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Explore the human experience through understanding your Stories and how they define your Values. Expand your emotional and behavioral flexibility through the lens of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Further material can be found at www.lifeweavings.com

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30: Pathologizing Human Behavior

Our desire for simple answers is funneled through the intrinsic psychology of having the stories of our lives be consistent. This consistency is always self-serving, in the sense of providing a feeling of 'being right,' of having perception prove the truth of our judgments. This whole process finds a troubling outlet in the medicalization of our inner worlds and the pathologizing of human behavior.


22 Sep 2019

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29: The Story of Your Anger

Anger is often maligned as "negative" and "destructive," looked at as morally suspect and commonly sought to be removed from the lives of those coming in for therapy. Exploring these stories, we can come to see anger as a tool for assessing what we Value and step back from behavior that only feels inevitable. You can flexibly respond to your stories in ways that show the best version of yourself.


15 Jul 2019

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28: The Mighty Anecdote

Exploring the nature of 'anecdotal evidence,' why it's so enticing and why we all engage in it. Connection made with bias and why bias doesn't mean there's something wrong with our rationality or our minds.


24 Apr 2019

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27: Setting Goals within Your Values

Setting goals too often leads us into shame and self-doubt. I want to encourage you to possibly stop goal-setting for a moment and focus on what you care about. Start livable goals from a place of what you're already doing, succeed from a place of plenty rather than wasting energy trying to leap from lack. We can help explore this by using the religious practices of Lent and dive into how Values never leave us.


22 Mar 2019

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26: Change Is As Fundamental As Gravity

The pursuit of change is as varied as New Year's Resolutions and almost always focused on what we consciously are doing. Looking at change as a foundational law of life can help us on our journey's of discovery and see others more clearly.


12 Mar 2019

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25: Feelings and the Hope of Relationship

What is happening when we have "feelings" about someone? What should we do about them? Do they require anything of us or of the other person? These questions do not have to generate the angst they so often do. A reminder that our humanity is always looking for what is important to us.


27 Aug 2018

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24: A Replication Problem

Exploring the so-called "replication problem" in psychological research, in particular focusing on "the Marshmallow Test." Looking at issues about replication, definition and the nature of complexity in studying people.


11 Jul 2018

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16: The Lure of Fanatacism

We often create stories to address one problem, only to have it take on a life of its own. More difficult is when such a story is religion and the tendency towards absolutism is a strong psychological pull. Jung’s “The Undiscovered Self” helps us see where when dealing with fanaticism we may unwittingly pull similar tendencies from within ourselves.


4 May 2017

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8: Working Through Anger Without Losing Your Head

Discussing anger, exploring why we get angry and its connection to our Values. Covering an article from Psychology Today on strategies to work through anger and resentment, with a focus on acceptance, mindful appraisal and learning to escape from the narrow vision of our immediate judgments.


24 Jan 2017

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6: Growing Through Awareness and Forgiveness

Covering the last couple chapters of “The Four Agreements,” focusing on how to identify old and unhealthy agreements to replace them with new ones. Explore how to accept the whole of our lives, including the suffering, and learn to forgive by not being trapped by the stories and agreements that are limiting our vision of a more expansive and growth-oriented life.


9 Jan 2017

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5: The Present Holds All That Is Possible

Exploring the fourth agreement from Don Miguel Ruiz’s book “the 4 Agreements”: Always Do Your Best. Contemplation of what it means to live in the present, to mindfully reflect on the entirety of our existence being open for exploration so long as we’re not trapped in the past or future. With some help from Carl Sagan and star stuff, we can move forward into the new habit of knowing our best is always what are doing, without judgment.


3 Jan 2017

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4: We Only Know So Much

Reading from “The Four Agreements” and exploring the third agreement of “Don’t Make Assumptions.” I discuss the nature of communication, how so often we think we’re listening we’re merely assuming we know everything we need to know and therefore limiting our understanding of the other person and of ourselves. The difficulty of digital communication is touched on, as well as how assumptions play havoc in our personal relationships and in society through politics.


26 Dec 2016

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3: How Others See Us and We View Ourselves

Working through the second agreement: Don’t Take Anything Personally, with commentary on our usage of identity to select and justify our behaviors and the struggle of confronting other perspectives about who we might be and whether what we do is the best version of ourselves.


19 Dec 2016

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2: Our Word Binds Us and Sets Us Free

The nature of agreements and the desire to create new ones to live more authentic lives. Exploration of the first agreement in Don Miguel Ruiz’s book “The Four Agreements”: be impeccable with your word. How our word can limit or expand our lives within the relationally reciprocal world in which we live and build meaning. 


12 Dec 2016

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1: Beginning the Journey

In this episode I introduce the show and it’s theme, exploring relational living. A reading from the book “The 4 Agreements” is followed by personal reflection on open inquiry and exploring relationships of value, ending with a short mindfulness exercise of focusing on the breath.


9 Dec 2016

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