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The All Bets Are Off podcast was established in April 2020 as a gambling addiction recovery podcast. Our diverse portfolio of listening content covers a wide range of discussion points includes everything from recovery stories and signposting through to chats with industry specialists and a wanting for positive change and re-form.

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S4 EP2: The Girl Gambler

Today we are joined by the author of The Girl Gambler, Stacey Goodwin. Stacey's gambling addiction started at the age of 18 years old when she landed what she thought would be an innocent part-time job working at a betting shop. Little did Stacey know just how much her life would take a dramatic turn and an 8-year addiction would ensure.  Stacey burst onto the recovery scene recently having grown a large following over on TikTok in which she talks through her story, offers advice based on her lived experience and interacts with her followers - go and check out her videos @thegirlgambler. You can purchase Stacey's book The Girl Gambler on Amazon, UK listeners click here to purchase.


10 Jun 2021

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S4 EP1: The Big Step (Scotland to Wembley)

Our first episode of season 4 pays homage to The Big Step’s campaign walk from Scotland to Wembley Stadium which starts on Friday 4th June. We are joined by two integral members of the team that have helped to organise the event, Tom Fleming and Emily Beck. Alongside them, we speak with Chris Hulse who will also be taking part in the gruelling 300+ mile walk in its entirety. Later in the show, we welcome the man charged to get the event on camera, investigate journalist Alexi Phillips. To support The Big Step please follow the link below: - Sign the open letter to support the call to suspend gambling adverts during the European Championships this summer - [CLICK HERE] Sign the petition calling on the government to end gambling advertising, sponsorship and promotion in football – [CLICK HERE] To donate - [CLICK HERE]


3 Jun 2021

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S3 EP12: The Difference In People

The final episode of season three welcomes our loved ones onto the programme to talk about the difference they've seen in us since finding recovery. We look back at the trying times of active addiction and how we've evolved over time and throughout recovery and what it means to them. In part one Chris speaks to Ryan's partner Rosa and later in the show Ryan hears from Chris' brothers Mike and Ian. This episode isn't about self-adulation, we hope it may inspire those that are coming to recognise that they have a problematic relationship with gambling and contemplating recovery life or at the start of their respective journey's to show just how much your loved ones care for you and your recovery, what it means to them, and the difference they see in you as you work through the process.

1hr 21mins

15 Apr 2021

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S3 EP11: Cricket - Gambling Addiction

Welcome to the penultimate episode of season three of the All Bets Are Off podcast. In today's show, we welcome Hampshire & London Sprint cricketer Chris Wood and former cricketer Patrick Foster, who both work for EPIC Risk Management. Although the theme of the programme is cricket, the majority of today's discussion specifically draws on Chris' and Patrick's (Patch to friends) addiction to gambling, their subsequent recoveries, and the work that they are now undertaking to try and prevent others from following a similar path. Enjoy the show!


8 Apr 2021

Rank #4

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S3 EP10: The Peoples FC

This week we welcome Kye Trott and Lewis Holloway from The Peoples FC, a charity YouTube football club from south-east London who was awarded the sponsorship package that we offered-up earlier on in the year. Although not gambling addiction specific, The Peoples FC are a club famed for raising awareness of mental health, and we really wished to introduce them to the community before the end of season three. During the episode we discussed a bunch of things, including the reasonings as to why the club was formed, what they've been doing since football has been interrupted due to the coronavirus pandemic, the work that they do in the community, and how great it is to be working together. We released today's episode to coincide with the release of the new kit with the All Bets Are Off logo which is now available to pre-order. Later in the programme, Ryan and Chris discuss the family fun day scheduled for Saturday 17th July.


1 Apr 2021

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S3 EP9: The Operator (Kindred Group - Maris Catania & Neil Banbury)

We understand that this episode may not be for all of our listeners and so as per the warning at the top of the show, if you are uncomfortable with discussions between a gambling addiction recovery podcast and a gambling operator then this recording isn't the one for you. However, we believe that it's good to have a healthy debate and discussion with operators especially those that are setting a high bar in terms of ethics and sustainability, and that has set an ambitious target to reach zero revenue derived from harmful gambling by 2023, as is the case with Kindred Group.  In today's show, we speak with Maris Catania (Global Head of Player Sustainability at Kindred Group) and UK General Manager, Neil Banbury.

1hr 6mins

25 Mar 2021

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S3 EP8: Authors

In today's show, Chris Gilham speaks to four different guests all with one thing in common, they are all authors of books that centre around gambling-harms. See below for the list of guests and links to their respective books. We strongly recommend them all!Tony O'Reilly [Tony  10: The astonishing story of the postman who gambled €10,000,000 ...  and lost it all] - click hereRebecca Cassidy [Vicious Games: Capitalism and Gambling] - click hereBilliejo Priestley [My Addiction Is Just Fixation: Or So They Say] - click hereJody Bechtold [The Gambling Disorder Treatment Handbook: A Guide for Mental Health Professionals] - click here

1hr 17mins

18 Mar 2021

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S3 EP7: Affected Others: The Children

In today's episode, we focus on the children of gambling addicts and how their behaviours have impacted them and shaped their mindset towards gambling and gambling-harm.Last year in a YouGov report commissioned by GambleAware, found that as many as 7% of adults, or 3.6 million people, report having been negatively affected by someone else’s gambling problem in the UK alone. Needless to say, that means there are a lot more people negatively impacted by someone else's problematic gambling, and yet as a recovery podcast, we feel that there still isn't a representative equivalent of their voices being heard and it's recordings such as this that will allow those affected others to talk openly, without judgement, and it may help others in a similar position.In today's show, we speak to UK-based sisters Jess and Em whose father was sent to prison for a crime that was driven by his addiction to gambling. We were keen to unearth how their dad's addiction had impacted them, what their relationship was like before and after his stint in prison (now in recovery), and the wider repercussions. In part two we speak with US-based Tricia whose mother has been attracted to gambling venues ever since Tricia was a teenager, and following many years of health issues, her mum has become reliant on Tricia and others to facilitate her gambling addiction.

1hr 19mins

11 Mar 2021

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S3 EP6: Relapse

Please note that this episode contains discussions around sensitive topics such as suicidal ideation and substance abuse. The purpose of today’s show is to try and inspire those that may be amid a relapse, struggling to overcome a blip, and/or for those of us that may be fearful of a regression. To help us in this quest we welcomed two disordered gamblers in recovery, both with very different stories to tell. Part 1: Richie Paxton Part 2: Stephen Gillatt

1hr 19mins

4 Mar 2021

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S3 EP5: Gambling In Journalism, Media & Advertising

Should the press hold the gambling industry to a higher standard of account? Do sports desks need to have an honest reflection on their relationship with the gambling industry? New Statesman journalist Rohan Banjeree gives his views on this and more in our Gambling In Journalism, Media & Advertising podcast.  In the second half of the show, we welcome the founder of Underdog Sports Marketing, Ged Colleypriest. Having previously headed up the sponsorship department at talkSPORT Ged's company Underdog Sports Marketing works with sports clubs and brands with a view to creating more sustainable sponsorship and advertising strategies as opposed to being reliant on revenue from the gambling industry. Today he shares his experiences with us.


25 Feb 2021

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