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Wake and bake cuz! Down to smoke one with your big homie Snoop Dogg? Well, here I is and here’s your shot neffew. Get up close and personal with me – the one and only Snoop Dogg each week on my official GGN podcast.This podcast right here is hosted by none other than me…yours truly…music legend and pop culture icon… Snoop D-O-double G ya dig?!? This is nuthin but a smoked out session rolled tightly into podcast form that features me choppin’ game with and doin’ full-length interviews with a who’s who from the entertainment world. Listen to some funny ass comedic tales or me bustin’ some off tha cuff freestyles. Man, me and my guests speak on everything related to popular culture. No one does uncensored and uncut quite like ya boy Big Snoop…aka Finding Nemo…aka Nemo Hoes. And now I’m inviting you to blaze one up with us and jump on in.Subscribe now and then join us for #PuffPuffPassTuesdays to listen to a brand new podcast delivered fresh from the oven, prepared perfectly on the GGN News Desk and delivered directly to your ear drum...You bitch you. LOL!Oh, a don’t forget…you can listen to my GGN podcasts just about anywhere in your hood… iTunes and Soundcloud to be exact.We also heavy on that social media Jack!Make sure to follow us at: Facebook.com/DoubleGNews Instagram.com/DoubleGNews&Facebook.com/SnoopDogg Twitter.com/SnoopDogg Instagram.com/SnoopDogg Plus.Google.com/+SnoopDoggAlso catch more GGN content on my official video channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/westfesttv .. UHEARME????Chuuuch, Preach, Tabernacle…

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GGN Podcast Ep. 112 - Mario Lopez

If you are an '80's baby, you grew up watching our guest on one of the most popular teen comedies of the '90s', alongside his friends Zach, Screech, Kelly, Jessie, and Lisa, on the hit show Saved By The Bell. And even as he hosts one of the country's most popular and longest running entertainment TV news programs - Extra - if you are that '80's baby, you will always see him as that jheri curl dude from Saved By The Bell, A.C. Slater. That's right, A.C. .. ahem ... Mario Lopez is in the house this week!He sits down with his fellow Libra brother, Nemo Hoes, to chop it up about any and all subjects, including which part of being in entertainment he enjoys the most, as well as which celebrity, out of all the ones he's met over the years, he was surprised knew who he was. Taking a page from our host's playbook, Mario has branched out to other parts of the 'biz, including broadway, TV movies, as well as launching his own radio show - On With Mario.Also, we dug up a little known fact about our guest, which solidifies him as one of the originators of the West Coast movement, back in the day.Roll up something with us, cuz.. we back with another one!


3 Jul 2018

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GGN Podcast Ep. 113 - Best Of Smoker's Studio Vol. 1

Over the years, some of Hollywood’s biggest stars have stopped by the GGN desk to chop it up with Uncle Snoop. And everytime a chart-topping rapper or Oscar-winning thespian joins the Doggfather for a cypher, our fearless leader breaks out a rapid-fire Q+A segment we call the Smoker’s Studio.On this very special episode of GGN Podcast, we take a look back at the best, and worst, answers from the Smoker’s Studio, pulling out hot button topics ranging from culinary queries, desert island albums, and pre-fame employment. While Snoop sits back and puffs an endless blunt, Rae Sremmurd keys us in on a teenage job at a mattress factory in Mississippi, A$AP Rocky lets us in on a streaming service playlist hack if you’re ever deserted without a boat, Kathy Bates details her favorite purple suede pumps, and way, way more.So sit back, spark your favorite strain and watch your favorite stars get grilled under the scorching lights of the Smoker’s Studio.


16 Aug 2018

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GGN Podcast Ep. 114 - Best of GGN A-Listers

With two and a half decades of rap game fame under his belt, Snoop Dogg has amassed quite the rolodex. So when it came time to get behind the anchor desk at GGN, our fearless leader had no problem booking some of Hollywood’s hottest stars to spark up and break bread.On this very special episode, we take a look back at those high profile conversations in the Best of GGN A-Listers, bringing together actors, producers, and directors from the small screen to the silver screen.While Snoop sits back and puffs his eternal blunt, Seth Rogen, Lena Waithe, Kathy Bates, Martin Lawrence, Mario Lopez, Ice Cube, and Jamie Foxx guide us through the rollercoaster ride that is life in Hollywood, packed with stories of smoking with Wesley Snipes, selling mushrooms in high school, and working with Spike Lee. So sit back, spark your favorite strain, and find out which former sitcom star is trying to secure Snoop a new batch of starring roles in upcoming blockbusters.


29 Aug 2018

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GGN Podcast Ep. 115 - Best of GGN Freestyles

With two and a half decades in the rap game, Snoop Dogg is constantly breaking out in rhyme. So when it comes time to get behind the anchor desk at GGN and chop it up with some of the world’s best spitters, Uncle Snoop can’t help but start his own cypher.In this very special episode, we take a look back at the best off-the-dome verses to grace our Los Angeles studio, including freestyles from the Doggfather himself, and the GGN guests who can keep up!While Snoop kicks bars about SoCal life, talk show hosting, and of course, smoking chronic, A$AP Rocky, Murs, Young M.A., AD, and more find their own groove, conjuring lyrics about gold teeth, weed, and the art of rhyme itself.So sit back, light up your favorite strain, and find out which of your favorite rappers can go toe-to-toe with Snoop in a perfect freestyle.


19 Sep 2018

Rank #4

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GGN Podcast Ep. 116 - Best Of High AF

In case you haven’t noticed, Snoop is always smoking. So when it comes time for guests to join the Doggfather behind the GGN desk and break down their life stories, career goals, and deepest secrets, it’s no surprise that some of your favorite celebs are eager to join the rotation with the rap game’s most notorious pothead. But while some stars take it easy, hitting the blunt just once or twice, others have gone all out trying to keep up with our host, sometimes ending up too lost in the sauce to even finish the interview.In this very special episode, we take a look back at the most stoned moments from our Los Angeles studio, including stumbling stories, ice cream love ballads, and plenty of unplanned pauses and laughing fits.While our fearless leader sits back and puffs endlessly, A-listers like A$AP Rocky, Chief Keef, TJ Miller, Ilana Glazer, Kathy Bates and more get spun out and turned silent after a few pulls of Snoop’s super-charged rapper weed.So sit back, light up your favorite strain, and find out which of your favorite rappers can go toe-to-toe with Snoop on a perfectly rolled blunt.


2 Oct 2018

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