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Do you want to boost your brain - win your game? I'm Karl Morris one of Europe's leading Performance Coaches. Whether it's sport, business or pleasure, the real key to success is to go from thought to ACTION and MAKE the changes happen. This Podcast will help you get the best out of yourself and your clients.

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The Lost Art of Playing Golf – Authors overview with Karl Morris, Gary Nicol and Markus Westerberg #104

Seasons greetings to you all Thank you so much for your support in the last 12 months It is very much appreciated On the Brain Booster we thought we would end the year with a ‘fireside chat” about the Lost Art of Golf book with co author Gary Nicol and co contributor Markus Westerberg We get the chance to discuss some of the key concepts in the book In particular we look at perhaps THE most important question ‘Why do you play golf?’ We explore how you can fall into the trap of playing the game for ‘other people’ How your ego can be distracted by the attention the game can give us What if we had a simple goal of…….. How good can I get? How this question creates a SAFE PLACE to play the game from How this mindset puts you in a place where you LOOK for challenges instead of seeking the safety of ego satisfaction The beauty of being challenged by the game itself Can I shape the ball? Can I affect the trajectory of the ball? The importance of QUALITY questions How effective questions can really change your perception of the game Graeme McDowell once said ‘Questions are indeed the answer’ How good questions can help you to get the best out of your game TODAY A simple question: What can I do on this hole TODAY? The ability to be able to deal with whatever you have today The skill of ADAPTABILTY How watching golf on TV can be so misleading and how we can be misled into believing that all bad shots are because our golf swing has changed Perception and reality How we can look to TRAIN better for the game How we can think differently about our own game as a PERSONAL quest to get better It was wonderful to catch up with Gary and Markus and discuss the concepts in the Lost Art of Golf Both of these coaches have an absolute WEALTH of knowledge in the game. Spending time with them is always beneficial They both get you to THINK They both get you to look at the game DIFFERENTLY To find out more about Gary Nicol go to www.tpegs.com To find out more about Markus Westerberg Go to www.markuswesterberg.com To get YOUR copy of The Lost Art of Golf go to www.thelostartofgolf.com To find out about the Mind Factor Go to www.themindfactor.com


26 Dec 2019

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Gary Nicol - The Lost Art of PLAYING golf #91

Great to have a friend of the show back in Gary Nicol We get the chance today to discuss our new book ‘The Lost Art of Playing Golf’ We dig a little deeper as to why the putting book has been so successful The concepts that have created freedom The ideas allowing people to fall in love again with CREATING shots and putts We look back on the life Of the ultimate golfing artist Gordon Brand Jnr Gary discusses some wonderful tales of his time with Junior. The laughs, the highs and the lows of life on tour. We also look at the process of actually writing a book how it runs parallel with trying to improve your golf game. The need to stay with the process. The ability to deal with frustration and also the help that can be provided by another person, someone to whom you are accountable to. This single concept could help you enormously with your golf game We ask the question ‘does the shot create the swing or does the swing create a shot?’ Such a fundamental question to ponder. As always with Gary his passion for coaching shines through in every sentence He is committed as a coach to finding the very best ways for golfers to improve and enjoy the game so much more We are really excited about the prospects of presenting the ideas in our new book If you are looking to become a Mind Factor coach and join a growing community of people committed to making a real difference go to www.themindfactor.com


26 Sep 2019

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Get Healthy, Get Strong – Phil Richards #106

