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Americans with Disabilities Act: A Perspective

Hello podcast followers! I am excited to be bringing you the 13th official episode of the podcast. This podcast was a casual conversation about ADA with former guest Jeff Lee, from Adaptive Sports and Recreation Association in San Diego. In this podcast we have a casual conversation about some of the parts of the law, the history of how the law came to be, and Jeff's perspective of how the law affected his life, as a person who has a disability. The conversation we had was short and casual. I want to open this conversation up to our viewers and ask people to shed more light on the law of ADA and how it has affected your life and/or people in your lives.


23 Apr 2016

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Inclusion vs. integrated physical education: A discussion with Dr. Justin Haegele

Hello podcasters and welcome back for a brand new episode of What's New in Adapted Physical Education (APE)! For this episode we had a very special episode with Dr. Justin Haegele, an APE assistant professor from Old Dominion University. For this episode, Dr. Haegele and I had an in-depth discussion about his research in the field of APE, and the differences between the terms 'inclusion' and 'integration' in relation to physical education. We discussed how 'inclusion' fits within special education laws, as well as he questions whether an 'integrated' setting/placement is always the best fit for students with disabilities. Dr. Haegele feels strongly that in the field of physical education, we often misuse the term 'inclusion' as a setting/placement, rather than as a philosophy that can be used regardless of setting/placement that can drive one's teaching practices.


11 Feb 2019

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Special Education Law and APE

Dr. Mitchell Yell was recently on the podcast to discuss special education laws and APE. Dr. Yell is the Fred and Francis Lester Palmetto Chair of the Teacher Education and Special Education departments at University of South Carolina. During the summer of 2019, Dr. Yell was the keynote speaker at the National Consortium for Physical Education for Individuals with Disabilities. Within this podcast episode we discuss how IDEA came to incorporate specific language related to physical education, how one can help advocate for APE within the IEP process, and specific court cases that have dealt with special education law and physical education.


4 Jan 2020

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Adapted Physical Education Endorsements: Why Do We Need Them?

In this episode, I had an in-depth conversation about the need for APE teaching endorsements at the state and national level with Dr. Suzanna Dillon, an APE professor and my dissertation adviser at Texas Woman's University and Toni Bader, a APE teacher for the Seattle School District. In this podcast, we discussed some of the experiences and successes that the panelist have had in advocating for the need for an APE endorsement at local, state, and national levels.


22 Jul 2018

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A Pioneer of Adapted Physical Education: Part 2 of an Interview with Jeff McCubbin

This is part 2 of a 3 part series where Dr. Barry Lavay, an adapted physical education professor at California State University, Long Beach and longtime contributor to the podcast, interviews Dr. Jeff McCubbin about his career in the field of APE, as well as his insights on the status of APE and where we are going.Dr. Jeff McCubbin is a pioneer in the field of APE and has many noteworthy achievements. More specifically, Dr. McCubbin served as the Dean of the College of Health and Human Sciences at Colorado State University from 2011-2019. Prior to that he was a University Distinguished Professor of Exercise Science and Executive Associate Dean in the College of Health and Human Sciences at Oregon State University. Dr. McCubbin is also a past president of the National Consortium for Physical Education for Individuals with Disabilities.Within the second episode, Dr. Lavay and Dr. McCubbin give some advice to young faculty members within the field of APE and how to seek and manage grants. In addition, Dr. McCubbin reflects on the importance of mentoring young professionals within the field of APE. Finally, in this episode they discuss the identity crisis within our field of APE. Asking those powerful questions of who are we and where are we going as a field.


15 Nov 2019

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Houston we have a movement issue: An interview with Dr. Ali Brian

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Ali Brian and discuss some of the recent research Dr. Brian had conducted and published. Dr. Brian is an Associate Professor at the University of South Carolina in the Department of Physical Education. Dr. Brian’s research interests include promoting perceived and actual motor skill development of preschool children with and without disabilities in socioeconomically disadvantaged environments. Within this podcast episode we discuss a recent article that focused on motor competence delays within a large and diverse group of preschool children in the United States (US). The article, which is called 'Motor Competence Levels and Developmental Delay in Early Childhood: A Multicenter Cross‑Sectional Study Conducted in the USA', highlights the uniform decline in motor competence in preschool children across the US. This article, as well as other research endeavors Dr. Brian is currently engaged in, allow us to better advocate for quality physical education for preschool children across the US.Please follow Dr. Brian on Twitter @DrAB4PE


28 Oct 2019

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Podcast 14.5 Collaboration and Social Media

The second portion of the collaboration podcast discusses why we collaborate with one another and the use of social media in collaborating with other as well.


