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The Rugby Muscle Podcast – Gym, Training, Diet and Strength and Conditioning. The podcast for rugby players of all ages and abilities that will help you lose fat, add muscle, strength and power and perform better on the pitch than ever before, with expert guests and unique stories from around the world, the Rugby Muscle Podcast cuts the crap to give you a simple no BS approach to your nutrition and training.

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Dr Jacob Reed - Mental Toughness, Why GENERAL work is often better than specialist, How to build athleticism and power in Rugby Players #126

In today's Rugby Muscle Podcast you have the honor of listening once again to the VERY wise words of Dr Jake Reed of UNI and Renaissance Periodization.Dr Reed is a former rugby coach and consultant and gives his background in today's episode to explain why he's such a noteworthy person to listen to.Support the show (http://rugby-muscle.com)


22 Aug 2019

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#79 – 7s Season! – How To Get Fit and Fast To Play The Game

Hey there bud. This episode is all about fitness and speed. Specifically, indeed we’re talking about the game of rugby 7s, we discuss some misconceptions and then the best way that you can train to be a beast. Agility Drill VideoSupport the show (http://rugby-muscle.com)


18 May 2017

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#98 - Q&A w/ Dr James Hoffmann - Renaissance Periodization's Head of Sports Performance

In today's episode, TJ asks Dr James Hoffmann some random questions from Instagram.We loved Dr James coming on the podcast and if you did please let us know! Questions were:1g protein per pound? Training before breakfast? Least favourite comic book character? Favourite supplement? Best ways to combine rugby and bodybuilding? Future predictions for USA Rugby? Support the show (http://rugby-muscle.com)


14 Feb 2019

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Everything Hypertrophy w/ Dr Mike Israetel - Practicalities of Gaining Muscle as a Rugby Player - Podcast 137

In this episode, TJ talks with Dr Mike Israetel.This guy is an absolute genius when it comes to gaining muscle and training efficiently.You'll want to listen to this manSupport the show (http://rugby-muscle.com)

1hr 3mins

5 Dec 2019

Rank #4

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#106 - Bret Contreras - The nuances of getting faster, stronger, fitter, bigger and better on the rugby pitch

We're back again with the Glute Guy, Bret Contreras to discuss how using the hip thrust can get you faster if you do it right... and more importantly, how to do it right, what you need to consider if you want to get better (and why) and how in-depth you can really go with your training for rugby performanceSupport the show (http://rugby-muscle.com)


11 Mar 2019

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#114 - Dr Jacob Reed - Pre + Post Game Nutrition, Training Structure and Priorities and How To Start a Career in S&C

Dr Jacob Reed of Renaissance Periodization joins TJ once again on the Podcast to answer your guys’ questions.The topics include:Pre game nutritionPost game nutrition and recoveryTraining to failureTraining priorities when short on timeHow to start a career in Strength and ConditioningIt was awesome having Dr Jake on the podcast and if you enjoyed it, please give us a 5 star review and share with your friends.Support the show (http://rugby-muscle.com)


18 Apr 2019

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#94 - Q&A - Rugby Player and Nutrition Coach on supplements, the BEST diet and recovery tactics

Here we go again with Ben Brown and TJ who answer more of your questions from Instagram. These questions are:- What supplements are best value for money?- Why is nutrition so confusing? I keep getting opposite advice - What do you think of Stan Efferding's Vertical Diet?- Are there any benefits to Intermittent Fasting other than eating less? - BCAAs or EAAs? - What is the best post workout meal for muscle growth?Check out Ben's top pre-workout meals using this link!https://www.bslfuel.com/9-meals-for-energySupport the show (http://rugby-muscle.com)


31 Jan 2019

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#80 – How To Peak Your Body For Game Time – A Full 7s Tournament Guide

Hello. This week’s Rugby Muscle Podcast is all about how to get the best from yourself. If you only have 14 minutes in a game of 7s you need to make sure you are completely prepared to smash it. That’s why TJ and Alex go over how you should prepare for tournaments, starting with the […]Support the show (http://rugby-muscle.com)


23 May 2017

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#109 - TJ Q&A - What is Online Coaching? How to peak for games? Weird/different training styles? My personal favourite recovery methods...

What's up.Here's a question, does anybody read these things?If you do send a DM to rugbymuscle on InstagramSupport the show (http://rugby-muscle.com)


2 Apr 2019

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#96 - Power, Periodisation and Plant Based Life - Q&A w/ performance coach Matt Dickens

Back for another Q&A, this time with the man Matt Dickens.Today's questions:1. Do you think that the power and speed of modern rugby players is too much for the body to take? 2. If he was to do plant-based keto how would he do it? 3. Suggestion for training around an ankle with poor mobility? https://www.instagram.com/p/BqupAUsAGWl/4. Whats your favourite vegan food? 5. Does he find other vegan people annoying? 6. What have you changed your mind about in the past 5 years? Instagrams:@MattDickensSC@tj.strength@rugbymuscleArticle on periodisation:https://static1.squarespace.com/static/55b7ffebe4b0568a75e3316b/t/580a2604725e25c8080a03d9/1477060101545/09Kiely+IJSPP_PeriodizationParadigms.pdfSupport the show (http://rugby-muscle.com)


