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Just the Best Literature inspires you to not only read printed books, but to read only the best books. Besides books, host Dennis Leap will lead discussions on other current literature such as essays and important articles.

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#194: Charles Krauthammer Asks, ‘Are We Alone in the Universe?’ (Part 1)

Host Dennis Leap discusses Charles Krauthammer’s superb essay “Are We Alone in the Universe?” Incredible technology has been developed to help man see into the vast universe. With the discovery that at least 25 billion planets could possibly support life, scientists are asking, “Is Earth the only planet in the universe that has life?”


24 Feb 2020

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#197: Charles Krauthammer Chortles, ‘The Appeal of the Ordeal,’ Part 1

In his tongue-in-cheek essay “The Appeal of Ordeal," Mr. Krauthammer takes us deep into his thinking about the “human propensity to test the worthiness of a thing by seeing how well it stands up to abuse.” Host Dennis Leap focuses on Krauthammer’s reflection over people’s willingness to prove themselves by running a marathon.


16 Mar 2020

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#201: Just the Best Literature Celebrates 200 Programs

In this hourlong special, host Dennis Leap celebrates completing over 200 podcasts with his favorite picks from four years of broadcasting.


13 Apr 2020

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