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Flower Mound, Texas is an amazing community, filled with interesting people and dynamic businesses. The Around Flower Mound podcast exists to share their stories, to connect the community, and to be a resource for long-time residents, newcomers, and visitors. Subscribe now and connect with your neighbors!

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Sharn Barbarin | Commitment to Saving Lives and Serving the Community

On this week’s episode of Around Flower Mound, we speak with Sharn Barbarin, the CEO at Medical City Lewisville. She began her career in healthcare administration as an administrative fellow at Medical City Las Colinas and was quickly promoted to COO at Medical City McKinney, where she served nine years before her promotion at Medical City Arlington in 2011. She transitioned to Lewisville in July of 2015. Sharn is a graduate of Louisiana State University and holds a Master's Degree in Health Administration from Tulane University. She has been named an outstanding alumni by Tulane University and honored as a Top 25 Women in Business by McKinney Living.Sharn says, “Our mission, simply, above all else: we're committed to the care and improvement of human life. That is something that serves as our compass each and every day. It provides me direction with regard to strategic initiatives, driving our quality initiatives, and even driving with talent.”We discuss the forty year legacy of Medical City Lewisville, as well as: Commitment to the mission of service The three keys that propelled her in her career Hurricane response and the encouraging spirit that emerged out of the community Managing the COVID-19 response and how the various systems supported the medical staff And more


3 Feb 2021

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Kim Cloud | Connecting with Clients in New Ways and in New Locations

On this week’s episode of Around Flower Mound, we speak with the Owner of Cloud 9 Salon & Spa, Kim Cloud. She owns one of the fastest-growing salons in North Texas and is a National Ambassador with Zilis. She purchased her first salon in Lewisville in 1991 at the age of 20 and had a staff of eight stylists and nail technicians working in a 700 square foot space. In 2005, she expanded by purchasing land and building an 8200 square foot facility. Kim is also the founder of Cloud 9 Charities and helps operate bedtime rescue programs to help homeless families find shelter. Kim says, “I find that those services that we offer are even more important right now than ever in just making someone feel connected. We're one of the few industries where it's okay to touch someone, so even though we're limiting that and keeping that safe, we still have that touch and that personal conversation that we get to have with them to make sure they're okay, and to make sure that they do feel beautiful when they leave.”We chat about the incredible ways Flower Mound residents support small businesses, as well as: Creative social media connection with salon clients during stay-at-home orders Outgrowing physical spaces and preparing for new locations The importance of mentorship for exponential growth Cloud 9 Charity contributions to help homeless families find shelter Supporting and encouraging a team environment And more


13 Jan 2021

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Kristi Hassett | How to Get Involved in the Community

On this week’s episode of Around Flower Mound, we speak with Kristi Hassett. Kristi has been a Lewisville ISD Trustee since 2014 and has lived within the district for 41 years. She also organized 100 Women Who Care, an organization that supports nonprofits, and is an active part of Texans Advocating for Meaningful Student Assessment, in addition to being a self-employed grant writer.She and her husband, a local business attorney, have three boys, the youngest of whom is now a senior at Flower Mound High School. We chat about what Kristi loves about Flower Mound, as well as: Fighting for the students of Flower Mound What TAMSA advocates for How COVID has impacted the education budget  Getting involved in the 100 Women Who Care organization Ways for anyone to serve within the community And more


30 Dec 2020

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Lori Williams | Navigating Senior Living Facility Options

Our special guest on this week’s episode of Around Flower Mound is Lori Williams, Owner of Lori Williams - Senior Services and Creator and Host of the Podcast "Aging in Style with Lori Williams." She has lived in Flower Mound for 23 years and has worked in the senior industry for over 13 years. Lori has a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing from LSU and she's a certified dementia practitioner. Her business was voted Best of Denton County 2019 and 20 for Senior Services. We speak about Lori’s community involvement, as well as: The multitude of options available for senior living facilities Relatable stories of how other aging seniors have navigated their choices The Sandwich Generation Lori’s keys to success Making the right financial decision to save more money And More


9 Dec 2020

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Russ Webb | Expanding Your Business’ Footprint During COVID

On this week’s episode of Around Flower Mound, we speak with special guest, Russ Webb. Russ is widely known as a commercial real estate rockstar and also serves on the National Alumni Board at the Texas Tech Alumni Association. After a successful career in the oil and fuel industry, Russ joined Silver Oak Commercial Realty in 2011 as a Managing Partner and has since transacted over $150 million worth of commercial real estate.Russ says, “I would say the biggest factor to being successful in business is managing your time and being able to get people to trust you with handling their assets. A lot of people who own buildings in Flower Mound and some of the suburbs, that's their retirement investment for a long time. So, you have to act as if you're in their shoes.”We chat about his favorite things about Flower Mound, as well as: Silver Oak Commercial Realty The draw of Flower Mound from a commercial perspective How COVID has changed the direction of commercial real estate His position on the Texas Tech National Alumni Board And more