It is fantastic to have with us again on the Brain Booster Phil Richards. Phil recently presented on the Mind Factor course certification course in the UK His latest research on strength conditioning and nutrition went down an absolute treat. It is great to announce that we will be running a ‘Training for Golf’ weekend retreat in February at the Athlete Factory, Chester UK This weekend WILL have a major impact on the way you play the game this year. Perhaps more importantly it will have a major impact on your LIFE in general The dates for the weekend are 22nd-23rd February To book click the link https://themindfactor.net In today’s podcast we get the chance with Phil to discuss some really key themes around HEALTH and STRENGTH We invest so much money in equipment, technology and coaching yet unless we are HEALTHY nothing else matters Is this the year you are going to take ACTION and get HEALTHY? Are you going to invest in YOURSELF? Phil has worked at the highest levels of sport for over 20 years Premiership Rugby Premiership Football International Athletes World title winning boxers He has had success at ALL levels Are you Past 40? Falling off the ‘cliff edge’ We talk about the vital importance when you are past 40 years of age (or any age) to build MUSCLE It is such a vital component on your overall health and the ability to play your sport at an OPTIMAL level We look into: How excess IRON causes a lot of muscle wastage The chronic TESTOSTERONE deficiency in most people Both Men and WOMEN!! Why your ‘diet’ could actually be making you feel very ill Why so many people are insulin resistant which inhibits the ability to make muscle What Vitamin D can do for you You WILL be amazed and chances are YOU are Vitamin D deficient How individual blood testing will give you a clear picture of your unique make up as an individual You can then take SPECIFIC action The amazing results you can get when you take specific personalised action IN THE GYM THE WAY TO TRANSFORM YOUR BODY AND MIND The big mistakes we make in training How ‘mimicking the action’ can be detrimental Phil’s research from the Russians and East Germans regarding throwing How strength is THE key to throw further The carry over to ALL sports The key exercises that make THE biggest difference When you understand the key exercises you can create infinite variations in your program The more elite the more varied your program should be The need for intensity and severity of load and stress What a REALLY good training week looks like How to plan YOUR week The importance of SMART rest and recuperation The amazing effects of a sauna and what it can do for you How 90% of people DO NOT get a response in the gym How YOU can be different Some real ground shaking information in today’s podcast Information you can take action on RIGHT now To contact Phil about your blood chemistry analysis go to www.philrichardsnutritionlab.co.uk To join us on this ground breaking weekend in the UK Training for Golf 22nd-23rd February Athlete Factory Chester go to https://themindfactor.net


9 Jan 2020

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Nick Bradley – Controlling the NOISE – how to limit the input of information for the good of your game. #117

Today on the Brain Booster we are joined by top performance coach Nick Bradley. Nick will be familiar to many of you with his work as a Sky Sports analyst. He has coached winners on every major tour. Most notably his work with Justin Rose. During their time together Justin went from 125th in the world to 5th. Nick has written two best selling books called the ‘7 Laws of the Golf Swing’ and ‘Kinetic Golf’. He has also been a keynote presenter to many top companies across the USA We spent a great time together discussing all things golf and inevitably all things corona virus related. Our discussion went into some interesting and unexpected directions. We got into some fascinating areas looking at the philosophy of the game and how the current crisis may allow us to come out at the other side with a much more enduring and stable perspective. How to control ‘the stimulus’. There is now so much noise around us. So much contrasting and conflicting information. How a ‘game manager’ may well be the next level of elite coaching. Why having a ‘team’ can sometimes create the very problems we are aiming to fix. How to manage your ‘mental energy’ What the real true greats of the game can teach us about longevity and also strength of character. Jack Nicklaus Tiger Woods Ben Hogan Rory McIllroy Why it is so important to manage your tendencies as opposed to constantly looking for the latest quick fix. We all have innate golfing tendencies that can be managed to allow the best golf YOU are capable of to shine through. Some great advice for golf coaches Be a ‘king of solutions’ not gadgets. Fix the problem with a clear solution. Nick was asked by Paul McGinley to be a consultant with him for the Ryder Cup. We discuss how he was enlisted to create effective ‘subliminal images’ for the team. Nick shares some great insights from the very inside of the team room. Also he shares some really personal information about how a personal tragedy knocked him sideways and how much he valued the invitation from Paul McGinley You will gain so much from today’s show. It will really get you to think so much about the current situation and more importantly what you can DO about it. For more information about Nick Bradley go to www.bradleygolf.com To become a Mind Factor Mindfulness Practitioner contact me directly on karl@themindfactor.com The course starts 6pm on Thursday April 23rd IMPROVE YOUR GOLF AT HOME If you want to STILL improve your game whilst at home. Study my ‘Breakthrough Program’ 18 Videos Audio Course E-Book Go to https://themindfactor.net/product/breakthrough-video-course-programme-sp/?mc_cid=21af2b8351&mc_eid=%5bUNIQID%5d Originally from London, England, Nick has lived in the US since 2005. Nick has instructed winners on every major professional tour in the world. Most notably his work with England’s Justin Rose (2006 – 2009) placed Nick firmly on the world map of golf instruction with Justin rising from world number 125 to number 5. With Nick’s guidance, Justin also won the 2007 European Order of Merit (European number 1) in a world record of just 12 events, Ryder Cup 2008 and winning 3 times around the world. Originally from London, England, Nick has lived in the US since 2005. Nick has instructed winners on every major professional tour in the world. Most notably his work with England’s Justin Rose (2006 – 2009) placed Nick firmly on the world map of golf instruction with Justin rising from world number 125 to number 5. With Nick’s guidance, Justin also won the 2007 European Order of Merit (European number 1) in a world record of just 12 events, Ryder Cup 2008 and winning 3 times around the world. Originally from London, England, Nick has lived in the US since 2005. Nick has instructed winners on every major professional tour in the world. Most notably his work with England’s Justin Rose (2006 – 2009) placed Nick firmly on the world map of golf instruction with Justin rising from world number 125 to number 5. With Nick’s guidance, Justin also won the 2007 European Order of Merit (European number 1) in a world record of just 12 events, Ryder Cup 2008 and winning 3 times around the world.


