherine’s current journey of starting a podcast with purpose and strategies for her business, audience growth and authority. You can find show notes and subscribe to the Fast-Start series by clicking here: http://cashflowpodcasting.com/cfp004


18 Jun 2015

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CFP 003: Will Podcasting Work For You?

If you've been pondering on whether podcasting will work for you, then this is the episode (and series) for you. Going beyond the Podcast Litmus Test, we dive into defining your desired outcome, niche, market and how to find your online communities. We are happy to have you, just push the play button below to learn more. You can find show notes and subscribe to the Fast-Start series by clicking here: http://cashflowpodcasting.com/cfp003


7 Jun 2015

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CFP 024: How Alan Moore Sold $7k in Sponsorships Before His Podcast Launched

Are you thinking about starting your own podcast, but you're worried it won't generate enough ROI to justify the time and effort? This episode is for YOU. Discover how Alan Moore, a Cashflow Podcasting client, funded the first 3 months of his new podcast before he even recorded a single episode. *This episode answer's one of the BIGGEST questions among would-be podcasters, "Will my podcast make money?". Tune in to find out how. Alan Moore is sharing his fascinating story in today's episode so that YOU can replicate what Alan did for your own podcast.  I made sure to ask Alan all the questions I most often get about funding a podcast so that you as the listener are armed with as much information as possible. Listen to this episode to learn how to fund your podcast, and even make money before you even start. *And know that this is Part 1. Part 2 will be released next week where I walk you through the 6 Steps to Make Money With Your Podcast BEFORE You Even Launch It. Here's What You'll Discover: What podcasting has done for Alan's business in just 1 year. Alan's warning about how you should think about monetizing a podcast. How Alan managed to get sponsors on board without even having a podcast yet. Who Alan reached out to that sponsored his podcast. How he packaged his sponsorship deal and pitched it to potential sponsors. The exact pitch Alan used to land those sponsors.


13 Dec 2016

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CFP 017: PPT: How to Network Like a Boss at Your Next Conference

On this episode of Cashflow Podcasting, you’ll discover exactly how to leverage your podcast to bring value to industry influencers rather than taking value from them, building lasting relationships in the process. Listen in for some killer tips for setting yourself above the crowd at your next conference an event. Get full show notes and more information here: http://bit.ly/1M8tFN7


3 Nov 2015

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CFP 008: Launching A Podcast: The Halfway Mark

What does the halfway mark of launching a podcast look like? Tune into this episode to hear how Catherine is passing through the halfway mark with equipment, planning content, booking guests and doing so with the right mindset. Launching a podcast is not easy, but it’s also not difficult when you have the right guidance and purpose. Press "play" below to get yourself on the fast track with your podcast! You can find show notes and subscribe to the Fast-Start series by clicking here: http://cashflowpodcasting.com/cfp008 


7 Jul 2015

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CFP 019: PPT: Double Your Email Opt-ins With ONE Simple Change

On today’s quick-and-dirty Podcast Power Tip, we cover exactly how you can start growing your email list faster using podcasting. Tune in to discover two ways you should be using calls to action to get folks to share their email address with you and how you can ask them to take additional action without overwhelming them in your podcast episodes. Get full show notes and more information here: http://bit.ly/1HPzS3O


17 Nov 2015

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CFP 030: How to Create Star Power In A Niche Market With Kurt Elster

Although this week's guest wasn't too sure about podcasting at first, since he started his own show he's been on a roll. Kurt is the founder of consulting firm Ethercycle and helps Shopify storeowners uncover and capitalize on the hidden profits in their online stores. By finding and committing to a niche subject, Kurt's made helping eCommerce professionals into a profitable business. Kurt's found podcasting to be a fun, genuine, and powerful way to connect with his audience - and he's sharing his experience with us! Here's What You'll Discover: How Kurt was slowly convinced to start his own podcast. What the process of discovering a niche was like, and why being a Shopify expert gave Kurt extra authority. Why it's essential that you're passionate about your show's subject - and how your audience can tell if you're not! The varied ways Kurt's podcast has allowed him to convert listeners and guests into clients. Kurt's advice for those of you considering starting your own podcast. You can find show notes and other information by clicking here: http://cashflowpodcasting.com/cfp030