25 Nov 2020

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Lisa Pierce Johnson | One Resident’s Mission to Support Women in Need

On this week’s episode of Around Flower Mound, we speak with my friend, Dr. Lisa Pierce Johnson. Dr. Pierce is a board-certified psychiatrist specializing in autism and mood disorders who has been serving children, adolescents, and adults in private practice in the Flower Mound area for over 24 years. She holds degrees from the University of Oklahoma and completed her residency and fellowship at UT Southwestern in Dallas. Dr. Pierce is also one of the co-founders of She Supply, a nonprofit organization aimed at providing a woman’s most basic needs, and describes herself as being passionate about service. She and her husband, Ronnie, have two grown children: Jessica, who is an OSU graduate preparing to start medical school in 2021, and Adam, who is currently a sophomore. We chat about how she began practicing in Flower Mound, as well as: Her favorite things about the community Her journey to co-founding She Supply and what she sees for the future of that organization Her mission to provide necessities to disenfranchised women Her keys to success And more


28 Oct 2020

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Shelly Dodge | Providing Financial Education to the People of Flower Mound

On this week’s episode of Around Flower Mound, we speak with special guest, Shelly Dodge, President of Visionary Financial Group. Shelly has over 34 years of experience in the financial industry and started learning from the ground up. She began her career in the operations of a brokerage firm, then moved to trust and estate planning. In 2000, she changed her focus to investments with the aim to be able to provide independent and objective financial advice to her clients. Shelly founded Visionary Financial Group in 2012, and eventually became the recipient of the Flower Mound Business of the Year Award in 2018. She is also heavily involved in the community, serving on the boards of both the Flower Mound Chamber and the Cross Timbers Rotary Club among many other activities she participates in.We chat about her favorite things about Flower Mound, as well as: Her goals with Visionary Financial Group and who she aims to be a hero to Her business background and her journey to entrepreneurship Helping clients create their financial future The causes and organizations she stands behind And more


14 Oct 2020

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Kim Muench | Keys to Building Happier, Healthier Relationships with Your Children

On this week’s episode of Around Flower Mound, we’re joined by special guest Kim Muench, a Jai Institute for Parenting Certified Coach specializing in working with moms of adolescents. Kim is a firm believer that moms are the emotional barometers in their families and is passionate about educating, supporting, and encouraging them to raise their children with intention and guidance, rather than fear and control.As a mom of five, Kim leads her clients to happier, healthier, more functional relationships with compassion, and without judgment, through one on one coaching sessions. She also offers wisdom and resources via her Facebook posts, Facebook Live, and most recently on News 8 Daybreak.We chat about Kim’s 13-plus years as a Flower Mound resident, as well as: Who she aspires to be a hero to as a parenting coach Her own journey as a mother of five The importance of self-care Why she believes coaching is so important to parents today And more


30 Sep 2020

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Kristin Clark | How One Flower Mound Resident is Helping People Find Their True Strengths

On this week’s episode of Around Flower Mound, we speak with a fantastic Flower Mound Resident of 20 years, my friend Kristin Clark. Kristin is a seasoned marketing expert, Gallup certified strength coach, mentor, and speaker. She ran corporate marketing departments for 20 years, and, over the last 9 years, has been the most requested coach through Everwise, a professional mentoring company. Through these experiences, Kristin found her love for mentoring young people, which led to her founding her own business, Kristin Clark Coaching and Consulting. Her business focuses on working with students, helping guide them to determine the right college major, and ultimately find a career that they love, in addition to providing corporate and team coaching opportunities.We chat about her favorite things about Flower Mound, as well as: Her company and who she aims to be a hero to The tools she uses to help students find their way Her background and how she started coaching How to get acquainted with your zone of genius And more


16 Sep 2020

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Morgan Orlando | Get Involved — The Importance of Community and Relationship Building

On this week’s episode of Around Flower Mound, we speak with special guest Morgan Orlando. Morgan is a third-generation insurance broker for IMA Financial Group whose expertise includes constructing personal risk-management strategies designed for successful individuals and families. She also has a degree in Health, Sports, and Exercise Science from the University of Kansas, is an outdoor enthusiast, and has a passion for local dining and shopping.When asked about getting involved with the Flower Mound community, Morgan said, “I approached it the only way that I knew how: getting involved with your chambers. Look at what you're passionate about, and get involved with groups. Go on Google and look up horse rescues or water ski groups and when inquiring about how to get involved and the steps to get involved, it’ll just flourish into meeting not only new friends and new business partners, but you'll learn about the community that you're serving.”We chat about Morgan’s favorite parts about Flower Mound, as well as: Her career as an Insurance Advisor and who she aspires to be a hero to Her decision to focus her business on Flower Mound and the importance of building relationships within the community The unique challenges and advantages of being self-employed as a millenial And more


2 Sep 2020

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