2 Apr 2020

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Alan Muckle – What you SEE is what you DO #107

Today we get the chance to spend time with Alan Muckle and find out more about the importance of your eyes in sport. It sounds so obvious Yet the eyes are such an overlooked area yet a simple opportunity to improve As Alan says 80% of input into your brain is through the eyes. The quality of your output will to a large degree be influenced by this input The best athletes in the world use their eyes in ways that are very different than the rest We look into some really interesting areas and topics of discussion The importance of eye dominance Finding out how you can better utilise eye dominance could have a major impact on your performance ‘Smooth Persuits’’ how you need to be able to control the way your eyes look at the target especially on the greens How the way you use your eyes affects your state of mind and in turn the way you think about your game What you can do about training your eyes What the future COULD look like After studying Exercise and Health at Bristol University Alan then qualified in Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation. Further courses attended include Advanced Soft Tissue Techniques in Muscle Energy, Neuromuscular and Positional Release Techniques. Anatomy Trains Myofacial Release, Core Facial Release, Manual Therapy for Orthopaedic Conditions, Articulations and Mobilisations, Proproceptive Medicine, Neurological Testing. Alan has been involved in sport for over 30 years and is an ex Royal Marine Commando Physical Training Instructor. His knowledge of sports is extensive, holding National Coaching/Refereeing qualifications in Rugby Union, Swimming, Boxing, Olympic Power Lifting, Weight Training and Judo. Alan has worked at International level with Olympic Athletes, Professional Golfers, Rugby players, Footballers, Cricketers, Horse Riders, Triathletes, Formula 1, World Champion Rally Drivers To find out more about Alan go to www.alanmuckle.co.uk To book on our Training for Golf weekend 22nd-23rd February go to https://themindfactor.net Today’s episode is brought to you by Pall Mall Medical specialists in stem cell therapy. Improve your mobility and ease joint pain to get the enjoyment back in your sport.


16 Jan 2020

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Nick Dougherty – The Purpose of Golf – What is it for you? #101

The goal of golf is to score as low as possible. The purpose of golf is for you alone to decide. Today on the Brain Booster we have a special guest in Sky Sports Nick Dougherty We had a real honest discussion in which Nick shared some insights from his own playing and broadcasting experiences. We start with the biggest win of his playing career the Dunhill Links Championship at St Andrews We look into the reasons why and how he won We talk about how nervous he was going into the final round but how he managed to get the job done with a wonderful piece of advice from his personal trainer The message is clear – great players don’t feel comfortable They understand that to fulfil your potential you need to have a different relationship to discomfort This part of the conversation is so valuable to any player at any level From the highs of a great win we talk about the lows of losing his game The daily struggle The tragic premature death of his Mum The effect that had on Nick’s perspective The lessons he has now learned about what he would do differently Amongst many other topics we discuss How golf should be something you DO as opposed to something you ARE How the ego can be taken to some dark places if we buy into the ‘hype’ of the game The need to play YOUR game for the right reasons We discuss the role Nick Faldo played in his development A part of Nick Faldo that few people know or understand How the game eventually got Nick Dougherty to the point he didn’t want to play anymore The role of parents in developing happy golfers Golfers that will stay with the game A great insight from Nick how his own relationship with his father was lost then from a letter was found again What role golf can play in a balanced life Nick was so honest and so open. You cannot fail to gain some real insights that you will be able to apply to so much more than just you game. These are lessons in Life To find out more about Nick go to Twitter @NickDougherty5 To get YOUR copy of ‘The Lost Art of Playing Golf’ go to www.thelostartofgolf.com To book YOUR Mind Factor evening or become a Mind Factor coach go to www.themindfactor.com

