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Be the champion you where meant to be in all areas of your life! Join Danika and Kristy as they talk about women's issues in health, fitness, competitions, and life.

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Breast Implant Illness

Bianca joins us again, this time on a little bit of a serious note. We discuss B.I.I. a topic that has recently made headlines in the NY Times. We share experiences, opinions, and what we have learned about it. If you have any concerns about BII please consult your doctor. You can also join the Breast Implant Illness and Healing By Nicole on Facebook, or @breast_implant_illness on Instagram. Contact with us: Bianca @_anewleaf_ www.newleaffit.com Champion Chat: @championchat360 championchat360@gmail.com Danika: @danikarjohnson_ passionn84life@gmail.com Kristy: @kristyleconte www.kristyleconte.com Please Share this episode with a friend.


1 Oct 2018

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Butt Stuff

You cheeky Monkeys, we're talking about The GLUTES! Today we go through: -Anatomy -Movement Patterns -Do's and Don'ts -Tips and Tricks -Our favorite movements DO YOU NEED HELP WITH YOUR FORMS? DO YOU NEED SUPPORT ON YOUR PATH TO BEING A 360 CHAMPION? JOIN OUR FACEBOOK FORUM! Like. Rate. Share this with a friend.


19 Jun 2017

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Fit at Fifty

Danika's Mama Bear Kim joins us today. From age of 19 years old to 38 years old Kim brought 6 amazing kids into this world. One would think that would slow a lady down, but not Kim! If anything each year brings her a bigger and better reason to keep her health and fitness strong. Topics we cover:-The importance of fitness as you age. -How adding weight training changed not only her body but her life. -Her "why"-Tips & Ticks for moms-to-be. There's no doubt that this woman is unstoppable and is a great inspiration no matter what your age, fitness level, or goal. Have a question or topic you would like us to cover? Contact us: Championchat360@gmail.com@championchat360Danika- passionn84life@gmail.com@passionn84lifeKristy- www.kristyleconte.com@kristyleconte


22 Aug 2016

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Shrell Krawczyk-Wellness and Eating Psychology Coach

This episode we explore, Body Image with Wellness and Eating Psychology Coach Shrell Krawczyk. We discuss competition prep and the aftermath that can occur. The abundance of diet fads. And how true happiness is often never found through physical transformations. It's never easy to get real with our true emotions and reevaluate our "why" but it is important and necessary for overall health and wellness. "We cover up our unhappiness in life, or our uncomfortable issues we don't know how to face, with this need to get lost in body transformation. We think we have food and diet problems, so we dive into precise meal plans and structured exercise, becoming so consumed with the process that the rest of our life gets blurred out. We do it in the name of health. We think we can control it. But it's a smoke screen, a red herring. What are you tuning out or ignoring for the sake of "getting healthy" by dieting obsessively and becoming a be beast at the gym, fixating on body perfection?"- Shrell Contact us- Shrell- shrell@wellnesscoachshrell.com http://www.wellnesscoachshrell.com/ Get Shrell's Free Ebook here: https://wellnesscoachshrell.leadpages.co/ebook-opt-in/ Champion Chat 360- championchat360@gmail.com @championchat360 Danika- Passionn84life@gmail.com @passionn84life Kristy- www.kristyleconte.com @kristyleconte Please Like. Review. Rate. Share.


15 May 2017

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Recovery Diet Vs Reverse Diet

On today's show the Ladies talk about the differences between a Recovery Diet and a Reverse diet. List the pro's and cons. Give "how to" tips and how they personal implement them. Listen and share your thoughts with us. Championchat360@gmail.com @championchat360 Danika: Passionn84life@gmail.com @danikarjohnson_ Kristy: www.kristyleconte.com @kristyleconte Like. Rate. Review on ITunes, Soundcloud, and Stitcher.


11 Jun 2018

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Jess Stahl- Eating Disorders Lie

This week we stuck with the exploration of eating disorders. Jess Stahl is a client of Danika's. She discussed her struggle with an eating disorder from beginning developments of obsessive and perfectionist behavior to now completing treatment happier and healthier.A quote that helped her through: "Show up. Pay attention. Tell the truth without judgement. And don't be attached to the results".Creating awareness is so important to her and to us! We hope you enjoy her story. If you have questions, are struggling with an eating disorder, or know someone that is. We are hear to listen. Contact us: Championchat360@gmail.com@championchat360Danika: passionn84life@gmail.com@passionn84life@gmail.comKristy: www.kristyleconte.com@kristyleconte.comShare, Rate, Review on Itunes, Soundcloud, an Stitcher.


