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Covering subjects from permaculture, preparedness, and homesteading to cooking, health, politics, and entrepreneurship from a biblical worldview.

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Homestead Update and Listener Questions

On today’s podcast I give a homestead update and address a few listener questions. We have been super busy here on the permafarm! Many opportunities presented themselves and we jumped at the chance. We went from seven animals to more … Continue reading →


13 Feb 2015

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Building Ponds

In this podcast I talk about building ponds/dams. I relate our recent project of building a pond and incorporate it into a podcast on the subject. I am also not shy about our mistakes and lessons learned from our own … Continue reading →

1hr 15mins

8 Jun 2015

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Podcast Episode 114 – Top 3 Starter Homestead Animals

On today’s podcast mon and I talk about the three best animals to start homesteading with. It doesn’t matter if you are


27 Jun 2016

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Podcast Episode 121 – Mike Leister – Battery Bank

In today’s podcast we discuss building resiliency with our new battery bank. You can buy it here. We are joined by the innovator and owner of Tactical Woodgas: Mike Leister and go over, setup, employment, capabilities and limitations of TPH … Continue reading →


22 Aug 2016

Rank #4

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Homestead Update

On today’s podcast I give a homestead update. I also talk about our upcoming Introduction to Homesteading workshop on June 13th and July 18th. You can find more information here. For the update I talk about: – Rattlesnake Rendezvous speaking … Continue reading →


29 Apr 2015

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Podcast Episode 111 – Permaculture Herbs and Guilds

In today’s podcast Monica and I discuss our Medicinal Guild Project as well as our thoughts on Permaculture and the Modern Medical Industry. We encourage everyone to join our TPH community membership for valuable and exclusive content that includes a … Continue reading →


5 May 2016

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Home and Family Protection Part 1

in today’s podcast I start a series on home and family protection. This is a huge topic that is near and dear to my heart based on several real world experiences that I will share through out the series. Today … Continue reading →


3 Apr 2015

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Podcast Episode 113 – 5 Plants to Grow for Animal Forage

In today’s podcast, Monica and I talk about 5 plants to grow for animal forage. Two main reasons to grow animal forage are


24 Jun 2016

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Podcast Episode 118 – Homestead Goals

Today’s podcast is up! We recorded on Facebook Live this morning so don’t forget to check that out and subscribe to Live notifications! On today’s podcast Monica and I talk about one of our main homestead goals: By August, 2016 … Continue reading →


28 Jul 2016

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Permaculture, Homestead, and Backyard Chickens

In this podcast I talk about chickens! They are a great addition for anyone from the urban dweller to the large homestead. Raising them as an integrated part with all the other elements of a home/homestead is how to best … Continue reading →

1hr 19mins

17 Feb 2015

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Dan McDonald – Candidate For County Commissioner

On today’s podcast, Monica and I interview Dan McDonald who is running for local office in Bonner County, Idaho. To be specific he is running for the County Commissioner seat in district 3. Why is this podcast important for you … Continue reading →


5 Mar 2016

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Homestead Waste Management

On today’s podcast Monica and I talk about turning “waste” into a resource. The term waste implies that there is no value in what you s typically considered garbage. We concentrate onkitchen, animal and human “waste.” The problem is the … Continue reading →


3 Sep 2015

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Homestead Water

On today’s podcast I talk about the crucial element of water on the homestead. I talk about everything from conservation, wells, developing springs to rainwater catchment. To have a resilient property you must have redundant water systems. Scripture of the … Continue reading →

1hr 11mins

20 May 2015

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Humanely Harvesting Animals

On today’s podcast the worldview segment and the main topic are intertwined when I talk about how we humanely harvest our animals on Sovereign Sonrise Permafarm.


24 Feb 2015

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Permaculture for Preparedness

In today’s podcast I discuss integrating  permaculture and preparedness. I have found no better system to apply for the preparedness minded person. This does not replace things like food storage, something that was simply a part of life for people … Continue reading →

1hr 4mins

20 Mar 2015

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John Brownlee – Buying Off-Grid

In today’s podcast I interview John Brownlee of www.Buyingoffgrid.com. He is a presenter at Sustainable Preparedness Seminars with expertise in many areas. Today, we focus on buying off grid/remote property. The benefits, challenges, common mistakes and some unique legal aspects … Continue reading →

1hr 3mins

16 Apr 2015

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Water Strategies For The Homestead

In today’s podcast, Monica and I talk about building a comprehensive water plan. We start by talking about some very important principles to guide your plan: observe, start at the highest point, start small and simple, slow, spread and soak … Continue reading →

1hr 4mins

15 Mar 2016

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Garden Planning Considerations

In today’s podcast, during the worldview segment I talk about two important principles:  1. Know what you believe and why you believe it. 2. Be consistent in your worldview. During the main topic I talk about garden planning considerations: perennials vs. … Continue reading →

1hr 5mins

17 Mar 2015

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Where Do I Start?!

In the worldview segment I play a pantheistic commercial that clearly replaces God with “mother nature.” I comment on how Christians should view creation, wise stewardship and commercials like this. for the main topic, I talk bout a recent message that … Continue reading →


20 Feb 2015

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Episode 116 – 3 Excellent Fertilizer Teas

On today’s podcast we look at three fertilizer teas. If you are trying to stay away from chemical fertilizers then this podcast is for you. We talk about comfrey, rabbit manure and vermicompost tea! All of these teas work great. … Continue reading →


8 Jul 2016

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