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Join Sarah Fulcher and Rebecca Hoffman as they discuss life with dog and alcohol.

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1st place means nothing

Sarah is Drinking: Greenpoint, Milk & Honey Ale An American blonde ale brewed with New York barley and wildflower honey, milk sugar, and chamomile. Cream biscuits, vanilla, honeysuckle, and a little bit of cinnamon spice are a few of the flavors we’re lovin’ in this summer specialty. Wildflower fields in your glass. Rebecca is Drinking: Almanac Beer, Farmer's Reserve Blackberry We love blackberries. Tart, sweet and complex but guarded by thorny branches, these alluring fruit have been a favorite of ours since we added them to our very first beer. This sour blonde ale is infused with loads of coastal Blackberries from California’s Santa Cruz Mountains and aged in wine barrels until our wild yeasts worked their magic. Pair with duck dishes and summer salads


26 Apr 2017

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Mostly Swear Words w/ Chad Mackin

Chad Mackin in the house! Well, more like over the internet waves.... To talk body language, industry grievances, and a nice little sentimental circle jerk in the end. Sarah is Drinking: Schmaltz Brewing, Foreign Objects Green Galaxy Waves of green like you won't believe. Living in the galaxies beyond our observable sensory spectrum, we've extracted every particle of hop character allowed by the laws of physics! Rebecca is Drinking: The Bruery, Rueuze Rueuze is our take on the traditional Belgian-style blend of lambics of different ages. We carefully select a number of oak barrels from our warehouse that have been aging our sour blonde ale for anywhere from several months to several years and blend the beers together to what we find to be the ideal flavor. This is one complex beer. Notes of hay, barnyard funk, apricots and olives play wonderfully with the balanced acidity. Chad is Drinking: Coney Island Brewing, Hard Root Beer Coney Island Hard Root Beer is a new twist on an old favorite. With hints of vanilla, licorice and birch, this root beer will bring you back to the boardwalk. Don't forget to Rate and Reveiw us on iTunes! Check out our store to help support the podcast! Hair of the Dog Shop!

1hr 17mins

8 Dec 2017

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#135 Daddy Whats Drag work? w/ Kerry Pottle

to be updated!

1hr 14mins

18 Jun 2019

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#101 What's in your garden with Forrest Micke

Join us for chill conversation with Forrest Micke. Pot plants, dog life, finding passions and more.  Sarah is drinking- Penguins in Space, Kings County Brewery collective Rebecca is Drinking- Cherish the Day, Alvarado brewing

1hr 11mins

28 Aug 2018

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The Corgi Exodus

In this episode we address fostering, Sarah's corgi, a brief touch on judgmental ways, being a human with human tendencies around our personal dogs vs training dogs. And then you know like beer and shit.  HOTDpodcast.com Sarah is drinking: Evil Twin, The Stout you Like is Coming Back in Style Imperial Stout with Chili, Vanilla, Cinnamon, and Cocoa Nibs added Rebecca is Drinking: Evil Twin, Sumo in a Sidecar This is our take on a classic cocktail with an Asian twist and a cool name. An IPA with apricot and a slim hint of umami. It's crisp, fruity and perhaps full-bodied. King Harbor, Bobby Jonesin' for Peaches IPA Juicy IPA w/ a Hint of Southern Peach

1hr 19mins

24 Apr 2018

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Instinctual Dog Sports!

Our Teespring campaign to help Canine Hurricane Victims!  Together We Can Tee Drive Old dogs, new habits. Hungover.Sheep Hearding, nose work, and other instinct based dog sports!  Sarah is drinking: Mikkeller, Hallo Ich Bin Berliner Weisse Pineapple Rebecca is drinking: To ⌀l, Dangerously Close to Stupid Amount of Papaya

1hr 5mins

5 Oct 2017

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Sport Dog Talk


20 Jul 2018

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SA, ESA the discussion w/ Barbara Davis

Barbara Davis joins us to discuss Service Dogs, real vs fake, and the implications and consequences in the world.  To get in contact with Barbara Davis check out: BADDogs Inc. Sarah is Drinking: Ultimate Clarity, Ursula Brewery Rebecca is Drinking: Momentary Lapse of Judgement, Urban Roots Brewing Barbara Davis is Drinking: Bianchi Wine Visit Our Redbubble Store! iTunes Discussion Group For direct inquiries and information about sponsorships, advertising, guest spots, and PR, please email Podcasthairofthedog@gmail.com


30 Apr 2019

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#122 What is Aggression W/ Michael Shikashio

Michael Shikashio joins us to talk about what aggression is in dogs.  To learn more about, or get in contact with, Michael visit  Complete Canines Sarah is Drinking: Grandfather Raven Imperial Stout, Black Raven Brewing Rebecca is Drinking: Evangelion II: Lilith (Ghost 679), Adroit Theory Michael is Drinking: Johnnie Walker Black on the rocks Visit Our Redbubble Store! iTunes Discussion Group For direct inquiries and information about sponsorships, advertising, guest spots, and PR, please email Podcasthairofthedog@gmail.com

1hr 25mins

23 Feb 2019

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Big Changes with Emily Hilgenberg

Emily is couch surfing on Sarah's couch and decides to come on the podcast to talk about female decoys, arousal, get what you pay for. Rebecca updates the world on her foster of 5months. Sarah comes back from Canada... and of course beer.  Sarah and Emily are drinking: Left Hand Brewing, Milk Stout Nitro Milk sugar in your stout is like cream in your coffee. Dark and delicious, America’s great milk stout will change your perception about what a stout can be. “Preconceived notions are the blinders on the road to enlightenment.” Udderly delightful. Rebecca is drinking: Prairie Artisan Ales, Prison RodeoA hoppy coffee ale brewed with Idaho 7, mosaic, summit and simcoe hops as well as Ethiopia Konga Natural coffee sourced from Spaceship Earth Coffee in McAlester, Oklahoma. Check out our new shirts!  Hair of the Dog Shop Don't forget to rate and review on iTunes and share with your friends.  HOTDpodcast.com

