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Do you want to share the Inside-Out understanding (the 3Ps) but you don't know where to start?This podcast series is dedicated to helping you find your own authentic voice.If you're a coach, change-worker -or if you work in education or an organisation - then this podcast is for you.Check out more at www.innnercompassguide.com

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01 - IC - Finding your Voice

It's so important to find your own voice when it comes to sharing the Inside-Out understanding. Liz and Stu are working extensively in education, sharing the Inside-Out understanding with leaders, teachers and students. In this podcast they'll explain the importance of sharing what you know, without getting intellectual. The real strength comes in you talking with authenticity


10 Jun 2019

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CCIO-003 - Psychology

What happens if you are a clinical psychologist and you come across an understanding of that mind that transforms your personal life but also fundamentally challenges with you thought you knew. Dr Lee Adair-Stantiall is fascinated by the Inside-Out understanding, but has many questions. In this episode she meets up with Dr Rani Bora who is a psychiatrist who is already underpinning her practice with the principles behind innate health.


12 Mar 2018

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IC 13 Successful Dieting

If you've ever got caught in the cycle of yo yo dieting, then you'll know the frustration of going on a strict eating plan, losing weight and then putting it straight back on again. What if there is a different way to healthy eating? What if it's not about building your willpower, but instead it is about understanding how the human mind actually works. This podcast will explain why faddy diets don't work - but there is good news. In this interview I went to speak to Paola Royal a Wellbeing & Resilience Coach& Nutritional Therapist. We explore how healthy eating doesn't need to be a tough slog. All you need is to understand the Inner Compass and to see how the mind actually works. Join us at the Inner Compass to explore a new psychological understanding that is transforming communities https://innercompassguide.com Paola Royal:healthylivingwithpaolaroyal.co.uk


10 Dec 2019

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09 IC Constant Wellbeing

What if you knew that wellbeing was constant in your life? What if regardless of the emotional turmoil, you always knew you were OK? This week, community worker, Siobain Kelly shares her journey since learning about the Inner Compass through the Wellbeing Ambassador training. She finds she's more able to go with the flow and not overthinking things all the time. Here are some of the things she had to say: ".. now life is just lighter" "I'm not spending time ruminating on things" "I now know I've always got wellbeing - I know everyone else has got it, it's not just me" Join us on this Inner Compass podcast as we explore the best way to move on from Stress, speaking to people as they discover the secret to wellbeing. Website: Innercompassguide.com Twitter: Innercompassliz Innercompassstu Linkedin: Liz Scott Instagram: Inner_compass_liz


28 Aug 2019

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08 IC Consciousness Awakening

Are we living in an era with a renewed interest in spirituality? Liz and Stu went to a festival and were surprised at the number of speakers, authors and comedians speaking about the theme of consciousness. It really does seem as though the conversation around non-duality is moving towards the mainstream. It's all very well talking about consciousness as a concept, how does it play out in the every day struggles of being human? As well as discussing how Russell Brand's talk on consciousness when down a storm in the packed tent of festival-goers, Liz and Stu also explore how this conversation around non-duality might make a difference with men who are going through struggles and difficulties. Stu shares his thoughts after his visit to Andy's Man's club in Plymouth. Website: Innercompassguide.com Twitter: Innercompassliz Innercompassstu Linkedin: Liz Scott Instagram: Inner_compass_liz


4 Aug 2019

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IC 15 - Ivybridge Wellbeing

What if communities were founded on wellbeing? What difference would that make to the way we connect with each other? In January 2020 liz started an experiment in her local community Ivybridge. The project is called #ivybridgewellbeing and it is designed to explore the wealth of wellbeing, inspiration and good-heartedness that is already present in the town. They recorded this after the first week of the experiment. In this episode Liz and Stu reflect on the extraordinary wellbeing, resilience and resourcefulness that we all have access to. When people in communities connect to this natural power within, imagine what that would be like.


10 Jan 2020

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11 IC Heart Surgery

What use is a spiritual/psychological understanding (the Inner Compass) when you've just gone through heart surgery? This is the question we explore in this podcast. Stu Newberry was diagnosed with heart disease in 2018 and then went through heart surgery in August 2019. Here's some of what Stu had to say: "It's so easy to get in crazy thinking about what may or may not happen with the health condition,' .... "The Inner Compass is the bit that says 'it doesn't make sense to indulge that thinking because you're already OK." How can you 'be OK' if you have heart disease? That's another question Stu answers in this honest interview that shines a light on trusting your own navigation system (the Inner Compass). Website: Innercompassguide.com Twitter: Innercompassliz Innercompassstu Linkedin: Liz Scott Instagram: Inner_compass_liz


