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017 | Charles Aguillon

DATE: 05.20.2013 HOST: Hal Bowman GUESTS: Charles Aguillon ABOUT CHARLES: Charles Aguillon is in his 20th year as an educator and his 17th year in Georgetown ISD. Mr. Aguillon began his career in GISD as a band director on the first faculty at Benold Middle School. From there he moved to Georgetown High School where he served as associate band director and head band director. In 2004, he was appointed Director of Fine Arts for GISD, a position he held for five years. This is his fifth year as Associate Principal for Teaching & Learning where he works closely with all instructional programs. Mr. Aguillon is active as a community organizer and currently serves on the Public Library Board and various other arts organizations. Mr. Aguillon’s wife, Vanessa, is a teacher at Jo Ann Ford Elementary. The Aguillons and their two boys enjoy traveling to Walt Disney World as often as possible! Beginning in the fall, Mr. Aguillon will serve as Director of Fine Arts for Lake Travis I.S.D. in Austin, TX. *IN ADDITION to serving as an educational administrator, Mr. Aguillon is the leading expert for helping student and youth groups design custom trips to Disney locations.  If you’re interested in taking your group to Disney, you’d have to be a little kooky to attempt to do it on your own.  Consult with Charles, he is the best. Phone: 512-843-1570 Email: Charles.Aguillon@gmail.com Facebook: facebook.com/charles.aguillon Website: http://destinationsinflorida.com/student-youth-travel/ The Video Just the Audio

19 May 2013

Rank #1

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016 | Teya Sparks

DATE: 03.27.2013 HOST: Hal Bowman GUEST: Teya Sparks About Teya: Teya Sparks of Houston, Texas is a locally and nationally acclaimed Life Coach. I’ll let Teya tell you what that means to her: “We teach what we most need to learn. But my favorite way to say that is we are here to give the love we didn’t get (Mastin Kipp). The love I didn’t get was help. And, the way I filter this is: when I give help I’m giving love, when I get help I’m being loved. It’s hard to ask for help because that’s asking for love and when I don’t get help I feel unloved (rejected). No big deal. It’s not even “true”, it’s my filter. It’s the way I learned to experience the world. It’s also what I’m here to give.” “So, 1998 I was going the traditional psychology route… because that’s just what you did back then if you wanted to help people. A co-worker said, ‘You should be a life coach.’ A huh?? I did some research (it was still a west coast thing) and saw that she was right. I did some training but it wasn’t quite soft enough for me. Therapy was too soft. Like Goldilocks  I was looking for what was just right. I had 13 years of peer counseling on my life resume. I’m a listener and a problem solver. I believe in understanding and action. I think they’re a dynamic duo.” The Video Just the Audio

3 Apr 2013

Rank #2

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022 | Jaime Cunningham

DATE: 07.22.2013 HOST: Hal Bowman GUEST: Jaime Cunningham JAIME CUNNINGHAM, originally from the thriving metropolis of Ottawa, Illinois, currently serves the students and families of Spring Independent School District as a Youth Service Specialist with Harris County Community Youth Services in Harris County, Texas. During our time together, you’ll hear Jaime say, “Well, I’m not a teacher.” But, I’ve worked with Jaime for years and I can tell you she is definitely a teacher. No, she may not have a traditional classroom and be responsible for teaching a particular content area, but of thousands upon thousands of educators I’ve met and worked with over the years, she’s at the top of the list. She’s one of the best. Listen in as we reminisce about “the good ol’ days,” chat about kids, teaching, and changing lives. The Video The Audio

22 Jul 2013

Rank #3

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021 | Jeff Springer

DATE: 07.11.2013 HOST: Hal Bowman GUEST: Jeff Springer JEFF SPRINGER, an educator for 31 years, is the founder of the G.O.A.L. TEAM (GETTING OTHERS TO ACHIEVE HIGHER LEVELS). The G.O.A.L. TEAM is a program directed at helping high school students and adults maximize their personal leadership potential. In 2008, Jeff began a new ministry called “Suit Up Ministries” and is available to speak in person to various organizations. Jeff attended Abilene Christian University where he played on the 1977 National Championship Football team, received his Bachelor of Arts in Teaching from Sam Houston State University and obtained his Masters of Sports Administration from the United States Sports Academy. Jeff, a former Texas High School Head Football Coach and eleven year veteran of the classroom, is presently the Principal at The Magnolia High School, a North Houston area High School. Jeff also serves as the Men’s Minister and Discipleship Coach at a church in Northeast Houston, as well. Springer, who resides in Magnolia, Texas, has been married for 32 years and has two children. The Video The Audio

12 Jul 2013

Rank #4

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020 | Cameron Pratto

DATE: 06.04.2013 HOST: Hal Bowman GUEST: Cameron Pratto Owner/Director of Urban Movement WEBSITE: urban-movement.org/ EMAIL: Cameron@Urban-Movement.org FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/umovewemove TWITTER: @umovewemove ABOUT CAMERON: After learning yoga on his own, now more than fifteen years ago, only really wanting to be able to do a split, he found that the all-encompassing benefits of a well-rounded practice were more than he expected. Unprepared for the connection with himself and with the world, he started writing to try to unravel this new found awareness. With a pen and a pad, he spent years of expression on various Spoken Word stages around the Southeast (US), competing in National Poetry Slams as well as being featured in three local HBO Def Poetry Jam showcases. Whether externally through the spoken word or internally through maintaining a limber body, mind and spirit, Cameron has always been moving. Cameron has been wrapped up in the IT industry just about as long as he’s been doing yoga. He’s gone from selling computers, to tech school, to starting his own IT company, to managing an IT department for an architectural firm, to remotely managing business’ IT infrastructures, to corporate teaching in India, to serving as a Senior Systems Engineer for an IT Managed Services company in Houston, Texas. Parkour (l’art du deplacement) happened to Cameron about half way through 2008. Having trained in Europe, having experienced the heart, spirit and strength of the Yamakasi and the structure, skill and knowledge of Parkour Generations – and seeing a growing need for the same discipline in his own country – Cameron has set himself on a path to help bridge that gap. He recently passed the A.D.A.P.T. Level 1 teacher training course offered by, and has been accepted as an affiliate coach with, Parkour Generations. By traveling and training with all that are willing, finding like-minded individuals is an inevitability, and the global Parkour community will only continue to strengthen. Seeing the majority of existence mature with very little emphasis on natural movement, and not yet having had something as unique, adaptable and beneficial as Parkour (and Yoga) incorporated into life, his desire is to share his movement in hopes that the people will find their own. The Video The Audio

31 May 2013

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