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AMIcast - podcast about Amiga, from A500 to X5000

English podcast about classic of IT: Amiga computer and her successors. In the 80's and 90's, this platform was one of the most popular. Today Amiga exist and develop at own pace. This and related topics will be presented in podcast - AMICast.

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AMIcast - Special Episode 10 - Amiga News

The Special Episode 10 of AMIcast is here. It was a long break in publishing the AMIcast SE, so what happened meanwhile?Together with my co-host Marcin, we analyze what has been interesting so far from AmiWest to the present day. We have updated IBrowse, upcoming new Webkit browser for MorphOS, updates of OWB for AmigaOS, new MorphOS, new Hollywood 8, and Designer 5, new AmiCygnix 1.5. But there is a big lack of A1222 aka Tabor. And there is a king Warp560/1260 accelerator!


10 Jun 2020

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AMIcast - Episode 27 - Amiga 34 - Adam Zalepa

Amiga 34 in Germany was the most interesting part of this year. In this episode, the guest is Adam Zalepa. He is best known for publishing books, magazines, and software.

Together with my guest Adam Zalepa we talk about hardware news, new software releases and possible future developments of Amiga.In the end, the great song by Moby, from the album: Amiga Days (Remasters) - Volume 3 - Woh Putaing Cong.Links:http://www.amiga34.de https://amiga.net.pl


26 Oct 2019

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AMIcast - Special Episode 9 - Amiga in 2018

In the Special Episode 9 of AMIcast, we look at what happened in 2018. Is this year was good for Amiga?
Together with Marcin we are talking about news from 2018, parties, and events, announcements and missed opportunities.With English version of eXec.pl - amiganews.eXec.pl we have two summaries of 2018 in text form:- Year 2018 in positive way,- Year 2018 Of The Nothing.
Links:https://www.exec.pl/article.jsp?nid=178&Year_2018_in_positive_way https://www.exec.pl/article.jsp?nid=174&2018_-_Editorialiapos;s_Duet:_Year_Of_The_Nothing


30 Dec 2018

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AMIcast - Special Episode 8 - amiganews.exec.pl

AMIcast SE 8 is available! After a long time, I'm back. And I'm not alone. :) With a new co-host - Marcin, we have a plan...
But first of all. This episode is about new Amiga portal. In Poland, eXec.pl is well known. Now eXec would like to be known worldwide. Please welcome amiganews.exec.pl.Besides that, with a new co-host, we are explaining our plan to the next special episodes of the podcast.Links:amiganews.exec.pl malinowaamiga.wordpress.com www.facebook.com/MalinowaAmiga/ amiga.net.pl/index.php?lng=eng&kwt=10010&tms=128 amiga.net.pl/index.php?lng=eng&kwt=10010&tms=64 amiga.org.pl/sklep/amigaos-na-weekend/


21 Nov 2018

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AMIcast - Special Episode 7 - Pixel Heaven 2018

Pixel Heaven is a big, great indie and retro gaming party. In this year it was the 6th edition. Party is always in Warsaw / Poland. Let's have a look at it.

Pixel Heaven is a commercial event. It was a great opportunity to promote Amiga NG! And we did it! I was surprised how many people were interested with AmigaOS 4 and MorphOS! It shows that NG movement should be promoted outside typical retro only Amiga parties.

Links:https://www.pixelheavenfest.com https://youtu.be/jNA-Sd4NaUA https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=pl&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.amigaone.pl%2F%3Fp%3D2525&edit-text= http://www.amigaone.pl/?p=2525


7 Jul 2018

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AMIcast - Episode 26 - Steve Jones - from Amiga to AROS

After a long break, I'm back. :) This time with a really long story, please welcome my guest - Steve Jones - from Amiga 1500 to AROS! Steve is an Amiga guy for the very long time. And he is active one! He is always around hardware or software for Amiga, and now he is a huge fan of AROS. As we know AROS flavor of Amiga is not so popular, so it is a great opportunity to get know AROS world!

We talked about topics:A1500 (old and new!),Siamese System,Gateway,All Amiga Developers are Angels ;),Vampire,AROS.

A must have is Steve's YouTube channel!In the end, the great song by Moby, from the album: Amiga Days (Remasters) - Volume 3 - Overgrowth.

Links:https://www.youtube.com/user/clusterukdevelopment http://www.imica.net https://plus.google.com/u/0/+StephenJonesVRExprerience https://www.facebook.com/groups/checkmate1500plus/

4hr 35mins

17 Mar 2018

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AMIcast - Special Episode 6 - AmiWest & Amiga32 - 2017

Another Special Episode of AMIcast. This one is about great events in our Amiga world: AmiWest 2017, USA and Amiga 32 in Neuss, Germany.
This is the first episode which is published like a podcast and like a video on YouTube. It's some kind of new approach. What do you think?
Later I will publish videos "how to make" video editing and podcast editing on the AmigaOS 4.1.Links:http://www.amiwest.net http://www.amiga32.dehttps://amigax5000.blog/2017/10/29/amiga-32/http://amitopia.com/amiga32-in-neuss-germany-report/ http://www.amiga.org/forums/showthread.php?t=72919 https://amigaone.wordpress.com/2017/12/09/raport-z-neuss/ http://www.amiwest.net/amiwest2017blog/#set25.https://www.ppa.pl/aktualnosci/amiwest-2017-podsumowanie-prezentacji-firm-a-eon-i-hyperion-entertainment.html http://www.amiga.org/forums/showpost.php?p=832072&postcount=57


18 Feb 2018

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AMIcast - Episode 25 - Matthias 'Matze' Heinrichs - Classic Amiga Hardware

Episode 25 is all about DIY hardware for classic Amiga! I have a great guest Matthias 'Matze' Heinrichs. He has made a lot of hardware project, like turbo boards, graphics cards, and small useful things.
In this episode we talked of course about Matze's projects, all his work is to find at a1k.org forum (big German Amiga forum). He explains why his projects are affordable if the DIY hardware is really hard to build, why we have so high prices in Amiga world, can you make some cash based on a hobby, and much more!At the end, the great song by Moby, from the album: Amiga Days (Remasters) - Volume 3 - Test3.Links:https://github.com/MHeinrichs http://www.a1k.org/forum/showthread.php?t=44918 http://www.amiga32.de/WB.html

2hr 46mins

7 Sep 2017

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AMIcast - Episode 24 - Jon Lennart Aasenden - Amibian.js

Almost 3 hours of great interview with Jon Lennart Aasenden! Member of Alpha Flight and later Quartex! Now he is developing Amibian.js!We are talking of course about Amibian.js, but also what is a difference between Amibian and Amibian.js. Between Amibian.js and FriendUP. There are topics about Quartex, crack scene and very technical stuff like object pascal, 68k assembler, C, C# and more. Heavy? :) This isn't all! What about future for Amiga(OS)? Why Java Script is a must have for Amiga, and why Pascal is important. Is it really so hard to bring modern software for Amiga computers? All this and more is proudly present by my guest and a little bit me. :)At the end, the great song by Moby, from the album: Amiga Days (Remasters) - Volume 3 - Jazzy.Links:https://jonlennartaasenden.wordpress.com http://quartexhq.myasustor.com http://smartmobilestudio.com https://gunkrist79.wixsite.com/amibian https://demozoo.org/groups/1492/ https://demozoo.org/groups/1430/

6hr 11mins

23 Jul 2017

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AMIcast SE5 - Kindergarten

This is a very special episode of AMIcast. Number 5. We are talking about Kindergarten... Is the Amiga world okay? Join the discussion.

2hr 4mins

20 Jun 2017

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