28 May 2016

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Social Justice in Adapted Physical Education

This podcast focuses on the social justice within the field of adapted physical education (APE). Social justice is often defined as in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society, and for this podcast we discuss these concepts in relation to APE. More specifically, we discuss how one would be able to create a more inclusive and accepting class culture, barriers to social justice in a physical education setting, language use and social justice, and how to deal with inappropriate language and actions. This podcast features a panel of 3 guests, including Dr. Josephine Blagrave (@blagraveaj)Chico State University; Dr. Kerri Vanderbom from The National Center on Health, Physical Activity, and Disability and Chico State University; and Dr. Andrew Colombo-Dougovito (@amcdphd) from the University of North Texas. You can find out more about Dr. Colombo-Dougovito's research and interests through visiting his website (colombodougovito.com/).


17 Jul 2019

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The power of connectedness as educators and the state of Adapted Physical Education: A NAPEC Keynote

This is a very different podcast, as it was recorded at the 47th National Adapted Physical Education Conference in San Diego as a Keynote Speech. Scott McNamara begins by discussing how we can use our own platforms to connect with one another and promote our field. In addition, we had a panel discussion with Dr. Beth Foster (California State Polytechnic University, Ponoma), Dr. Rebecca Lytle (California State University in Chico) , Chris Ahrens (APE Teacher in San Diego), & Ann Griffin (APE Consultant for Grantwood AEA. We had a discussion about the current state of APE and inclusion.

1hr 31mins

9 Nov 2018

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Speech and Language Pathologists Collaborating with APE

We are excited to bring you a new episode that explores recent collaboration efforts between Speech and Language Pathologists (SLPs) and APE teachers.Joining us for this episode are four distinguished guests from California State University, Long Beach: Barry Lavay (APE Professor, @BarryLavay), Melissa Bittner (APE Professor, @MBittner_APE), Alaine Ocampo (SLP Professor), and Belinda Daughrity (SLP Professor). Each of the experts listed above were recently involved in a research project that examined how pre-service APE teachers can encourage peer engagement and social communication in tasks related to children with disabilities' participation in physical activity. Along with discussing their recent research and the importance of their findings, the guests also discuss the guiding principles of SLPs, the importance of training APE teachers with regards to SLP, and how SLPs and APE can effectively collaborate.


19 Feb 2020

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Physical Education v. Adapted Physical Education: A collaboration Part 2

This is part two of a two part series where we are discussing how the field of APE works within the field of PE. In addition, this episode is very special because this episode will once again, also be featured on Playing with Research in Health and Physical Education. If you’re interested in other episodes from Playing with Research in Health and Physical Education, you can stream the podcast on a variety of platforms @ podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/playing-with-research-in-health-and-physical-education/id1434195823?i=1000437405199The main focus of this episode is the divide between physical education and adapted physical education, and how we as researchers can potentially help to bridge this gap. Dr. McNamara and a panel of 3 experts in physical education discuss what they perceive the divide to be in both research and practice, as well as potential solutions to overcome the divide. This episode features Risto Marttinen, Ed.D., Kevin Andrew Richards, Ph.D., & Terry L. Rizzo


14 May 2019

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Lakeshore Foundation: A leader in advocacy, programming, and research in adapted physical activity

The Lakeshore Foundation is an organization aimed instilling lifelong wellness in people with disabilities and those with chronic health conditions through a variety of means. The organization provides its members opportunities both within their Birmingham, Alabama facility and out in their respective communities to learn and practice physical activities, sports, and recreational activities. I had the chance to interview two people directly involved in the Lakeshore Foundation. Beth Curry is the Chief Program Officer and works with the physical activity programs. Beth earned her Masters of Physical Therapy from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in 1984 before pursuing a career in healthcare. The other interviewee is Lisa Hillborn, who serves as the director or recreation and athletics.


23 Jan 2019

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Introduction APE Course: From the Undergraduates' Perception

For this episode of What’s New in APE, I was able to interview two of my undergraduate students (John Nagel & Landon Kilmesh) who recently completed the introduction to APE course that I teach at the University of Northern Iowa. This was also my first semester teaching the introduction to APE course at the University of Northern Iowa, as well as it was the first semester that we had a service learning component on campus, where our undergraduate physical education students were able to teach physical education to students with disabilities at the university. During this episode we were all able to reflect on the introduction to APE course, discuss how this class helped to prepare them to teach physical education to students with disabilities, and how working with students with disabilities helps to change our perceptions on life and ourselves.


21 Dec 2018

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Reflections from the ISAPA Conference

Recently, I was able to attend the International Symposium of Adapted Physical Activity (ISAPA) conference at the University of Virginia. For this episode I simply made a brief reflection about my experience at the conference. More specifically, I highlighted some of the keynote speakers and presentations I was able to experience, international perspectives in the field of adapted physical education/activity, and some information about the next ISAPA conference in Finland in 2021.


24 Jun 2019

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Adapted Dance

This podcast was dedicated to learning more about adapted dance within the physical education curriculum. This episode guest starred two brand new PhD students at the University of Wisconsin Madison- Heather Katz (@hcats88) and Laura Prieto. Within this conversation, we discuss what is adapted dance, how one can incorporate it into their PE curriculum and include students with disabilities, and the impact of adapted dance on students with disabilities.


