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I'm an artist. I paint mostly in oils. In early 2006 I took on a project I call Everyday Paintings, which was what I thought would be a daunting but doable goal of painting a new painting everyday, making them competent paintings, beautiful and hopefully valuable. Believing that something is only as valuable as what someone is willing to pay for it, I determined to test the market using solely eBay for sales, and along the way, building a list of contacts who are interested in my work. Since I do good work, and a day of good work ought to be worth at least $100, I start each auction with a minimum bid of $100. To be added to my FREE Everyday Paintings mailing list (you will receive a small picture via e-mail of each new painting I do, plus notification of any new Paintcast™), please visit my Everyday Paintings site: http://www.everydaypaintings.com . There is a sign-up box on the right column. You can read all about me and my art background at http://www.DarrowArt.com (my larger, older website), and by reading my personal blog there. (Yes, I maintain more than one blog).

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Oil Painting demo: Ixia

(No sound, on purpose) Here's a sped-up, time-lapse video of a recent painting that is currently being auctioned on eBay. Ends 9-7-2006


6 Sep 2006

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The Fragrance of Gardenias

An oil painting done in one day. Shown in stages.


25 Aug 2006

Rank #2

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Profile of Beauty - A step-by-step oil painting demonstration

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30 Mar 2006

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