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The Journalism.co.uk editorial team brings you a weekly look at some of the latest innovations in digital journalism, and speaks to industry experts on how newsrooms are approaching key challenges and opportunities in the industry.

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Reporting on race and religion: wise up and get out of your comfort zone

What are the potential pitfalls for journalists reporting in ethnically diverse communities? Here are the common mistakes and best approaches to right those wrongs

18 Apr 2019

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What gets readers hooked onto your writing?

Here is how to create the best version of your story and make it stand out from the crowd

3 May 2019

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Leon Fryszer, director of Krautreporter, on what audience engagement really means

Engaged journalism has become a buzzword. One German co-operatively owned publisher drills into the meaning, how readers can be part of the editorial process and why they buy into the concept

15 Nov 2019

Rank #3

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Newsrewired sneak peek podcast: financing digital journalism, voice-controlled devices and blockchain

Jess Best of The Correspondent, Chris Stone of Evening Standard and Daniel Sieberg of iO Technologies give you a taster of what they are bringing to our upcoming Newsrewired conference

22 Feb 2019

Rank #4

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'The foundation for further digital transformation has been laid' – A look back on the expansion of the BBC World Service

Dmitry Shishkin, digital editor, Languages, BBC World Service, explains what his team has achieved, and the lessons he learned along the way

1 Nov 2018

Rank #5

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The old, the new and the unexpected mediums for telling human stories

Using answer phone, disposable cameras and diary entries, one unconventional storyteller offers intimate insights into people's lives

19 Jul 2019

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How to launch your podcast on a shoestring budget

Want to jump on the podcasting bandwagon but cannot afford a production crew? Here is how to get started

5 Jul 2019

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Caroline Scott, freelance videographer, on using mobile journalism for small publishers and local news organisations

Can your smartphone be the ideal piece of kit for reporting breaking news and shooting vox pops in the street? Yes — so long as you bring a charger bank and a gimbal

22 Nov 2019

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'From the street to the boardroom': How Reuters’ Africa Journal produces ‘mobile-friendly’ stories on Africa

Upon Africa Journal’s launch this week, editor Serena Chaudhry discusses how rapid mobile growth and multiple identities shape soundbite storytelling

21 Sep 2018

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What do journalists struggle with the most on social media?

Digital media consultant Matt Navarra discusses the key social strategy challenges, including new formats, targeting audiences and verification

8 Aug 2019

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Engaging local community through solutions journalism and digitising newspaper archives for voice search

If you missed out on the Festival de l'info locale in Nantes this year, Journalism.co.uk caught up with two experts on how news organisations can improve audience accessibility to local news

28 Jun 2019

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Applying to get funding for a journalism project? Here are some helpful tips

How do you talk about impact in a grant proposal and what aspects of your project do foundations expect journalists to focus on?

23 May 2017

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#GENSummit19: data-driven travel content and trends in the digital landscape

If you missed out on the Global Editors Network Summit in Athens this year, Journalism.co.uk caught up with two experts from the event

14 Jun 2019

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The Seattle Times asks readers to fund its future investigative journalism team

Local audiences are eager to support independent media and help solve problems their communities are facing

10 May 2019

Rank #14

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How can we improve the love-hate relationship between Google and news publishers?

Journalists often see the platform as the main cause of declining advertising revenue. Here is how Google is rebuilding those bridges

2 Aug 2019

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Christmas podcast: Journalism.co.uk looks back at 2019's hot (and not) topics in the media industry

What have we learned from 2019 and what is in store for 2020? Editor Marcela Kunova reflects on what topics journalists care about the most but also what content they share without reading

20 Dec 2019

Rank #16

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Suchandrika Chakrabarti, host of Freelance Pod, on what to do before, during and after a live podcast event

When your biggest fans come face-to-face with the hosts of their favourite shows, it can be a whole new experience for them - learn some firsthand tips from the host of Freelance Pod

5 Dec 2019

Rank #17

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David Leigh, veteran investigative journalist, on what reporters of tomorrow need to know about investigative journalism today

What lessons from the past can help in the modern digital post-truth era? A journalist with 40 years of experience offers a survival guide

31 Oct 2019

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Annie Gouk, data journalist at Reach plc, on turning databases into human stories

The North in Numbers podcast is a new series of data-led interviews that shows there is a personal story to be told in every large database. The tricky part is to ensure listeners do not get information overload

13 Dec 2019

Rank #19

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Straight out of university? Check out this advice for post-graduate journalism jobseekers

In this week's podcast, we speak to a range of guests to round up their tips for remaining upbeat once you have graduated

31 Aug 2018

Rank #20