30 Jan 2017

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Questions & Answers

Today we take your questions and do your best to answer them. -What do to when you and a friend have different coaches. -Buying and selling used suits. -Should placement dictate your future in the sport? -How to talk to a coach that is a sore loser. -How to stay focus on your goal when areas of your life are falling apart. -Would we let our daughters compete? -Boob jobs... to get or not to get.-Reverse diets-Post competition depression Contact us: @championchat360Championchat360@gmail.comDanika: @passionn84lifepassionn84life@gmail.comKristy: @kristylecontewww.kristyleconte.comYou can listen on Itunes, Soundcloud, or Stitcher.

1hr 1min

3 Oct 2016

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IFPA World Prediction and The Pressure of Fitspo

Hi everyone! Today the ladies have no agenda. It's just them talking. Topics they cover: -Pregnancy update-IFPA World Prediction-The pressure of being fit during pregnancy and a new mom. Have a question?Email us championchat360@gmail.com@championchat360Danika:@passionn84lifepassionn84life@gmail.comKristy:@kristylecontewww.kristyleconte.comListen on Itunes, Stichter, or Soundcloud

1hr 4mins

14 Nov 2016

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Girl Talk

On today's show Danika and Kristy caught you up on their lives. Then we sit and talk to our posing class all about Prep and life after Prep. Connect with us: @championchat360 championchat360@gmail.com Danika: @passionn84life passionn84life@gmail.com Kristy: @kristyleconte www.kristyleconte.com Listen on Itunes, Soundcloud, and Stitcher. Like. Rate. Review. Share.

1hr 2mins

13 Sep 2016

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Family, Food, and the Future

Today we are sharing our tips for dealing with the holidays. We also give you a little insight about the future plans of Champion Chat 360. Follow us: @championchat360 championchat360@gmail.com Danika: @passionn84life passionn84life@gmail.com Kristy: @kristyleconte www.kristyleconte.com


13 Dec 2016

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Life Transition

We're BACK and kinda of all in one piece. On this episode, we share Danika's current feelings on her BIG move, how things are going so far, and we try to give advice on handling transition as well a good dose of bitching. It's the real world of new Stay At Home Moms. Have a questions or topic you would like us to talk about connect with us: @championchat360 championchat360@gmail.com Danika: @danikarjohnson_ passionn84life@gmail.com Kristy: @kristyleconte www.kristyleconte.com Use our codes to save: Core Nutritionals: KristyL Coffee Over Cardio: 10kristy


20 Aug 2018

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Nate Spear

On this episode we interview NPC Bodybuilder and "team mate" Nate Spear! From his beginnings of fitness, trials and life challenges, meeting the "Boss" and his motivators to staying humble during his current success and being 7 weeks out from NPC Nationals- We dive into Life with Nate and could not be more honored to have had this opportunity to get to know him on a more personal level. Special Thanks to - DB Gear Contact us:Championchat360@gmail.com@championchat360Danika-Passionn84life@gmail.com@Passionn84lifeKristy-www.kristyleconte.com@kristylecontePlease Like, Review, Share! Available on ITunes, Stitcher and SoundCloud


13 Oct 2016

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Welcome Baby Girl Ravenna

She's here! Our little Butterball made her arrival Thanksgiving evening 7lbs 13oz and 20 inches long. Today Danika shares her super human birth story! Contact us: championchat360@gmail.com @championchat360 Danika- @passionn84life passionn84life@gmail.com Kristy- @kristyleconte www.kristyleconte.com Listen, Rate, and Share from Itunes, Stitcher, and Soundcloud.

