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Your Law Firm - Lee Rosen of Rosen Institute

Lawyer Lee Rosen speaks to aspiring entrepreneurial and tenured law professionals on law practice management, marketing, technology and finance, increasing your revenues and helping you implement time saving changes

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Who does the selling?

From Hong Kong... A tech tip about using Rewind.ai and Heyday to track down anything that has come across your screen, regardless of where you saw it. Some concise advice about why you should just let the best sales people do the selling rather than keep hoping you'll be able to fix the ones who aren't that great.

26 Jan 2023

Rank #1

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Why aren't you asking for feedback?

From Taipei, Taiwan... A tech tip about how to hire a web developer. Some concise advice on getting feedback so you can not only stop doing the bad things, but start doing the good ones.

19 Jan 2023

Rank #2

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Marketing as a community builder

From Taipei, Taiwan... A tech tip about taking a peak on what technologies are running on other websites using WhatRuns. Some concise advice about changes to our podcast, building a community with marketing, and Rosen Institute Insider.

12 Jan 2023

Rank #3

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Marketing a promise, not a service

From Taitung City, Taiwan... A tech tip about using Google Tag Manager for some outside-the-box functionality on your website. Some concise advice about being careful about the image you present in your marketing so that you can build a scalable business where clients don't always expect that you will be the one doing the work.

5 Jan 2023

Rank #4

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THIS is the question to ask yourself

From Taipei, Taiwan... A tech tip about how to spot and plan for inconsistencies and breakdowns in the processes you build at your firm. Consice advice about why you should take the glass-half-full approach and always be asking yourself, "what's good about this situation?"

22 Dec 2022

Rank #5

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The solution to being overworked and underpaid

From Taipei, Taiwan... How knowing what to say makes the rest of your marketing strategy a whole lot easier. We're diving into a program all about creating and refining your marketing message inside of Marketing Accelerator at the Rosen Institute.

15 Dec 2022

Rank #6

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Just say "thank you"

From Oaxaca, Mexico... A tech tip about using SwapFlo to add a QR code with your contact details to your phone's wallet. 

8 Dec 2022

Rank #7

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Reputation makes your firm sellable

From Oaxaca Mexico - A tech tip about using the DALL-E AI art tool to make up for your lack of talent. Some concise advice about selling a law firm, making it a valuable proposition, and why it's not as easy as you might hope.

1 Dec 2022

Rank #8

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Don't negotiate with the experts

From Mexico City... A tech tip about using WhatsThatCharge.com to figure out what those cryptic and mysterious transactions on your credit card are. Some concise advice about receiving and giving advice on your marketing, why your ideas might interfere with what marketing pros suggest, and why you shouldn't be negotiating with the experts.

17 Nov 2022

Rank #9

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5 ways to get unstuck

From Mexico City - A tech tip about the lowly keyboard shortcut and why you should be using more of them. Some concise advice about getting your way out of that rut if you're feeling stuck in your practice.

10 Nov 2022

Rank #10