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Were Just Talking About It is an extension of the Introduction to Islam talks and courses that Jason Howk has been leading nationally since June 2015.This podcast does not aim to denigrate Islam or to spread a religion. Simply put this is an effort to get people talking more openly about religion and focused on finding common ground and understanding.Around the world the loudest voices that focus on Islam are usually on the far extremes of the topic. Either speakers love or hate Islam. This is a discussion rooted in facts; and by design those facts are relayed to the public in a form that most can understand.This isn't a professor's lecture and it's not a hate filled tirade. This is two people having a rational discussion about religion.

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S3 E4 Sabir 101119- growing up in destruction

Welcome to Episode 4 of Season 3 of We're Just Talking About It #wjta Today we start a 3 part journey to get to know Sabir. He grew up in Kabul Afghanistan and Pakistan and eventually came to the United States. I hope you enjoy getting to know him and the role Islam plays in his life. Yet another perspective, you might not know about. Thanks for joining us. Jason and Hollie 


11 Oct 2019

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