1hr 2mins

5 Dec 2016

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Last week we had the honor of interviewing 3 lead forces in the Fitness and Sports Supplement Nutrition Industry. Marc Lobliner, Doug Miller and Sean Torbati, CEOs of leading businesses all paving the way for thorough tested and high quality products. Not only did we get a look into their passion and drive behind this shift in product testing but we dove into their beginnings on fitness, what Balance means to them, family life, keeping yourself grounded, giving back, and more than enough moments of laughs, raw real talk and future endeavors.• • •Be sure to listen in on iTunes, Stitcher, and Soundcloud.@dougmillerpro @marclobliner @highperformancenutrition @championchat360 @passionn84life @kristyleconte#corenutritionals #mts #hpn #nutritioncorner #tigerfitness #championchat360 #podcast #supplements #bodybuilding #motivationmonday #bikini #figure #physqiue #itsnotagame #crushit #organicasfuck #itunes #stitcher #soundcloud #goals #results #businessFollow The Gainz Alliance-Doug Miller- @dougmillerprowww.corenutritionals.com www.thenutritioncorners.comCheck out his YoutubeMarc Lobliner- @marcloblinerwww.tigerfitness.comCheck out his YoutubeSean Torbati-@highperformancenutrition www.hpnsupplements.comEmail us: championchat360@gmail.com@championchat360Danika- @passionn84lifepassionn84life@gmail.comKristy-@kristylecontewww.kristyleconte.comPlease like, review, share from Itunes, Stitcher, and Soundcloud.

1hr 21mins

7 Nov 2016

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Q & A

It's Question and Answer time! Some topics we cover this week: -Cardio -How to NOT be #1 -Balance? -Cheat meals- Are they a free for all? And more! Warning there is a lot of baby noise in this episode. Join our free facebook forum at Champion Chat 360 Forum. It is a closed group so you will have to ask to be in. Please Rate, Review, and Refer us to a friend.


7 Aug 2017

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Prep Envy and Showboating

Today we talk about how WE feel when we post on social media vs how others might take it. We never suggest Prepping is easy, but ENVY makes it harder to "enjoy" your own journey to stage. We talk about what it's like from both sides of this topic, and give you some tips on how we deal with Envy and Showboating. DID YOU KNOW WE HAVE A FREE FORUM? Find us on Facebook by searching for the Champion Chat 360 Forum. Contact us: championchat360@gmail.com @championchat360 Danika: passionn84life@gmail.com @passionn84life Kristy: kristyleconte@gmail.com @Kristyleconte Please Rate, Review, and Share this with a friend!


24 Jul 2017

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Show Rejection

Danika's back! On Today's Episode we talk about Rejection when it comes to Shows: -What it is. -Why we feel it. -How to over come it. Get your big girl panties on and tone in. Have question for us? Contact us: Championchat360@gmail.com @championchat360 Danika: passionn84life@gmail.com @passionn84life Kristy: www.kristyleconte.com @kristyleconte JOIN OUR FREE FORUM ON FACEBOOK. Champion Chat 360 Forum.


3 Jul 2017

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This week we get into our Psyche! Diving into anxiety and it's different manifestations; How we personally have dealt with this and continue too, and various tools that can be used to tackle challenging emotions. Please note we are NOT doctors. If you are feeling unsure about thoughts or behaviors you may be dealing with it is advised to seek professional guidance and help before self diagnosing. We are here to help you in any way but always advise proper medical attention when needed. Contact us: championchat360@gmail.com @championchat360 Danika: Passionn84life@gmail.com @passionn84life Kristy: www.kristyleconte.com @kristyleconte Like. Review. Share on Itunes, Soundcloud, and Stichter.


27 Mar 2017

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Reverse Diet Episode 1

Today the Ladies talk about how they plan on reversing from their show prep, how it's been going for them, and some of their favorite tips. Contact us: @championchat360 championchat360@gmail.com Danika: passionn84life@gmail.com @passionn84life Kristy: kristyleconte@gmail.com @kristyleconte


4 Dec 2017

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Katie Wilson

Today we have talk to our women crush Katie Wilson! Topics we cover: - Females in the fitness world - Science vs. "Feeling" - How to find quality information - #breakthefitspocycle - Working with 1st Phorm - Finding her WHY Contact Katie: www.katiewilsonfitness.com @katiewilsonfitness Contact us: Championchat360@gmail.com @championchat360 Danika: passionn84life@gmail.com @passionn84life Kristy: www.kristyleconte.com @kristyleconte.com Like. Rate. Review. Share.


17 Apr 2017

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