20 Jun 2017

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CFP 007: How to Craft an Irresistible Podcast Format

In this episode, we dig into crafting a podcast episode format that sounds like beautiful music to your listeners’ ears and gets them excited to hear more from you. If that sounds like something that you would like to do with your podcast,  click "play" to listen in... Get full show notes and more information here: http://bit.ly/1R0jf9F


30 Jun 2015

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CFP 006: Discover Your Perfect Podcasting Audience

On this episode, we get into the how-to's of creating your perfect podcasting audience. If you don’t have a podcast yet and you want to regularly generate sales for your products and services, build a following that’s very passionate about you’ve got, become an authority and rub shoulders with influencers in your field, this episode is for you. Get full show notes and more information here: http://bit.ly/1IzhxlP


25 Jun 2015

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CFP 009: 3 Steps That turn Podcast Listeners into Paying Customers

It all starts with providing your audience the best of what you got. The best in personality, resources and the ability to communicate with you, their trusted leader. Stop the endless research and trial and errors of finding ways to make money with your podcast! Simply press “play” below to find out about the most effective ways to turn your podcast listeners into paying customers. You can find show notes and subscribe to the Fast-Start series by clicking here: http://cashflowpodcasting.com/cfp009


14 Jul 2015

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CFP 031: Be A Guest on Podcasts and Supercharge Your Marketing with Connor Gillivan

Podcasting isn't just an excellent marketing tool for hosts - today's guest, Connor Gillivan, would know!  Connor Gillivan is a co-founder of the freelancing platform Freeeup, which connects businesses needing to outsource work with talented, reliable, affordable freelancers.  It's a pretty revolutionary business model, and it takes some skillful marketing to pull off. That's where podcasting has come in, forming a unique and effective branch of Connor's overall marketing strategy.  Connor and I talk about how he pitches himself to podcast hosts, why following up and being a proactive interviewee is so important, and what to do to make sure you're providing great value to the audience. He also shares some of the common mistakes interviewees make that prevent them from turning listeners into customers.  Here's What You'll Discover: Why Connor decided to target podcasts as an effective marketing channel. How Connor preps to make sure he's a great interview guest. The three essential steps for generating results from a podcast interview. Why being on podcasts has been such a great way to build rapport with hosts and audiences alike. How to scale your efforts and get more success as a podcast guest. You can find show notes and other information by clicking here: http://cashflowpodcasting.com/cfp031


25 Jul 2017

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CFP 025: Market-Testing Your Podcast & Identifying Your Audience with Kai Davis

Considering starting a podcast, but not sure of the step-by-step process to get there? Or are you wondering how to get featured on other podcasts that you know your audience loves? This conversation with Kai Davis might be exactly what you need. Kai Davis is an outreach consultant with expertise in podcasting, and he's sharing his tried-and-true approach to drumming up interest in your podcast before you even start. I had him walk me through the whole process, starting with your target audience and ending with you launching a highly anticipated, highly valuable show. Kai answers key questions about how to choose a target audience, why you should test-market your podcast idea as a guest on other shows, and how to attract business before you even launch. Here's What You'll Discover: Why narrowing down your target audience is the first step of starting a successful podcast. Why a bit of competition in your niche is a good sign, not a red flag. How and why you should reach out to fellow podcasters and ask to be a guest on their show. Kai's tips for interview prep and driving maximum traffic to your site after a guest appearance. What free content you should provide to your audience so they're more likely to tune into your show. You can find show notes and other information by clicking here: http://cashflowpodcasting.com/cfp025


17 Jan 2017

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CFP 010: Launch Formula: How to Get Massive Traction Immediately (Even If You Don't Have an Email List)

Join us to discover how you can leverage every opportunity to grow your podcast quickly, right out of the gate, regardless whether you have an established following or a tribe. From increasing your visibility on iTunes to taking advantage of existing audiences similar to your target market, you will learn everything you need to know to get massive traction right after your podcast launch! 


20 Aug 2015

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