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There comes a point in life where one desires to live a life of significance. The Eternal Leadership podcast brings you expert thought leaders on life, business, relationships and faith to provide clarity and solutions to the complex issues leaders face every day!

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043 Coaches Corner with Leadership Coach Lori Schofer

Coaches CornerClick HERE for the link to this episode and great resources The goal of coaching is to accelerate a leader's development.  Coaching speeds learning time, enabling leaders to make significant leaps in learning and behavior change in a matter of months rather than years. Our goal is to add value to you by addressing the questions you have submitted.  Please comment below so we can include your question on the next episode! Leadership and leadership coach, Lori Schofer, answers questions from our audience How do you handle a difficult conversation with a business partner? What are ways to maintain balance between work, family and faith? Feeling out of balance can cause a lot of stress. what do you think the reason behind the reason of that feeling is?ResourcesLevel Up Now Coaching Professional Christian Coaching Institute - A great resource for leaders and coaches Emotional Intelligence - Daniel Goleman Crucial Conversations - Kerry PattersonBioLori Schofer is a Speaker, Blogger, and Founder of Level UP Now Coaching, a professional coaching business. She spent 20 years in corporate achieving AVP. Lori interrupted her career for 12 years to raise a family. She returned to corporate and then followed God’s leading to start her own coaching business. Started my career entering the corporate world at supervisory level. I jumped in leading others and was very successful doing that. I began climbing the corporate ladder. Did well - achieved AVP. I wanted to start a family. I wanted it all – the family and the corporate career. So I tried it for a while and God brought me to the place where I knew I had to make a decision. Together my husband and I decided I would leave my job. It was hard for me to give up something I worked so hard for on one hand and yet it was so rewarding because my heart was with my baby son. And I could not let someone else raise him, no matter what the cost to me. There was a cost – I was the primary bread winner at that point. The next 12 years I dedicated to raising my family – three beautiful children. God provided for us as only He could. And there were years where we wondered how we would make it through financially. We were raising our family in faith. Then the kids got older and life began changing again. I felt God leading me back into the corporate world. I started back part-time and then full-time. I had a lot of rebuilding to do. Much had changed in the 12 years I was gone – technology for one. I had a large learning curve to get over. Dealing with adults who were sharp thinkers and carry on intelligent conversations verses speaking simple to the kids all day and reading Dr. Seuss. Balancing life was now much more challenging. Something was always out of balance. I learned greater dependence on Him through it all. The big obstacle with returning to work was wanting it all again – my career to soar and my children to soar. I was old enough to know the “having it all” was a myth, speaking from a female perspective here of course. There just is not enough time or energy to give to having it all. Thus my great awakening to following Him more began. With it came the release of my career and my children to Him. As scary as that was it was a peaceful place. There’s no better place to be than with God directing my life. After adjusting to corporate life again God directed me to start my own coaching business. At this point in my life it was a beyond a half-time adjustment and more like a fourth quarter adjustment, which made it seem even crazier. I’ve learned when God directs I follow no matter how crazy the timing seems. I started Level UP Now Coaching and I coach leaders and those in corporate careers. Coaching was what God made me for and when I coach “I feel His pleasure” to quote Eric Liddell from Chariots of Fire. It’s knowing what He made me for that helps me now with the new challenges of being an entrepreneur.


7 May 2015

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079 Mike McCausland | The only way to solve a problem without creating a mess

He Who Solves the Problem, Owns the SolutionClick Here for the resources from our interview with Mike  “I never realized how hard it was to help somebody and actually not hurt them. And a lot of people are out there doing things that they really believe because they have a good intention to help, are helping people, but the reality is it’s actually doing more harm than good.” -Mike McCauslandMichael McCausland, Founder and Executive Director of Sustainable Communities Worldwide, tells a story about a village in Africa where the women were walking 3 hours round trip to get water for their village. A non-profit group came into this community and thought it would be helpful to build a well in the village so the women would not have to walk so far for a needed resource. It was a surprise to everyone when the community started to fall apart. Why? Because those women were solving many of the village issues during their time of walking and talking. The desire to solve a problem ended up causing unintended consequences. On today’s episode, we will hear about Mike’s journey from a career in nuclear power plants to humanitarian work in over 130 countries. James 1:27 was his call from God to make a difference in the lives of others and he quickly learned that helping people can sometimes hurt them. Sustainable Communities Worldwide shows villages and leaders around the world how to come up with their own solutions. Many of these same principles can also be accomplished in corporate settings.What you will learn: As a consultant, you never try to solve the problem. Instead, you help figure out the solution to the problem.  “He who solves the problem, owns the solution” What happens to a culture who has been trained to seek others to solve their problems. The importance of community resiliency. The importance of cause and effect relationships. How entrepreneurs are creating business in other countries. Transferring the concept of ownership to the workforce.  When you begin to create that dependency, people don’t try to fix their own problems. It stifles innovation. It destroys dignity, and hope, and creativity. We’ve all been given a gift by God, and we’ve been given resources by God for our own solutions, but we don’t look for them when other people give us free stuff, and we just begin to look to others for our solutions and that’s happening all over the world.Mike McCauslandBio:FOUNDER, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR of Sustainable Communities World Wide. Since 1993 Michael has been working in the international aid arena. In 2001, he was a Founder of HISG, a non-profit established to bring business practices to humanitarian aid and development. The lessons they learned about building local capacity to break the crisis of dependency led to the launch of Sustainable Communities Worldwide.Resources:Sustainable Communities Worldwide email address: mmccausland@scworldwide.org