18 Sep 2019

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Interview with David Porretta: Part 1 Discussion about Joe Winnick an APE Giant

Hello! This episode of What’s New in APE is extra special, as we have a guest moderator taking the reins today. Dr. Barry Lavay, an APE professor at California State University, Long Beach and longtime contributor to the podcast, is tackling his second podcast series and interviewed Dr. David Porretta about his career in the field of APE, as well as his insights on the status of APE and his friendship with the Late Dr. Joseph Winnick.Dr. David Porretta is a pioneer in the field of APE and has many noteworthy achievements. Dr. Porretta is a Faculty Emeritus from the Department of Human Sciences at The Ohio State University. In addition, he has has numerous major publications and has regularly presented scholarly papers at international, national, and state meetings.For this very first episode, Dr. Lavay talks to Dr. Porretta about his friendship with Dr. Joe Winnick. More specifically, Dr. Porretta explains how Dr. Winnick helped to share the field of APE since the late 1960's and influenced his own personal and professional growth. Areas touched on include Dr. Winnick's: (1) ability to secure large external grants to fund APE related areas, (2) development and maintenance of one of the most well-known APE textbooks in the field "APE and Sport" which is published by Human Kinetics, (3) contributions to the National Consortium for Physical Education for Individuals with Disabilities (NCPEID), and his (4) journey to create the BrockPort Physical Fitness Test. Please stay tuned for the next episode where Dr. Poretta continues to discuss his own research, the field of APE, and his professional growth through the years.


18 Mar 2020

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AdaptFit: Fitness Opportunities for All

For this episode, we spoke with two of the directors of the non-profit "AdaptFit", which is an organization that offers adapted physical fitness programs for people with disabilities in the Los Angeles region. The two directors, Kristin Abadjian and Suzanne Bonne, discuss how AdaptFit has been able to offer new opportunities for people with disabilities to become more physically active in their community. Within this podcast they discuss what drove them to create AdaptFit, the impact of the program on local families, and how they were able to overcome obstacles in order to create a successful and thriving business that helps people with disabilities meet their fullest potential. Check out their website for more information: https://www.adaptfitlife.com/


5 Feb 2020

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The ISAPA Conference: Part 3 An Interview with Practitioner Presenter Ann Griffin

This episode of What’s New in APE is the third and final episode dedicated to the upcoming International Symposium of Adapted Physical Activity (ISAPA) conference. This episode features Ann Griffin, who currently serves as the APE consultant with the Grantwood area education agency (AEA) in the great state of Iowa! In addition, she is the contact person for educators who need resources for facilitating APE for 32 different school districts. Ann will be presenting at this year’s ISAPA conference, where she will be hosting a practitioner’s day. Within the podcast, Ann and I discuss the practitioner's day and all of the great activities she is currently planning! Ann and I also discuss (1) how teachers can use research in their daily lives, (2) the multitude of APE resources offered by the Grantwood AEA, AND (3) her background as a teacher.Once again, ISAPA returns to the United States this year (2019) for the first time since 1992. It will be held June 14th through 18th in Charlottesville, Virginia. This year’s theme is Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. The goal for ISAPA is to bring international researchers together to share their research in hopes of learning about what is going on in other countries. If you are interested in the 2019 ISAPA, check out their website at: http://isapa2019.org/index.shtml


11 Apr 2019

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The ISAPA Conference: Part 1 An Interview with the ISAPA President Dr. Martin Block

In today's very special episode we had an interview with Dr. Martin Block about the International Symposium of Adapted Physical Activity (ISAPA) and APE at an international level. Dr. Block is a professor of APE and co-director of the Masters program in APE at the University of Virginia,. In addition to these roles, Dr. Block also serves as the President of the International Federation of Adapted Physical Activity (IFAPA). IFAPA is an organization of adapted physical activity professionals and students from all around the world. Currently, This podcast covers IFAPA and ISAPA, and differences in APE between the United States and other countries. It also covers the gap between research and practitioners in APE, and what IFAPA is doing to address this gap. For more information on IFAPA, you can visit their website at: http://ifapa.netIf you are interested in the 2019 ISAPA, check out their website at: http://isapa2019.org/index.shtml


22 Feb 2019

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An Interview with Paralympian Jessica Heims

For this episode, Paralympian Jessica Heims was able to meet with me and discuss her journey to the 2016 Paralympics, as well as her current journey to the 2020 Paralympics. Furthermore, within our conversation, we discussed her training regimen, how she got involved within track and field, her physical education experiences, and obstacles to getting to the Paralympics.Jessica is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Northern Iowa (the university I teach at!). She also currently competes on the University's track and field team as a discus thrower and sprinter. Furthermore, Jessica recently broke two world records in discus throwing. You can follow Jessica on Twitter @Jessie_Heims


5 Jul 2019

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