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The Happy Camper Radio Show is a family oriented camping podcast. Our focus is on building and maintaining family unity in an outdoor recreational environment. Call us with your camping questions at 404-537-CAMP.

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HCR-19-198 The Great American Hot Dog

Hot dogs have always been a great American treat, both at home and on the grill while camping. There are many different ways to cook and prepare hot dogs. In today's episode Skip and Daniel discuss the numerous options, and describe just how they like their all beef franks roasted and dressed. It's one show that will surely kick your taste buds into high gear.


22 May 2019

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HCR-15-135 Meals and Favorite Camp Dishes

In his first performance on camera, Skip provides his listeners a look behind the scenes at Happy Camper Radio. Watch Skip as he delivers Episode 135 in front of the microphone. If you were unable to view the live show, you can watch it today on our website or social media pages. This week, it's all about those breakfast, lunch and dinner time favorites. Listen in, as Skip tells you what's on his grocery list, and how he goes about preparing some great tasting meals at camp.


10 Jan 2016

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HCR-18-185 Camping Supplies and Dollar Store Deals

There's no reason to break the bank when it comes to stocking up on the necessary supplies to enhance your camping supply inventory.  Many great deals can be found for a "buck-a-piece" at your local Dollar Store.  You'll be surprised at the selection.  Why overspend when you don't have to? In episode 185, Skip and Daniel discuss some great options for your next trip.


1 Apr 2018

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HCR-16-137 Deluxe Camping Products

In Episode 137, Skip talks with Michael Robertson of DeluxeCamping.com.  In the world of camping every one of us are looking for new ways to improve our camping experience.  On today's show, Michael takes time to showcase the Deluxe Camp Sink and Deluxe Tent Shower, and explains how these quality products are beneficial to both the novice and veteran camper. 


24 Jan 2016

Rank #4

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HCR-17-162 Cold Weather Camping

With brisk temperatures upon us, Skip takes a look at cold weather camping.  While many families are known to camp during the spring and summer months, there are plenty of great opportunities to venture out into the cold environment. This week, we'll take a look at some of the additional preparations you'll need to make if planning a cold weather camping trip.


9 Jan 2017

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HCR-16-134 Bedding Down: Camping vs. Comfort

Getting a great night's sleep is one of the most important aspects of any camping trip. Some campers use a sleeping bag, some enjoy the comfort of climbing beneath the sheets and a warm comfortable blanket. There are several ways to achieve your ultimate rest during any camping vacation. In Episode 134, Skip talks about some hard lessons he learned along the way, and explains some of the dos and don'ts when if comes to bedding down for the night.


5 Jan 2016

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HCR-18-184 Selecting the Perfect Campsite

When using the Internet, it's relatively easy to make an online reservation at a campground these days. But is the site you're reserving going to provide you the best camping experience?  We'll look at some options to consider that will assist you in selecting the campsite that's ideal for you.


13 Mar 2018

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HCR-17-174 Too Much Gear; Short on Space

In Episode 174, Skip talks about what it's like to build an extensive supply of camping gear, and what can happen when you run out of storage space. Skip believes accumulating camping equipment is always a good thing. But what happens when you run out of space to store your gear? We’ll take a look at the options, and how you can utilize more storage space.


13 Oct 2017

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HCR-17-164 Camp Dinner Ware vs. Paper Plates

When it comes to camping, some campers are known for packing in everything, which includes re-usable dinner ware.  Some prefer paper plates and other disposable products. Which is best?  Is there a right way and a wrong way when it's time to serve up a great meal at camp?  We'll look at the benefits and all the options in this edition of Happy Camper Radio.


14 Feb 2017

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HCR-17-176 Darren Kirby Interview: The Best Tent Camping Guide From Novice to Expert

Camping provide us loads of fun and exciting memories each and every time we venture into the outdoors. it doesn't matter if you're just getting started or have been an experienced camper for many years. There's always something to learn. In Episode 176, Darren Kirby talks about his brand new book "The Best Tent Camping Guide From Novice to Expert". The book is so detailed that Skip has proudly endorsed it. Listen as Darren describes what inspired him to write this exciting book, and where you can get your copy today.


29 Oct 2017

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HCR-19-203 Staying Hydrated in the Summer Months

Lots of folks are known to go camping in the spring and summer months. Keeping hydrated and staying refreshed, whether at the campsite or out on the trail is the key to maintaining good health. In this episode, we'll be sharing several useful tip to help keep you and your family safe.


30 Aug 2019

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HCR-16-136 Camping and Bathroom Breaks

Like anywhere, none of us ever know when the call of nature will whisper in our ear. For primitive campers, heading to the restroom or bath house can be a quite a challenge, especially if your camp site is several hundred feet away. In Episode 136, we'll take a look at what some campers are doing to make those frequent breaks a little easier for themselves and their family.


18 Jan 2016

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HCR-19-195 Appalachian Trail Kick-off Weekend, Part 1

Last weekend, we had the pleasure of attending the 4th annual Appalachian Trail kick-off event from the lodge at Amicalola Falls in north Georgia.  We met many wonderful people in the hiking and camping community. Several attendees took the time to drop by our remote podcast exhibition to say hello and see what we do behind the scenes.  Listen in as we talk with some of them in Episode 195.


10 Mar 2019

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HCR-17-180 Cold Camping, Hot Meals

When venturing out on a cold weather camping trip, keeping warm both inside and out will be your primary focus.  In this episode, Skip digs into his menu of camp favorites.  Whether it be breakfast, lunch, dinner, or anytime in between, piping hot food right off the stove is sure to satisfy any appetite.


7 Dec 2017

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HCR-17-167 Hidden Dangers: Camping Near Large Trees

While camping beneath the stars is a refreshing experience, it's always important to take note of the conditions that surround us. In the summer months, many campers will take advantage of a shaded area to pitch their tent. In this episode, Skip explains why every camper should take note of nearby trees, and some of the things you should consider before setting up camp. 


17 Apr 2017

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HCR-17-163 Sleeping Bag Replacement

Sleeping bags, if properly cared for, will provide many great years of camping comfort. But like anything, there will come a time when you'll need to consider replacing it. Your nightly rest and comfort is equally important to the amount of relaxation time you spend next to the fire with family and loved ones. In episode 163, we'll take a look at some of the options in deciding which sleeping bag is right for you.


22 Jan 2017

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HCR-17-165 Personal Backyard Campsites

Although nothing beats a public or private campground with a running stream or lakeside view, there's no reason to sit on the sofa this weekend when you have your own personal campsite just a minute or two away. By establishing a dedicated campsite site in your own backyard, you have the freedom to go camping at a moment's notice. This week, Skip explains how he came up with the idea, and shares his plans for an upcoming trip close to home in the next couple weeks.


12 Mar 2017

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HCR-17-169 Camping and Checking-in with the Office

Camping is about relaxing and spending quality time with our family and those we love. While many of us choose to shut-out the rest of the world, some campers still find themselves attached to the office. In this episode, Skip explains what you can do to detach yourself from the job while vacationing. 


11 Jun 2017

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HCR-16-157 Charcoal vs. Gas Grilling

In this episode, Lori joins us in the studio to talk outdoor grilling. Having acquired a brand new six-burner propane grill, Skip weighs in on the choice between gas or charcoal grills at camp. Is one better than the other?  We'll discuss the pros and cons of each. 


17 Oct 2016

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