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Avoiding Tech Gifts For The Holidays

It's that time of year again, the holidays are right around the corner! In this episode, I share some great alternative gift ideas that don't revolve around technology. We want to continue disconnecting from tech and reconnecting with our families and I'm excited to give you new ideas on how to do so!


17 Dec 2019

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Are You Addicted To Your Smartphone?

I read an interesting article in Wired Magazine titled Society Photographer Turns His Lense on Smartphone Addiciton. This got me thinking. For today's episode I share my thoughts on the article and ask you to turn your attention onto what our society looks like.


31 Dec 2019

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Answering Your Questions

Today I'm going through my emails to answer your questions! If you have anything you'd like to ask that I didn't get to cover in this week's episode, please reach out at tom@tomkersting.com. 


24 Dec 2019

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Intentional Parenting & Family Life with Amy Carney

We as a society need to make a change in how we parent. Amy Carney wants to inspire moms and dads to make decisions today that will help them mold the adults they hope to launch into the world tomorrow. She is not afraid to call out what’s wrong in popular culture and help parents navigate the tough areas and get to the core of what’s really important when raising a child. https://amycarney.com/


6 Jan 2020

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All About Lisa Molnar's Unplugged Box During Family Time

Lisa Molnar joins today's podcast to share why she started this “unplugged” box and the difference it's made in her family and others alike. When the phones /tablets / iPads were in the box, they were able to truly connect with each other and not be tempted to check their phones.


18 Feb 2020

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