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A videogame podcast from three gamers in the Northwest.

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The Return of Gamespeek AND the Real E3!

After a long podcasting hiatus, we’re back and excited to talk about our thoughts on this year’s E3! Unfortunately we didn’t make it down this year, but we still watched the press conferences and read the blogs. With all of the huge announcements and incredible games, the true E3 has returned! http://chrispy.nerdvillage.net/gamespeek/gamespeek_e3_news_recap.mp3

5 Jun 2009

Rank #1

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What Are We Playing These Days?

I know all of you have been watching our videos and to be honest, making them is hard and fun work. So we thought we’d get together and let you guys know what we’ve been playing in conjunction to filming and producing our video podcast episodes. We’ve been playing more than the screen shot we show above so listen and find out what we’re up to. Hey it’s just like old times! http://www.pstpodcastmp3.com/podcast/GamespeekPodcastShorts1.mp3

16 Oct 2008

Rank #2