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We're unabashedly shining a nonpartisan light on women running for office, in the hopes that we can help elect more women to the halls of power and affect positive change in Washington. Each week we'll ask questions and explore ways in which we as individuals can help to alter the ineffective status quo in government, and we will introduce you to a different woman candidate from across the country who is running the race of her life.

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On this episode, we try to answer the following questions: Why do people judge women’s qualifications different then men’s qualifications? What does it mean to be a “qualified” woman candidate? Is it possible that when a woman is overly qualified, this may carry a negative connotation for some voters? We will also introduce you to a fresh new face in the person of Morgan Murtaugh.  At 26 years old, this vibrant GOPer is the youngest person running for Congress.


30 Aug 2018

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