7 Feb 2019

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#71 Lions, Dedication, Crossfit, Getting Strong and More with High Performance Coach Khrys Speed

Hey bud. Today on the Rugby Muscle Podcast we are joined by High Performance Coach Khrys Speed. It’s difficult to put a title/theme to this Podcast because it certainly goes everywhere. After a brief chat about the Lions, we discuss: – The will and desire to win – Passion and commitment to sport – Other sports […]Support the show (http://rugby-muscle.com)


20 Apr 2017

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Crossfit, Powerlifting, Myths and Why You Should Be Well-Rounded w/ George Pagan III - Rugby Muscle Podcast 147

This week TJ is joined by Fitlete owner George Pagan to discuss everything training, why being well-rounded is really going to benefit you as a player.Fitletes.com@fitletenation Show references:  Contrepeneur  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vC5cmW8O3L8https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3qlEenXxYing Yang Twins - Whisper Song (just cos) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGlvc4nVSXUSupport the show (http://rugby-muscle.com)


2 Mar 2020

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How To Gain Lean Muscle - The Hardest Thing To Successfully Achieve in the Gym - Hypertrophy / Bodybuilding - Rugby Muscle Podcast 141

Think gaining effective muscle is easy?Think again.Today TJ goes over a complete guide explaining why gaining muscle is difficult and how to do it effectively.Support the show (http://rugby-muscle.com)


23 Jan 2020

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"HACK" BACK LOCKDOWN SNACKS - Nutritional Strategies to Deal With Being at Home Without Messing Up Your Diet

After dealing with a number of members having a tough time trying to snack less whilst being stuck at home I whipped up an in-depth talk on strategies that you can use to prevent yourself being subjected to the snack-monster ruining your goals.Hope you enjoy itMore on Rugby Muscle Facebook GroupInstagramYouTubeWebsite with ArticlesSupport the show (http://rugby-muscle.com)


7 Apr 2020

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#72 – Inside the Rugby Performance Coaches Mind – A Roundtable Q&A

Bonjour. Today’s Rugby Muscle Podcast features TJ and Alex being joined once again by our boy Speedy! The boys end up doing a bit of the old “inside the actor’s studio”-type deal where seemingly simple questions have us going quite deep. The questions we went through were What 1 thing would you have done differently […]Support the show (http://rugby-muscle.com)


25 Apr 2017

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117 - Dr Mike Israetel - Training Practicalities and The Mindset of Success as an Athlete and In The Gym

The Podcast returns today with Dr Mike Israetel of Renaissance Periodization aka RP Strength.The episode was supposed to be about practicalities of hypertrophy and advanced methods, but as the conversation flowed it made more sense to push the conversation towards the mindset of an athlete.If you enjoyed this Podcast, please tag it in your Insta stories and give it 5 Stars!Support the show (http://rugby-muscle.com)


8 May 2019

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#111 - Alex Fitch - From College Football, to grass-roots US Rugby, to elite US Rugby...

Alex Fitch is a stud. He is also Glendale Merlins D1 Captain.In this episode he gives us a background on his football career, reflections of how this built him as a person, as a rugby and as a person.We discuss the differences between the sports, how one can help the other as well as a whole host of other things that I'm sure you'll enjoySupport the show (http://rugby-muscle.com)


9 Apr 2019

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Shelter-At-Home-Hacks - How to Stay In Shape, Train Properly and Make Progress on Anything Whilst Staying At Home #152

Hi! In today's Rugby Muscle Podcast has TJ running through his top tips and hacks to get you to the other side of the Coronavirus pandemic more productive, fitter and better than ever!!To join the Training Camphttps://www.rugby-muscle.com/trainingcampThe hacks:- Don't Panic- Don't do RANDOM At-Home Workouts- Focus on Conditioning- Train at the same time each day- Use frequent breaks throughout your day- Intermittent fasting- Wake up at the same time each daySupport the show (http://rugby-muscle.com)


24 Mar 2020

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#119 - Rugby Fitness and Nutrition Essentials w/ TJ and Regan Phillips for Regan's Rugby Strength and Conditioning

Today's Rugby Muscle Podcast is a guest post from Regan's Rugby Strength & Conditioning.TJ gets interviewed by Regan to give his views on what on rugby player's need to focus on in the gym with their training and with their nutrition.They discuss where most players go wrong with their workouts (Instagram) and with their diet...ENJOY!Support the show (http://rugby-muscle.com)


22 May 2019

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#97 - How Much Should I Train?! and Why? In Season vs Off Season and more w/ Dr James Hoffmann

In this Rugby Muscle Podcast TJ talks shop with Dr James Hoffmann of Renaissance Periodization.Dr James is a former rugby player and coach himself, much of which he did whilst lecturing at Temple University and studying at ETSUThe guys discuss the nuances is in rugby training and how you can make sure what you're doing is effective. More about Dr James and where you can find his stuff to buy:https://renaissanceperiodization.com/team-member/james-hoffmannInstagrams:@rpdrjames@tj.strength@rugbymuscleSupport the show (http://rugby-muscle.com)


12 Feb 2019

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