21 Sep 2019

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07 CCRYM - Eating Disorders

What happens when at 13 years-old you're diagnosed with an eating disorder and you suddenly become part of a 'brutal' health system that is designed to fight the 'disease' rather than identify 'wellbeing'? 16 year-old Alicia Watson looks back on that time with her dad Ian Watson. They remember a time of fear and helplessness. The health professionals were focussed on Alicia gaining weight and in the process completely overlooked her own natural balancing system. This natural balancing system would eventually help Alicia to start trusting herself again. Ian realised that Alicia would be able to find her own way - she just needed to be reminded of her wellbeing.  It was this message of hope that enabled Alicia to reconnect to her wellbeing once again - here's Ian and Alicia on this week's podcast. Join us on 22nd and 23rd November #ResilientYoungMinds conference  #noOneisBroken


22 Oct 2018

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05-IC The Big Experiment

Is it possible to embed the Inside-Out understanding within our community? What would it be like if everyone was just one person away from this understanding? This is a dream of today's guest, Clare Tanner. Clare Tanner is a leadership and strategy expert with over 20 years experience in leading, advising and coaching individuals, teams and organisations She along with myself Liz, Stu, a psychiatrist and another coach have been running an experiment in our local community over the past year. We've been sharing the Inside-Out understanding with dozens of people in our local community. In this interview Clare reflects on the experiment so far and reflects on the exciting evolution and growth of 'what next'. If you've ever wondered 'how can I possibly share the Inside-Out understanding within my community?' This interview will answer your questions.  Join the Inner Compass community Twitter: InnerCompassLiz


17 Jul 2019

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CCIO 004 - Hypnotherapy

How do the Three Principles fit in with hypnotherapy? Are they better than hypnotherapy? In fact - what are the Three Principles? When solution focused hypnotherapist Sally Potter went to a one-day 3P conference she was left with more questions than answers. She was curious to learn more but was feeling stumped. In this podcast she meets up with Russel Davies. He is an experienced hypnotherapist and he underpins his practice with the Inside-Out understanding (also known as the 3Ps). What unfolds is a fascinating discussion


19 Mar 2018

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07 -IC Inside-Out sports

What happens when two professional sportsmen share a spiritual understanding of how the mind works, with a group of traditional coaches? Grayson Hart and Sam Jarman were keynote speakers at a recent conference for South West coaches. In this podcast Liz and Stu ask Sam and Grayson how they described the Inside-Out understanding to coaches who are more used to hearing about tools, techniques and strategies. And what the impact was on the audience? Listen in as they explain: How to question the mainstream view of our culture (that things outside of us make us happy) That there is a universal default of peace and happiness. You don't need to avoid tools or techniques - just understand inside-out for yourself and turn up and be yourself in the world Website: Innercompassguide.com Twitter: Innercompassliz Innercompassstu Linkedin: Liz Scott Instagram: Inner_compass_liz


30 Jul 2019

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08 CCRYM - Challenging Youngsters

What is the missing link when it comes to dealing with troubled youngsters? How can you deal with challenging behaviour? Rather than act in a punitive way Jacquie Moses has the ability to connect deeply with young people, regardless of their behaviour and actions. Jacquie understands that beyond the bravado and insecurity - there is a core of love, compassion and hope. As well as working with youth Jacquie spends time with offenders in prisons, helping them to see beyond their fears and beliefs Join is one of the speakers at this year's unique conference. Join her on 22nd and 23rd November #ResilientYoungMinds conference  #noOneisBroken


28 Oct 2018

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CC IO 0020 - Football

What happens when your dream to become a professional footballer crumbles? How do you pick up the pieces in your life?  Today we’re catching up with two former footballers as we explore the Inside-Out understanding around wellbeing and sport.    Chris Stockton was a youth footballer – he now works in a school and Lewis Buxton played professionally as a footballer for many years before retiring from injury and starting a career as a consultant and coach. Today we’re asking can the Inside-Out understanding helps athletes overcome shattered dreams? Want to learn more about the Inside-Out understanding? Why not join our community CoachingConnect.co.uk Lewis Buxton email: lewis@theinsightcoach.com Christ Stockton email: chrisstocktonfootball@gmail.com 


20 Aug 2018

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10 IC Suicide and Art

How can the traumatic issue of suicide be expressed in art? It's a question that artist Carly Jones has been answering over the past two years. Her MA art project took a complete change of direction when a family member took his own life. This suicide had a severe impact on the whole family and in particular Carly's partner Damon. He found himself re-experiencing a severe episode of PTSD and struggling with his mental health. Both Damon and Carly found significant relief when they came across the Inside Out understanding. Carly's art project is an exploration between the stark, sad statistics of suicide, along with the hopeful message of innate wellbeing and resilience. Website: Innercompassguide.com Twitter: Innercompassliz Innercompassstu Linkedin: Liz Scott Instagram: Inner_compass_liz