1hr 12mins

17 Nov 2017

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#105 Never Miss a Chance to Drink... Kombucha w/ Denise Fenzi

Denise Fenzi graces us with her presence to discuss fostering a proactive and inclusive culture among dog trainers.  denisefenzi.com Fenzi Dog Sports Academy Rebecca and Sarah are drinking: Mango IPA, BarrelHouse We crafted this brew with the hop goodness of an IPA and infused it with mouth-watering mangos. Tropical and citrus notes from our special blend of Simcoe and Citra hops shine through its unassuming malt character. Trust us, you’re gonna want to grab a pint or two of this limited small batch release. Cheers! Denise is drinking: Her own homemade Kombucha

1hr 4mins

3 Oct 2018

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Bites and Fancy papers

This episode we discuss running a business smarter, content creations, a dog who bit, and an update on Rebecca's CPDT-KA thing-ma-bob.  Sarah is Drinking: Real Love, Interboro Spirits and AlesPours foggy orange with white head. Dank apricot aroma, with apricot nectar flavor and citrus bite. Brewed with a blend of Pilsner & 2-row malts, with wheats and oats for body. Fermented with house blend of American and English yeast. Hopped with Citra and Cascade, El Dorado and Citra Cryo dust.  Rebecca is Drinking: Icing on the Cake, Grimm Artisan Ales:Icing on The Cake is a luscious dessert stout that tastes like a liquid slice of flourless chocolate cake. Like the best stouts, it improves as it warms from cellar temperature up to room temperature. Even dessert stouts must be in balance, and for us that means the last sip should taste better than the first. HOTD Fans and Guests hotpodcast.com


17 Apr 2018

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Follow Your Dogs Dreams

1hr 16mins

22 Mar 2018

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She Will Not Deny You

Shaped Relaxation, trying hard not to develop an ego, and some educational resources.  Sarah is Drinking: Gun Hill Brewing, Stream of ConsciousnessCollab with Rockaway Brewing Kettle soured fruit beer brewed with Lactose & oats, post boil prickly pear and lychee puree. Rebecca is Drinking: Barrel House Brewing, Passion Aggression An invasion of passion fruit aromatics and juiciness balanced with a bright finish makes this sour ale refreshing and crushable. Grab this limited release before it's gone. Don't forget to rate and review and check out our store!


6 Dec 2017

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Hot Dog

Questionable situations, lapse in judgements, management, analogies... foster dogs have to poo.  Sarah is Drinking: Bolero Park, Bolero Snort Brewing No notes at this time. Rebecca is Drinking: Moment of Clarity, Hopworks Urban Brewing No notes at this time. Check out our shirts! HOTD Shop

1hr 22mins

2 Jul 2018

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#130 Murder Towels w/ Trish McMillan

Trish Mcmillan joins us to talk about shelter dogs and placing marginalized dogs, goats and a special guest appearance from her murderous cat in the beginning.  Trish is Drinking: Bed of Nails Brown Ale, Hi-Wire Brewing Sarah is Drinking: Origin, Anchorage Brewing Rebecca is Drinking: Demon Boy, Anchorage Brewing To get in touch with Trish Mcmillan: loehranimalbehavior.com pibbling with theodore Losing Lulu Pibble Art Collective Visit Our Redbubble Store! iTunes Discussion Group For direct inquiries and information about sponsorships, advertising, guest spots, and PR, please email Podcasthairofthedog@gmail.com

1hr 16mins

9 Apr 2019

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Lobbers and IEBDC

Sarah came back from the IAABC conference in Texas.  Sarah is Drinking: Psuedo Sue, Toppling Goliath Brew Rebecca is Drinking: I Always Felt Closer to IPAS, Evil Twin Brewing Visit Our Redbubble Store! iTunes Discussion Group For direct inquiries and information about sponsorships, advertising, guest spots, and PR, please email Podcasthairofthedog@gmail.com

1hr 5mins

18 Apr 2019

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#119 Not My Enemy w/ Michael Baugh

Join us with Michael Baugh, to discuss client relations, the nitty gritty of coaching and maybe some philosophical questions! Michael also talks about his new mentorship program coming to the IAABC Michael is Drinking: Airport Wine Sarah is Drinking: Wonder Dust IPA, Bare Brewing Rebecca is Drinking: LOUD! Hazy DIPA, Almanac Brewing To get in touch with Michael Baugh follow these links: IAABC Mentorship, working with clients www.michaelsdogs.com Visit Our Redbubble Store! iTunes Discussion Group For direct inquiries and information about sponsorships, advertising, guest spots, and PR, please email Podcasthairofthedog@gmail.com

1hr 7mins

22 Jan 2019

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Mental Health W/ Molly Sumridge

Hey guys, its a pretty lengthy one and we delve into a lot of sensitive subjects revolving around mental health. 

2hr 1min

19 Jun 2018

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#113 Touch My Hot Button

Consent in dog training. What does that even mean? What we are drinking!  Fruit Casket, Champion Brewing Visit Tavour today and use promo code hairofthedog for a discount on your first crate!  Check out our new Booze Hound merch in our Redbubble store.  Click the image above to rate and review us on iTunes, or share with a friend! Instagram Facebook Fan Group WE LOVE YOU!

1hr 4mins

5 Dec 2018

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