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If you are a techie at heart who wishes to assume more of a leadership mantle, hop on the Techie Leadership Show to find out how to be a better leader. It won't happen overnight but each show is designed to help you become 1% better than you were before listening. 1% improvement might not sound much but considering this is a daily show it adds up pretty fast. Compounding leadership improvement is the fastest way to enjoying professional success across the board.And remember to share, rate and subscribe. Your opinion matters.

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Bonus 5 – Self hosting your own youtube – with Nedjalko Milenkov

In this episode we have brought back our guest from episode 86 Nedjalko Milenkov who is back again this time to talk to us about a topic very close to his heart – Self Hosting. Today Ned tells us how you can self host your own youtube server and service so that you can keep all you precious moments safe and private. Never loose a memory from your life or the life of your family Show notes on https://techieleadership.com/bonus5


22 Feb 2021