1hr 7mins

5 Dec 2019

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Dr Mark Bull – The Genius in your body – How Bio Mechanics can make a difference #98

On today’s show we have with us a fascinating guest: Dr Mark Bull Mark is acknowledged as one of the world’s leading experts in golf bio mechanics He has worked at the very highest levels of the game with some of the world’s top players. He has also presented his work in seminars across the globe. His company Bull3D has some of the most cutting edge information available as to how your body may or may not be moving. Mark has throughout his life carried out research in the quest to help golfers of all levels improve In today’s wide ranging conversations we discuss: How the concept of CONSISTENCY just does not tie in with how humans actually move Movement variability and what this actually means for you How we can become consistent at the TASK not the motion Dynamic System Theory – how your body will organise movement around your CONCEPTS So the vital need to be really clear that your concepts support you How there is no such thing as ‘faulty movement’ How the individual is absolutely paramount Why you need to be true to YOUR way of moving The ‘story’ and why it is important to look back on your life and see what may have helped or hindered the way you move What you can do to improve on a DAILY basis The small actions that make such a difference How better movement patterns enable you to develop more SKILLS How movement can be improved at ANY age How your perceptions will change your movement How it is important to look at how YOU react to the golf course Just a wonderful chance to spend some time with a true expert in his field. Mark’s ideas and common sense approach WILL make a BIG difference to your game and the way you approach improvement To find out more about Mark and his great work Go to www.bull3d.co.uk To pick up YOUR copy of ‘The Lost Art of Playing Golf’ go to www.thelostartofgolf.com To find out about YOU hosting a Mind Factor workshop at YOUR facility go to www.themindfactor.com


14 Nov 2019

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Brad Hughes – Being able to go LOW #92

Today we have a wonderfully informative show for you. We are in the company of one of the hottest coaches in the game at the moment Brad Hughes. Brad talks about both his playing and coaching career. As a player he won five times in Australia and once in the United States. He set a tournament record of 268 (24 under par) in the 1998 Australian Masters which still stands today. He also holds the record for the largest winning margin on the Asian Tour when he won the 1996 Players Championship by 12 strokes We talk about winning these tournaments and his mindset that allowed those wins. How he really looked very closely at the GOLF COURSE and came up with a very clear plan of how he was going to beat the course architect. Being absorbed in the golf course How he developed his game The influence of Greg Norman How he struggled when he went away from his own golf swing and tried to build a swing based on the opinion of others. How he built his own teaching philosophy What he came to believe were THE fundamentals Nothing to do with the ‘standard fundamentals’ The ‘four thirty path’ into impact How this ONE concept can really change so much Impact and beyond To stop hitting at the ball What do you need to do? How the backswing is not THE thing Developing swing feels not swing thoughts How a SEVENTY year old man transformed his game Taking the game from range to course Making the transfer Becoming your own best coach A real deep thinking coach who is having a lot of success with top players When you listen to his thoughts you will understand why Find out more about Brad’s work at www.bradleyhughesgolf.com The drills are available at vimeo.com/ondemand/bradleyhughesgolf where they can be downloaded Find out about how to become a Mind Factor Performance coach – go to www.themindfactor.com Pick up a copy of ‘The Lost Art of Playing Golf’


3 Oct 2019

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Joel Weinburger – Getting to know your unconscious mind – You need to!!#99