10 Sep 2015

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20 Dec 2017

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8 May 2018

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004 Amy Everette - One Thing for Powerful Business Breakthroughs

Business leadership can be a lonely place.  Amy Everette shares how she has experience incredible breakthroughs and miracles through one simple change in her business.  Prayer As co-owner and Chief Prayer Officer of Marketplace ROCK, Amy Everette is dedicated to seeing people, businesses and whole industries transformed for the Kingdom of God, empowered to positively impact the world. She is a marketplace and ministry leader with a heart and passion for bringing God’s people together AS ONE, in the spirit, through prayer (John 17). Her business, ministry and personal life are interwoven with prayer and a desire to see people healed physically, spiritually and emotionally… setting them free to fulfill their destiny in God’s Kingdom. In addition to her spiritual strength, Amy calls on 26+ years of experience in management consulting, call center operations, relationship management technology and sales/management skills training bringing a wealth of knowledge and guidance to business people in all industries. This experience is backed by an undergraduate business degree in marketing and an MBA.


19 Nov 2014

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200 Kevin Knebl | The 3 Steps to Success

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13 Mar 2018

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038 Becca Greenwood | Breaking Through Strongholds

For the full post and great resources CLICK HERE “Where are we limiting ourselves? What are the lies that we have embraced because of our life circumstances or things that have happened that would keep us or hold us back from the fullness of identity that the Lord has for us?” –Rebecca Greenwood From an early age, Rebecca Greenwood struggled with strongholds in her life: anger, depression and multiple fears. She feared authority figures, displeasing others, heights, the dark…even while she was a church youth leader and member of the worship team. Through a process that she describes in this podcast, Rebecca learned how to break free from these strongholds through uncovering their root causes and allowing God to heal them.  She shares how you can find freedom and lasting peace through this process, and help others to do the same. “We will want in our personal lives to see God's kingdom extended wherever He has placed us…We can be totally bold and humble all at the same time.”-Rebecca Greenwood You will learn: How to identify the areas in your life where you are limiting yourself How to uncover your own strongholds and their root causes How to replace the lies about yourself that you have been believing with truths about who you were really created to be How to retrain and renew your mind Rebecca is co-founder and president of Christian Harvest International and Strategic Prayer Action Network (SPAN). From the time she was young girl, Rebecca felt a drawing of the Lord that she would be used by Him. Her mother used to tell Rebecca she was blessed and her father loved to sing a son entitled Far Away Places to she and her sister when they were small girls. Little did her parents know they were speaking her destiny into her heart and mind even from the time she was a young child. In a prayer time in 1990 she felt a strong presence of the Spirit in which she was overcome. During this time the Lord showed her a vision of thousands and thousands of souls from many nations. He challenged her saying, Becca, will you be accountable for the souls I have assigned to you? Will you reach them for Me? Her heart captivated by this experience, she seriously responded to the mandate of the Lord to the nations. Since this Kingdom encounter, her passion has been seeing the lands of the world impacted for the Glory of God and reaching people with the gospel and setting the captive free. Her heart cry has become, Lord give me the nations. . As a result, prophecy, prophetic intercession, transformational spiritual warfare prayer, spiritual mapping, deliverance and teaching the word of God extensively in the many lands of the earth are the main thrusts of Christian Harvest. Over the past 22 years, she has participated and led in spiritual warfare prayer journeys to 25 countries such as Egypt, Nepal, Italy, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Ireland, Spain, China, and to many cities and locations throughout the United States in which measurable breakthrough of transformation have been realized. Having a heart for lost souls, Rebecca has seen many saved and set free. She ministers in transparency from her personal experiences of overcoming fear, depression and rebellion into freedom. She is committed to equipping in scriptural truths on how to live an overcoming life of purpose, fulfillment and destiny. And to equip people and churches to have a Jesus captivated and authoritative prayer life in which change and transformation are realized. While she loves to travel the world and partner with the Lord in touching people's lives, Rebecca's favorite and most cherished times are with her husband Greg and their three beautiful daughters: Kendall, Rebecca and Katie. They reside in Colorado Springs, CO and are members of Freedom Church. Rebecca has been a guest on TBN, Its Supernatural, God Knows and the Harvest Show. She has written for publications such as Charisma, Pray! Magazine and Spirit-Led Woman. She graduated with a Doctorate of Practical Ministry from Wagner Leadership Institute where she also serves as a core faculty member. She is the author of six books: •   Authority to Tread: An Intercessors Guide to Strategic-Level Spiritual Warfare •   Breaking the Bonds of Evil: How to Set People Free from Demonic Oppression •   The Power of a Godly Mother (ebook) •   Destined to Rule: Spiritual Strategies for Advancing the Kingdom of God •   Let Our Children Go: Steps to Free Your Child from Evil Influence and Demonic Harassment •   Your Kingdom Come: Encouraged to Intercede •   And was invited to partner with C. Peter Wagner in contributing to an Understanding Spiritual Warfare: Four Views. An academic book discussing four theological views of spiritual warfare which will be used in seminaries throughout the United States.


