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Treasured Inheritance Ministry was birthed out of a hunger for righteousness and truth. We aim to teach truth to all nations race and colour. Treasured Inheritance Ministry believes in the foundation of Yeshua and the five fold ministry model given to us as believers. Our aim is to prepare believers around the globe for the soon return of Messiah Yeshua. For more on our foundational beliefs visit our mandate page on our website.Any duplication of our teachings via any other Chanel is strictly forbidden. Please refer to our DMCA policy. https://www.dmca.com/Protection/Status.aspx?ID=56af6694-93b7-44cf-b897-aaf446830b60&refurl=https://treasuredinheritanceministry.com/Yosef and Aliyah

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The I Am Is Here

In the storms of life, there is often uncertainty, doubt, pain, confusion. In the struggle, there is often weariness and fear. This happens because we are human, we are people learning to trust Yeshua deeper everyday. A similar experience was had by 12 men rowing against hard currents in the midst of an unexpected stormy night. They had not chosen to be on that boat, rather Yeshua had told them to get in and row to the other side. Weariness and terror gripped their minds and senses, deserted, frustrated, had Yeshua left them alone to drift in an aimless direction? The answer lies in John's gospel, where the I Am appears with words that change everything.If you are pushing hard against the waves of life, even momentarily, then this word of encouragement is just for you.For more teachings visit:https://treasuredinheritanceministry.comPlease consider a donation towards this ministry:https://treasuredinheritanceministry.com/give/


29 May 2019

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