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The Successful Coach Podcast is a weekly show featuring inspiring guests sharing their secrets of success to help YOU live your purpose, doing the work you love while earning the living you desire.Some of them include best-selling author, Mike Michalowicz and the number one Body Language expert in the world, Mark Bowden.There's no question, if you’re a coach, speaker, expert, artist, author, service-based business owner, or entrepreneur, that is passionate about making a difference for others and making this your living, this podcast is for you.Get ready because your journey towards success begins — now.Your HostMichael Palmer is an acclaimed business coach who has helped thousands of small business owners across the world push through their fears and exponentially grow their businesses and achieve the quality of life they've always wanted.

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EP1: Introduction to The Successful Coach Podcast

As a coach you're a person that is doing work that makes a difference for others. In The Successful Coach Podcast we know that your passionate about living your purpose and making a difference in the world while at the same time earning a living that gives your the freedom to do what you love. In order to do that, you need to be able to attract the right clients, charge what you’re worth and leverage your time so that you're able to scale your income and impact for those you serve. The problem is your working really hard for what at times probably seems very little results which can be frustrating.  We believe coaching is one of the most essential services to the success of your clients and you should be properly recognized and rewarded for the difference you make. Having been a coach for the past 12 years I know the struggles and challenges you face. I’ve made most of the big mistakes and spent lots of time failing. But I’ve also been lucky to meet the right mentors along the way that showed me a smarter, more profitable and rewarding path. I’ve become a more impactful coach but also a more profitable one where I’m paid for the results I deliver versus the time I spend. I could not have reached any of this alone. In fact the most fruitless times were when I was doing it alone. I know you’ll be as challenged to move beyond where your at without the help and guidance of others. That is why I started the successful coach community. To continue my learning from great mentors while sharing the journey with you. Each week I’ll bring you guests that can help you get more clients, charge what you’re worth and leverage your time so you can have the freedom to do what you love. Join our community now at and get access to free resources and training to grow your coaching practice. https://www.thesuccessfulcoach.com/ Join Our Facebook Community https://www.facebook.com/groups/thesuccessfulcoach/


13 Aug 2019

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