21 Apr 2015

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152 Tommy Spaulding | How To Be A Heart Led Leader

A counter-intuitive approach that will have massive impact! CLICK HERE for resources from our interview with Tommy.


16 Mar 2017

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149 Jay Coughlan | Five Bold Choices That Will Change Your Life

Jay is a CEO and a mentor to aspiring business leaders, but before he became successful, he experienced the worst nightmare of his life. In 1998, Jay was critically injured and his Dad died when the car he was driving collided with a train while Jay was driving drunk. The consequences of that fateful day were numerous and overwhelming: physical pain following several operations, fear of losing his job and family, and the anxiety of being put in prison. What brought him to his knees was actually the catalyst for a whole new life with God at the center.


2 Feb 2017

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052 Stephen De Silva | A Paradigm Shift For Prosperity

Click Here for the resoucres from this episode  Severing the Destructive Roots that Are Holding You Back“[Instead of] a victim paradigm in my head that things happen to me, or life happens to me, I realized…that I need to happen to life.” –Stephen De Silva In this episode, you will hear about Stephen’s journey from success in business and ministry to complete burnout and a near breakdown. Don’t mistake your role for your purpose! You will learn how God healed him and showed him how to truly prosper in all areas of his life—and how YOU can too! “Marketplace people, we work hard; we exhaust ourselves and we don’t understand the idea of rest and what Christ means when He says, ‘I am your rest.’” –Stephen De SilvaYou Will Learn How true prosperity is the condition of your soul, not your wallet How to experience financial breakthroughs and healing How to identify and grow into whatever God has in store for you How RESTING can actually INCREASE your prosperity How to identify and cut out “roots” in your life that are producing “bad fruit”ResourcesProsperous Soul Website “Money and the Prosperous Soul” by Stephen De Silva Heaven In Business Conference Bethel ChurchBioStephen K. De Silva, the founder of Prosperous Soul ministries, has committed his life to breaking the spirits of poverty and mammon and releasing people into their God-given destiny. Stephen is an exciting and engaging storyteller. An authentic writer and speaker, he teaches not from grandiose ideas or theories but from his own real life experiences. Through the different ministries and structures he has developed, he is changing the world from message he lives out everyday. Stephen is the Chief Financial Officer of Bethel Church in Redding, California. As a Certified Public Accountant since 1989, Stephen has worked in both public and private practice, with specialties in small business consulting, personal finances, ministerial income taxation and non-profit organization administration. Stephen’s professional experience includes quality peer review services, independent auditing and income tax preparation for individuals and corporations. In 1996, he left public accounting to work for Bethel Church of Redding and open a private boutique accounting practice. Stephen sold his income tax practice in 2008 to dedicate all his energies to the opportunities and challenges raised by the exponential growth experienced by Bethel Church under Bill Johnson, and Kris Vallotton. In 1997, Stephen began teaching a small group of friends on the principles of supernatural stewardship. This ministry has grown into what is now known as Prosperous Soul, based on the Bible verse in 3 John 1:2. His unique voice on stewardship and money is a regular part of Bethel Church’s adult education, and in seminar form in locations around the globe. “My heart is to be a gift. I give away whatever God has shown me for the sake of Christ and the Church. I want to see Christians return to relevance in the eyes of the world, by becoming stewards of God’s secrets (2Cor 4:1), in our personal finances and the marketplace”. Stephen enjoys life with his wife, Dawna De Silva, founder and co-leader of the international healing and deliverance ministry called Bethel Sozo. Stephen and Dawna have two sons: Timothy (17) and Cory (21). Cory is a rising singer/songwriter, having just released his debut album, Someday When I’m Young.


9 Jun 2015

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166 Lee Colan | Five Coaching Habits of Excellent Leaders

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27 Jun 2017

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025 Coaches Corner with Dr. Michael Marx

Coaches CornerHere is a link to this episode and all of the great resources http://www.eternalleadership.com/025 The goal of coaching is to accelerate a leader’s development.  Coaching speeds learning time, enabling leaders to make significant leaps in learning and behavior change in a matter of months rather than years. Our goal is to add value to you by addressing the questions you have submitted.  Please comment below so we can include your question on the next episode!


5 Mar 2015

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22 Jan 2015

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30 May 2017

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3 Jul 2018

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177 Jeff Haanen | The Powerful Impact of Faith and Work

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19 Sep 2017

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172 Sharon Spano | Radical Abundance: The Secret To A Meaningful Prosperous Life

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8 Aug 2017

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