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♡ Exploring how to live a faith filled life together thriving in God’s grace. † Psalm 52:8New podcast every Wednesday 4pmJoin us whilst we chat through all the things involved in living a life for Christ.

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Easter Special | with special guest Louis Arnold

Join Abi and Ellie with a super special guest this week... LOUIS! Louis is a super great, fun and wise guy that we got to chat to this week all about the Easter story. Louis shared some amazing things including his favourite unseen moment in the Easter story! We also chatted about our favourite parts of the story and what it means to us as well as how the Easter story changes our every day. 


31 Mar 2021

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Boundaries | Relationships... it’s not what you think

Join Abi and Ellie for the final episode of the boundaries series! This week they chat about all things boundaries in relationships from the boundaries whilst getting to know someone to what boundaries not just physical but emotional and spiritual too we should have whilst dating. They also talk boundaries during those tricky break-ups and share the best dating advice they've ever heard!


24 Mar 2021

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Boundaries | Work

Welcome back to Thrive in Grace! This week Abi and Ellie dive into the second episode in the boundaries series. In this episode they talk all about  boundaries with work however work may look for us. They chat about why time away from rest is important, how we can create boundaries with work and how we can stay focussed on God when we get busy with work and deadlines! They also dive into what taking a Sabbath means and how we can create a restful Sabbath.


17 Mar 2021

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Boundaries | Social Media

Welcome back to Thrive in Grace where Abi and Ellie start a new mini series taking a look at boundaries. This week they talk all about the social media from why boundaries are important, who we should be following, and what we should be posting. They also dive into the mind-field that is DMs, with who should we be DM-ing but also who we should let DM us. 


10 Mar 2021

Rank #4

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What We Learnt in Youth | How Can We Honour Our Guy Friends | Thrive in Grace x We Out Here Provibing

Join Abi & Ellie for a super exciting episode to end the What We Learnt in Youth Series!  This week they are joined by Zac and Nat from We Out Here Provibing to chat all about Guy Girl friendships. In this episode Abi and Ellie ask the boys how women can honour our guy friends from how we can pursue those friendships, to the physical boundaries that are needed, how we can do rejection in an honouring way and so much more!  Make sure you go check out the second part of this episode at We Out Here Provibing to here the boys ask Abi and Ellie how guys can honour girls in friendships.


3 Mar 2021

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What We Learnt in Youth | Community

Join Abi & Ellie for another episode in the What We Learnt in Youth Series! This week they have a chat about community and share why it's important and how it has been important to them over the years. They also share a bit about how to find those good communities even when life is busy and during covid and then how to keep investing in those communities and how we can make them thrive!


24 Feb 2021

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What We Learnt In Youth | Modesty

Join Abi & Ellie for the second part of the What We Learnt in Youth Series! This week they have a chat about Modesty and their journey with it. Obviously people have lots of different opinions of what modesty is and should be when being a Christian so they share what the bible has to say about our modesty and the important parts to remember with it. They also chat about branded clothing and where that should sit with our modesty as well as  a couple of their top tips to stay on trend whilst  being modest!


17 Feb 2021

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What We Learnt In Youth | Self-Worth

Join Abi and Ellie for the first part in the new February series sharing a few things they learnt in Youth! This week they share a bit of their journey with self-worth throughout those glorious teen years, how their perception of what self-worth is changed and some of the practical ways they suggest to practice good God centred self-worth. 


3 Feb 2021

Rank #8

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New year, New me ...or not!

Join Abi and Ellie for another podcast having a chat about the New Year! This week the girls talk about the pressures that come in the New Year with making resolutions and having a fresh start. They share their goals for the year as well as the practical things they do in order to not succumb to New Years pressures.


27 Jan 2021

Rank #9

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New Year, New Word

Welcome or a big welcome back! Join Abi and Ellie for their first episode back of both series 3 and 2021! In this episode they share their word for the year and chat about the practical things they are going to be doing for that word this year as well as letting us know what they are most excited about for 2021. You can also check out this great podcast on Youtube where you will be able to watch along if you would rather see their faces... to find the Youtube channel you can go to the link in the bio of their Instagram (@thrive.in.grace) which will take you right there!


20 Jan 2021

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