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The Marketing Stir Podcast by Stirista hosted by Stirista’s VP of B2B Products Vincent Pietrafesa along with Founder / CEO Ajay Gupta, The Marketing Stir brings on industry leaders to get their take on the current challenges of the market, whatever that may be. Both captivating personalities, Gupta and Pietrafesa (who moonlights as a standup comic) along with producer Jared Walls (Stirista’s content strategist, also a standup comic), promise an engaging conversation with leaders of a variety of industries and brands. If you’re interested in being a guest on the podcast, email us at info@themarketingstir.com

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Vijay Ramachandran (Pitney Bowes) - Hockey Stick Growth Curve

Vijay Ramachandran, Vice President of Marketing Strategy and Planning at Pitney Bowes, discusses the challenges of developing marketing strategies for a company that’s been around for a century. He offers insight into an industry that operates in both the physical and digital worlds, as well as how to prospect without coming off like a carnival barker. Ajay raises funds for a good cause, and Vincent is excited about Vegas.


15 Jun 2021

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Kelley Michalik (Alight) - Soup to Nuts

Kelley Michalik, Chief Marketing Officer at Alight Solutions, details her journey with the company and how her role enables a mindset for reinvention. She also shares her surprising response to when someone gets her name wrong in an email. Ajay has a customer service nightmare, and Vincent lends an ear.


8 Jun 2021

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Allyson Witherspoon (Nissan) - Lots of Automotive Puns

Allyson Witherspoon, Chief Marketing Officer at Nissan, details her globe-hopping career arc that took her everywhere from Amsterdam to Japan. She also discusses the transition from “kicking the tires” to researching cars in the digital space, as well as how shopping for a new car doesn’t need to be an either/or experience. Ajay gets a new laptop and Vincent remembers with fondness his Nissan Altima.


1 Jun 2021

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Yogesh Deep (Advance Auto Parts) - A Great Potion

Yogesh Deep, Senior Vice President of Growth and Strategic Pricing at Advance Auto Parts, shares his journey of how he started out as a chemical engineer to his current role with the company. Along with Advance’s B2B operations, he also discusses the success of giving frontline team members authority to override their pricing system in-store. Ajay is glad to not be on a billboard, and Vincent wishes he owned a car.


25 May 2021

Rank #4

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Michael Bouteneff (Mastercard) - Creating DNA

Michael Bouteneff, Global Marketing Director, Strategic Growth at MasterCard, shares, as he calls it, his "meandering" career journey that touches on molecular biology and music publishing, among other things. He also discusses in depth the current state of the marketing event space. Ajay has some thoughts on public transportation, and Vincent claims he knows how to drive.


18 May 2021

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Multi-guest - Meat and Potatoes (Special Multi-Guest Episode)

This week we are joined by Amin Makhani (SVP, Growth Strategy, Bento Box); Nick Panayi (CMO, Amelia); and Karolina Kocalevski (VP, Global Head of Marketing & Communications, Orion Innovation) to discuss innovations on the lead generation front, the biggest changes each organization has undertaken in the last year, as well as how each guest’s role within their own company has shifted. Ajay buys a new laptop, and Vincent is feeling very special.


11 May 2021

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Ray Estevez (True Influence) - The Wild West of Data Collection

This week Ray Estevez, CIO of True Influence, joins us to share how his company leverages intent data for their customers, and how he’s realized the importance of soft skills in a leadership role. He also spells out the advantages of remaining authentic, no matter the ask. Ajay sports an Irish jersey, and Vincent wears a dad sweater. Tune in now!


4 May 2021

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Scott Andrew (Retail Service Systems) - Just a Redneck from North Carolina

Scott Andrew, CEO of Retail Service Systems and CEO/Founder of Rugged Holdings, shares his less-than-legal beginnings as an entrepreneur, and how realizing early on that being “unemployable” as he describes it, was one of his best assets. He also walks through the particulars of managing several companies at once. Ajay deals with a snowpocalypse, and Vincent learns a new word.


27 Apr 2021

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Ian Wright (Equifax) - As the Puck Moves

This week we have Ian Wright, Chief Data Officer, Data-Driven Marketing at Equifax! Ian dives into the particulars of how data is handled in various parts of an organization, and how legislation is changing the data landscape. He also shares with the guys the backstory to his multiple citizenships. Ajay chops some wood and Vincent professes his love for rugby.


20 Apr 2021

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Heidi Cerenzia (Wrike) - Business-to-Dog

This episode of The Marketing Stir podcast by Stirista, Vincent and Ajay will be having a conversation with Heidi Cerenzia.  Heidi is Vice President, Global Demand Generation at Wrike. They will be discussing how demand generations have evolved over the years.Highlights:Wrike is a collaborative work management toolDealing with the pandemicYou choose your destinationEmpower and enable your team to be successful


13 Apr 2021

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