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Road Trip Two: WLC and Adam, the Baptism Debates Rage On

We chose to record today's DL just in case the connection went wonky and broke up. But, it didn't, and we managed to get about 70 minutes in today, mainly on two topics -with a brief trip report at the start-. First, we discussed William Lane Craig, his views on Adam, and why this is pretty much just par for the course given the long interaction we have had with Dr. Craig's foundational positions. Then we addressed the baptism debate, raging yet once again due to Jared Longshore's departure from Founders due to his embracing of paedobaptism. Hopefully balanced and useful observations of the key issues in the debate, at least as the debate rages between Presbyterians and Reformed Baptists. I think that debate is very, very different than the debate with, for example, Lutherans on the same topic.

1hr 8mins

25 Sep 2021

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Radio Free Geneva (90 Minutes), Further Topics

Stumbled on a Soteriology 101 video asking if I am -right- about Matthew 23-37, so we dealt pretty fully with that new presentation for the first ninety minutes, then touched upon some other topics including Bart Barber's amazing defense of Ed Litton. Mega edition, two full hours- I head out on Road Trip -2, heading for G3, so programs for the next three weeks will be at odd times, so download the A-O App so you can know when we will be hitting the airwaves-

2hr 1min

21 Sep 2021

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Church History

1hr 16mins

19 Sep 2021

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ADE, More Litton, More Hanegraaff

Third show of the week as we are preparing for the start of Road Trip -2 next week. Started off with some complicated stuff about ADE and mRNA vaccines and the dangerous rise in cases and infections amongst the vaccinated and why this is taking place. Then we, reluctantly, dealt with the Litton affair again, pointing out the utter absurdity of the defenses and excuses that are being offered by an entire cadre of paid apologists-paid for with the funds given by churches ostensibly to promote the gospel and the kingdom. The SBC deep state is alive and well and not really hiding much either. Then we went back to Hank Hanegraaff on the topic of the eucharist in the early church to finish off the program.--Of course, we will be doing our level best to do as many programs as I can possibly fit into my travel schedule beginning next week- I truly enjoyed doing programs from our mobile command center in various locations a few weeks ago, and now as I head for Conway, Atlanta, Niceville, Lindale and other places, I am looking forward to it again- Prayers for safe travel much appreciated- This trip logs in at 4,100 miles. When you contribute to the Travel Fund you are helping make it all happen- Thank you-

1hr 4mins

16 Sep 2021

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Litton Becomes Biden, Todd's Category Error, Hank Fictionalizes History

Mainly addressed three topics today, Ed Litton's egregious excuses for his plagiarism publicly promulgated at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Todd Friel's argument against seeing Romans 13 as having a basis in God's law and definitions, and finally a few more minutes examining Hank Hanegraaff's claims about church history.

1hr 1min

14 Sep 2021

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Radio Free Geneva: Responding to "The Authentic Christian"

After noting the passing, on the same weekend, of two of my former debate opponents -John Shelby Spong and Bob Enyart-, we dove into this presentation by three Church of Christ gentlemen on the subject of -total depravity.- We covered a lot of ground and hopefully you will be aided by the discussion- We hope to do another program tomorrow as well.

1hr 18mins

13 Sep 2021

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Responding to the ERLC on Religious Exemptions, Creating Variants, Hank Hanegraaff an

Split the show in two, first half hour dealing with religious exemptions, the ERLC article on the topic, vaxxonlyism and the carnage it has produced, etc. Then switched to responding to claims made by Hank Hanegraaff, the former Bible Answer Man, regarding church history. Included a short five minute sermon for us all at the end-

1hr 8mins

10 Sep 2021

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Redefining Family, Chic Racism, Horse-Dewormer, Religious Exemptions

I do not know how to title a wide ranging program like today's- We discussed the Buttigieg adoption scandal, Jory Micah's racism, the amazing crash of Ivermectin from 2015 Nobel Prize winning drug to 2021 horse-dewormer, and then a lengthy discussion of medical exemptions, including the statement Apologia Church has produced on the topic. I also read through an attack upon Christian conscience on the topic and responded to its many errors.

1hr 16mins

7 Sep 2021

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The Sacraments of the State

Started off with a great thread from Twitter on how abortion is the sacrament of the great religion of the State in light of the Texas abortion law and the responses from the left. Then we talked about unitarianism as a lead-in to the appointment of an atheist as the chief chaplain at Harvard -there is an historical connection-, and finished up looking at the Ezekiel Declaration from Australia.

1hr 24mins

2 Sep 2021

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ECM of Mark, Mormons Hide in Basements, Gregory on the Spirit

The ECM volumes of Mark arrived ten minutes before the program started, so that sort of distracted me, so I spent some time talking textual issues, CBGM, etc., before moving to the Mormons and their fear of Covid. Talked a bit about the overwhelming flood of negative information and how we need to protect our joy from the corrosive influence of today's context. Then we finished up Gregory's confession from 265.

1hr 13mins

31 Aug 2021

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