9 Sep 2019

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IC 17 - More Than You Think You Are

Stuart Newberry is a wellbeing coach, pointing people towards universal consciousness and oneness. His message is 'you are more than you think you are.' It's a far cry from his former role as a police Detective Superintendent, dealing with some of the most serious crimes in Devon and Cornwall. What happened? In this podcast Stu talks about: his time in Devon and Cornwall police and how he remembers it with great fondness. He retired in 2004. working on challenging cases, like murders, rapes and serious assaults. It was a time of hard work, long hours and he witnessed the worst of human behaviour. But it was also a time of tremendous satisfaction, working with dedicated teams and people. how some of the assumptions he had about criminals began to look different. Rather than see criminals as fundamentally bad people, he realised that these were people that were believing thinking in the moment. They were taking thought as an instruction to behave a certain way, they didn't realise that thinking is transient and shifts. Now as Stu looks forward in his work as a coach, he realises more than ever that his clients are usually looking in the wrong place for wellbeing. They often forget that they are more than they think they are.


16 Feb 2020

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02 CC RYM - Beyond Labels

Why do we label our children? Are there times it does more harm than good? What is a ‘normal’ child? Sam Munslow, a mother with autistic children was a teacher for over 20 years. Things changed for her when she came across the Inside Out understanding. She started to see clearly that the children aren’t broken Join us on 22nd and 23rd November Resilient Young Minds conference  #noOneisBroken You can listen to our presenters on podcasts here  Join our Facebook Group: Coaching Connect Resilient Young Minds 


10 Sep 2018

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12 IC Horse Wisdom

How can horses help those in mental distress? Deep in the heart of Devon two Arab geldings are playing a key role in supporting adults and young people in a therapeutic setting. We went to visit Belinda Seaward, Jo Frodsham and the two beautiful animals Dragonfly and Sherani to find out what they're up to. A recent course has been for women who have experienced abuse and another course supported service personnel with PTSD. A fascinating exploration into the true "It's deep inner work that we're doing here" "Horses are deeply sensitive to where you are at emotionally ... and they reflect your energy back to you" "We've embedded the Inside-Out understanding into our courses ... there's something about the connection between horses and people that allows people to access a deeper intuitive intelligence.' Website: Innercompassguide.com Twitter: Innercompassliz Innercompassstu Linkedin: Liz Scott Instagram: Inner_compass_liz


29 Sep 2019

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CC RYM - Schools and Wellbeing

How can schools develop a culture of wellbeing? What can teachers and leaders do to cultivate mental health? Liz Scott and Stu Newberry deliver coaching and wellbeing within school communities. They are well aware of the challenges that schools face and they often see the stress and anxiety that exists. There is a fresh psychological understanding that offers a different approach to wellbeing and it is this that Liz and Stu share in schools. In this podcast they discuss their work and the impact it can have. Join them at the Resilient Young Minds Conference in November as they take to the stage with International Speakers to share this revolutionary understanding Resilient Young Minds Conference Join the Coaching Connect Community


2 Sep 2018

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05 CCRYM The Mental Health Crisis

Are we facing a humanitarian crisis around mental health and young people? How can we best support our young people who are seemingly drowning in anxiety and stress? Jamie Smart, is a Sunday Times Best-Selling author and international facilitator and coach - says there is a different way. He wants people to see that there a self-correcting mental-health mechanism that we often over-look. He sees that every one has mental health and wellbeing on the inside. Liz Scott met up with him in London to learn more about his message. Jamie is one of our speakers at the conference on 22nd and 23rd of November. Join us on 22nd and 23rd November #ResilientYoungMinds conference https://bit.ly/2MHEd1j #noOneisBroken


7 Oct 2018

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IC 16 - You're Okay

What would it be like if everyone knew that they were okay? That's the message Marie Arymar shares with her young clients. She often meets with troubled young people, who are struggling with life and are confused about what to do next. Marie doesn't cajole, or motivate or try to build confidence; she's got a much more powerful and sustainable way of connecting with young people. She points them back to their inner diamond, to the core of who they are. In this podcast you'll discover how Marie: Overcame her own challenging childhood to take on a pastoral lead at a college. Saw things completely differently when she came across the Inner Compass. Dropped being a victim when she saw that she wasn't at the centre of every thing. Life wasn't all about her, life was impersonal. Marie realises that the best support she can be for her young clients is to highlight their wellbeing. "I have a huge torch and I shine it back on their beautiful diamond and the innate wellness that they've always had and always will have - even when they feel they've lost it." Marie is at realisationworks.com To learn more about your Inner Compass go to innercompassguide.com


3 Feb 2020

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