We may THINK we are running our own ship. We may think we make conscious and rational decisions. We may believe that other people have no influence over us. We may assume our environment is passive to us. Think again. Welcome to the mysteries of our unconscious mind Unless we get to REALLY know ourselves better little progress will be made We need to know what we ACTUALLY do as opposed to what we THINK we do Today’s guest provides some incredibly valuable insights to the role of your unconscious mind In your sport, in your business, in your life and even in politics Joel Weinberger, PhD, is Professor in the Derner School of Psychology at Adelphi University. He is a Fellow of the Association for Psychological Science and of the American Psychological Association. His research on unconscious processes has been recognized with the Ulf Kragh Award from the University of Lundh, Sweden. Author or coauthor of approximately 100 publications, Dr. Weinberger is a founder of Implicit Strategies, which consults for political campaigns, nonprofits, and businesses. His political and business commentaries have appeared in the national media. He is also a practicing clinical psychologist. We talk about a really diverse range of topics The need for automaticity in sport How to train with your unconscious in mind The effects of your environment – Stronger than you think!! The effect of others on our progress How we can PRIME our environment to be more successful The incredible benefit of writing things down How successful people use journals How getting to really know what you DO as opposed to what you say you are going to do is vital to success Joel Weinburger was a tremendous guest You will gain so much from his insights He is the author of a wonderful book called ‘The Unconscious’ To find out more about Joel and what he does go to his website https://www.implicitstrategies.com/what-we-do To get your copy of the ‘Lost Art of Playing Golf’ go to www.thelostartofgolf.com To look into hosting a Mind Factor event at YOUR facility or club go to www.themindfactor.com


21 Nov 2019

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Stuart Morgan – Performance Coaching with Bernd Wiesberger #100

This is the 100th show of the Brain Booster I really want to thank you for your support The momentum has really begun to build I cannot believe all of that time has passed us by In the last couple of year’s we have had some amazing guests and today’s guest is no exception. Stuart Morgan has created a wonderful reputation coaching at the very highest levels of the game. He has had wonderful success this year with his work with Bernd Wiesberger We cover some amazing insights with all things performance based We look in great detail at how Stuart developed his coaching philosophies The influence of Pep Guardiola The required intensity of TRAINING How to really create personalised individual programs How to use statistics more effectively Designing training to allow for a ‘life’ away from golf How effective training can integrate with swing coaching Building days that will make a difference How it is vital to focus on the INDIVIDUAL What the person in front of you REALLY needs The role of the caddie in performance coaching The necessity of a growth mindset Being prepared to look at a different approach When it is time to say ‘NO’ to a player/coach relationship Being prepared to stay the course instead of looking for an ‘instant fix’ Building a team that works together A really great session with Stuart It is very clear when you listen to him why he has been so successful He is one of the coaches making a difference at the highest level but all of his ideas will resonate for any player at any level Stuart can be contacted on Twitter @StuartMcoaching To get you copy of ‘The Lost Art of Playing Golf’ go to www.thelostartofgolf.com To find out more about Karl and the Mind Factor go to www.themindfactor.com


28 Nov 2019

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Mike Malone - TrackMan and the TRUTH about impact- what FACTS can do for your game #113

On today’s show we are joined by Mike Malone from TrackMan I have known Mike for a number of years we have spent a lot of time doing workshops and golf clinics together and we have stood on many practice grounds at European tour events. Time with Mike is always very engaging and more importantly informative. Today we get the chance to discuss what knowing the truth about your impact conditions can do for your game. Yes, video analysis can be useful but the way your golf swing looks is always open to the interpretation of another set of eyes. With a launch monitor such as TrackMan you just get the opportunity to find out exactly what your patterns and habits are. These patterns are CRUCIAL to your performance. Once you are armed with this information and knowledge you can take direct action to improve your game by improving the only thing that matters in your golf swing which is the conditions of impact. We also go the chance to discuss better ways to practice. More efficient use of your time and some really simple but effective thoughts on developing more skills in your game. I used to think that using launch monitors would make players become even more technical about the swing yet I have discovered over the past number of years spending time with people such as Mike when they are used correctly the opposite is actually true. With the correct use of launch monitors you can become so much more focused on creating shots as opposed to be endlessly obsessed with dissecting the positions in your swing I have gained a lot from Mike’s knowledge and his ability to interpret data in a simple but profoundly affective way and you get that very same opportunity today on the brain booster. To contact Mike mm@trackman.com Are you going to take ACTION and become a Certified Mind Factor coach? Go to www.themindfactor.com


