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Primary Sources

*Sorry about Danmo's computer beeps. They calm down after the intro. *READ THE TRANSCRIPT. That phrase was rhetoric a year ago, but it highlights something important in our modern information society. We have the best access in all of history to primary sources, yet we often never take the time to read them or even look at them. Danmo wanted to actually look at the primary source material on the Paris Climate Agreement and the 1776 Commission. Steveo looked at CDC data. Our conclusions were.. baffling. Fireside (47:35)- Pizza 0.5


30 Jan 2021

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E65- God Vs. Climate Change

Is it hard to believe in both a Christian God, and climate change at the same time? Danmo does a sermon on the Pod, and explains why it might not be difficult to believe in both simultaneously. Steveo listens, because at times it seems hard to believe in both. See what you think.Fireside (36:30)- Where is Corbin Bleu these days?


27 Aug 2020

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E64- Believe in Changing Minds

Steveo gets real worked up about when the following phrase gets used sarcastically: "Ok, now that I have thought about it, I have changed my mind." Danmo and Steveo talk about what it might look like to value true civil discourse in our society now. It might even become a new principle/goal/format. Listen to this if you want you mind, not to be blown, but changed. Fireside- 31:00- Meeting a billionaire


2 Aug 2020

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E63- Pandemic Coma

Imagine you were someone who was in a coma before the pandemic and woke up to it. What would be the unprecedented things that would stick out. That essentially happened to real people. Danmo and Steveo run through just few of the pandemic highlights so far. Things like caring who Dr. Fauci is, and chlorine can clean your insides. Fireside 30:50- Vanilla as a favorite flavor.


17 Jul 2020

Rank #4

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E62- Deep Reading

There is an idea called deep reading. It is the idea that staying completely focused on one thing gets you to think in ways that sporadic focusing can't. It takes time and being isolated. But, it makes you smarter. Danmo rants like usual, but the concept is worth thinking about... in depth. Pay attention!Deep Reading episode by Ezra Klein- https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-ezra-klein-show/id1081584611?i=1000480085743Fireside 30:30- Real Onion News Stories


15 Jul 2020

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E61- Tragedy of Toilet Paper

Danmo and Steveo get academic talking about an economics theory- Tragedy of the Commons. We are seeing it in the real world right this moment. The Coronavirus has caused this to play out with one particular resource. Danmo and Steveo talk about the theory and what it means to us now. Fireside (22:45)- Books in the bath


12 Mar 2020

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E60- Zach's Dates

Danmo and Steveo have their first on-mic guest. Zach. He is a good guy, who just might need some assistance with his app dating profile. Danmo obliged and got him a date. He accepted and got to tell us whether it is a good or bad idea to have your friend filter your dating app matches. He went on the date and he revealed the surprising truth. Then also told us a different dating disaster. Fireside (43:05)- Accidental Burp


2 Mar 2020

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E59- Make Moderates Great Again

Danmo has a proper rant. Meaning one without enough first hand knowledge, but being upset. Starts with Twitter, then it smoothly moves to an interesting study to show how little it takes to make someone bad at math. Ends with a gut check. So many emotions. Fireside 32:15- Chopsticks


20 Feb 2020

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E58- Return Potpourri

Danmo and Steveo, in the copious amount of time they took off, didn't plan for an episode with an entree. So here is an episode with 3 random topics. 0:00- What it takes to make a change11:48- Police search for kidnapping19:00- Road Rage


24 Jan 2020

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E57- Christmas Music Special (Guest Nick Spencer)

Nick Spencer joins for the Christmas music special. Part one the nature of Christmas music is discussed. Especially the ridiculously rich Mariah Carey, and a word straight from the co-writer of All I Want for Christmas is You. Then other christmas classics and how they make you feel, if anything.Part two is a Christmas Music EP from Nick and Steveo. Email danmoandsteveo@gmail.com if you want a download of the songs.12 Days of Fratmas- 21:30Light Giftmas- 23:15Waiting Until it is Christmas Time- 24:40


24 Dec 2019

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