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Kill Cliff brings you the Kill Cliff Podcast in collaboration with Entreprenerds Comedy. The Kill Cliff Podcast features top performers out there dominating their competition daily. From Olympic athletes and coaches to elite military operators and business minds, this show focuses on the journey of its guests in their unyielding commitment to performance and success. Kill Cliff was founded and created by a former Navy SEAL with the spirit of giving back to the community and makes clean and tasty sports drinks for energy, endurance, and recovery. Kill Cliff honors the dedication and sacrifice made by these warriors and their families by donating a portion of the proceeds through an Official Partnership with the Navy SEAL Foundation. Visit KillCliff.com and follow Kill Cliff on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram @killcliff

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*** The KILL CLIFF Podcast is BACK (with new hosts)!***

After a long break, we are back! The KILL CLIFF podcast has gone through a bit of a makeover. Here's a quick look into what you can expect from the KILL CLIFF podcast 2.0: The podcast will be hosted by Jon Cleck and Josh Frank. Both are military veterans that have decided to join forces to create the Entreprenerds Comedy group.  In the previous iteration of our podcast, our show consisted of interviews with badass/interesting people. That has not changed. Josh and Jon will simply be adding their own humor and flair to each episode.  Be on the lookout for multiple episodes coming out every month!


17 Dec 2019

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