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iRise & iSoar Podcast is filled with uplifting content that will help listeners shape their thoughts and visions as they Rise & Soar thru life's journey.

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True Generational Wealth: Life Insurance

As The Leader of your family rather you're a Man or Woman, we all strive to (Insure) that our family is both protected & provided for. When it comes to True Generational Wealth (Life Insurance) plays a very pivotal role in securing financial freedom for our families.Join me and my Special Guest: Financial QB Guru Rob Bolden as we discuss the importance of Life Insurance and Financial Literacy! 


7 Feb 2021

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Are You (Pissed) Off For Greatness?!!

There are many things we can find ourselves upset or (Pissed) off about during these strange times we face around the country today, but take an honest self-assessment and ask yourself when was the last time you've truly been pissed off for (Greatness) in your personal life? Rather it be goal oriented, emphasis on being a better parent or spouse etc. Well you don't want to miss this episode!! Join me and my special guest T.C. Allen as we talk about the journey to greatness!


2 Dec 2020

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Can I Live !?

What did the recent death of George Floyd open your eyes to?


31 May 2020

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The Art of Transitioning

Are you finding this new transition of life to be somewhat easy or challenging?


22 May 2020

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Living By Instinct

How much do you trust your own intuition to guide you to the life you want to live? 


16 May 2020

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Social Distancing With Purpose

In what ways are you using the quarantine to ensure your improving yourself?


12 May 2020

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