5 Mar 2020

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Martin Hall - Tiger, Jack and Rory - what THEY know #90

We have a wonderful show lined up today with Martin Hall You will have doubtless seen Martin on his show on the Golf Channel He is a brilliant instructor who has coached successfully at all levels of the game The players and coaches he has spent time with read like a who’s who of the golfing greats I had a fantastic time talking with Martin as he is a wonderful storyteller His passion to still improve his own coaching burns brightly We discuss amongst other things: How Tiger warms up to play How he focuses on SHOTS His thoughts on putting How he is a FEEL player How he is absorbed in PROCESS when he is at his best The thoughts of Jack Nicklaus about swing positioning and how NOT to be bogged down in technical thinking The time Martin spent with Rory and how HE is chasing even better golf next year Martins thoughts on becoming a better coach His opinion on technology What great coaching will look like in the future What Martin had to do to deal with being a presenter on the Golf Channel The uncertainty The newness Pushing his own boundaries of what he thought possible What Martin considers to be THE single most important golf question Really great information There are nuggets of gold in this podcast Enjoy More about Martin Hall - here


19 Sep 2019

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Bob Royak- US Senior Amateur Champion #89

Today we have a fantastic show with our guest, recently crowned US Senior Amateur champion Bob Royak Bob was kind enough to email me after his incredible win to say how much ‘The Lost Art of Putting’ had helped his game. His words will be an inspiration to anyone considering embarking on a program of improvement. We talk about how the key concepts in the book made him think VERY differently. He changed concepts The concepts allowed him to change He shares with us how he played over 130 holes with only ONE 3 putt We discuss The power of ‘The Story ‘ If you don’t change your story everything will stay the same Better ways to practice How and why attention is so important How taking the alignment line of the ball created freedom How the joy of creating putts returned How he has applied the principles to his whole game You will gain so much from Bob’s insights Not least the sense of possibility What COULD be possible? What DO you want to achieve with your game? What would you like your future to be? This is not just golf It’s life It’s your future and what you want to set your sights on Take action Move your body and ACT Just like Bob Royak Do you want to make a difference in your coaching and work with players like Bob? Become a Certified Mind Factor Performance Coach Go to www.themindfactor.com


12 Sep 2019

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Randy Joyner – Coaching on the GOLF course – Why it matters so much #120

Today we are joined on the Brain Booster by highly successful PGA Tour coach Randy Joyner. He is someone who has been right at the ‘coal face’ of the game both as a player and now a coach. Randy got in touch with me after reading both the ‘Lost Art of Putting’ and the ‘Lost Art of Playing Golf’ and as we discuss many of the ideas in the books resonated with his own philosophy on the game. We look at how he has totally regained his passion and love for golf. His genuine enthusiasm for the game is infectious. We had a wonderful conversation about coaching and in particular why more coaching should actually be done out on the golf course itself. How a player actually reveals his TRUE game on the course in a way that is never revealed on the range. As he describes Randy has developed something of a hatred of too much time on the range. We talk through some of his own experiences coaching PGA Tour players and in particular a great story of how he dealt with a top player hitting poor shots before he went out to play. It is worth listening to the podcast just for this wisdom. We look at how simple Randy has distilled ‘technique’ in to just TWO simple concepts. Randy Joyner has played events on both the PGA Tour and Web.com Tour Coaches Players on the PGA, Web, and LPGA Tours Students have included 3 PGA Tour WInners and 4 Web.com Tour Winners Coaches Professional Athletes from MLB, NBA, NFL, and, NASCAR To find out more about Randy Joyner go to https://www.tourtechniques.com To sign up to become a Mind Factor Certified Mindfulness Practitioner go to: https://themindfactor.net/shop-new/


16 Apr 2020

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