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Rated Raw is a photograph podcast featuring Alex Evers and Jamey Price talking about the real photography industry.

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Rated Raw On Instagram Live

Jamey Price and Alex Evers answer questions from photographers via Instagram Live on the current state of the industry, pricing, and image rights.

1hr 17mins

6 Apr 2020

Rank #1

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The Editing Process and journalistic ethics and mirrorless chat

 The Boys are back!! Daddy Long Lens is official!!  Bad decisions, like tattoos...  Charging the “Baby Rate” and how to prepare for physically taxing shoots. Travel, and time differences. The boys chat about editing, the editing process with journalistic ethics.  Trying to edit to what the eye sees.  Primary camera and secondary camera differences... and entry to mirrorless talk and Evers’ love hate relationship!


10 Jul 2019

Rank #2

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To go to Photography School or not? Learning on the job, and how to price your work.

The boys are back, and instantly off the rails!! Evers challenges Jamey to shoot a 24 hour race, and simultaneously drink one beer per hour.  On a serious note: Jamey awaits the arrival of his son.  Should you go to Photography School?? Evers shares his experiences before he left photography school after a few months.  Jamey shares the value of going to workshops, and how it can change the way you shoot. Learn on the job. It’s the best training. Evers explains how one shoot changed his career. Investing in yourself as a photographer and beyond.  The Boys talk about pricing. Not all clients value images the same. Finding your sweet spot for each client. Evers talks about patience. 


10 Jul 2019

Rank #3

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It's not the gear, its the photographer!! Don't let gear be a crutch.

 The boys are back!! Evers complains about unqualified photographers spreading bad information on the internet. Your lens hood doesn’t matter!! It’s not the gear, it’s the photographer!! Look good feel good shoot good!! Don’t let the camera gear be a crutch! Jamey shares his #instagramsharp 500mm lens.  Gear depreciation. Starting out and buying used gear.  Be smarter than the camera, don’t let the gear run your show.  Shooting to Edit. Presets or Not?? Shooting in the rain? Tips and tricks. Garbage bags and plastic wrap can be your best friend. Embrace the rain, it makes pictures unique!  The importance of copyright. We’re still learning, we hope you are too. Stay Raw!!


10 Jul 2019

Rank #4

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RATED RAW EPISODE 002 - What's Your Niche??? Converting friends into clients, and treating yourself like a pro.

The boys are back with another fire episode covering all things photography. Starting out in photography should you go broad, or pick a niche?? The boys discuss their career paths. Jamey tells his "Lamborghini Story" again. Treating yourself like a professional, getting your own website, branding yourself.  Stay Raw!!!


29 May 2019

Rank #5