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Join leadership coach and bestselling author Karen Walrond as she talks about how to infuse your work and life with meaning. Karen and her guests will teach you to work your purpose, change your world, and make light.

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Follow Your Curiosity: Make Light Season 4, Episode 8

Follow your bliss, follow your curiosity -- which is better? Join Karen as she shares how she follows her curiosity, and shares some exercises to pique your own sense of adventure.

24 Mar 2019

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Cultivating Self-Confidence with Jess Weiner: Make Light, Episode 10

CEO, cultural changemaker and body-image activist Jess Weiner joins Karen to talk about how to cultivate confidence, why we’re each the CEO of our media empires, and the reason it’s a good thing she never got that talk show.


2 Oct 2017

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Dress to Express: Make Light Season 4, Episode 3

Join Karen as she welcomes special guest Stasia Savasuk, the founder of Style School. Together they discuss what it means when men and women use clothing as an expression of your authenticity -- what Stasia calls "inside-out congruency."

17 Feb 2019

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A Walk in the Woods: Finding Purpose, Make Light Summer Break 2019, Episode 3

What does it mean to find your purpose? Join Karen on her walk in the woods, as she shares the questions she asks to discover her purpose.

21 Jul 2019

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Make Light by Letting Go of Perfectionism: Make Light Season 3, Episode 12

My parents have lived all over the world, and for a time, they lived in Azerbaijan, the former Soviet republic.  While they lived there, they purchased a number of Persian carpets (Azerbaijan borders Iran), which decorate their house now.  One day while I was admiring one of their rugs, my father walked over and said, “You know, the Persian carpetmakers have a tradition:  it can take years to weave the details into these rugs, but they always make one intentional mistake as they work.  The reason is they believe only Allah is perfect, and therefore only Allah has the right to create perfectly.” I love this, and thought how freeing it would be if we believed this about not just rugs, but our lives.  What if it was downright heretical to expect perfection out of ourselves?  What if we believed that perfection was the purview of gods, not humans? I explore this question today on the Make Light Show.  Join me as I discuss how to let go of perfectionism, the difference between perfectionism and healthy striving, and how to get happy now. Links mentioned in this episode: Make Light Episode 9 — on Self-Care Two great books by Brené Brown that touch on perfectionism:  The Gifts of Imperfection and Daring Greatly Carol Dweck’s book, Mindset Shawn Achor’s fantastic TED talk, The Happy Secret to Better Work  Karen Walrond is a leadership consultant, speaker, bestselling author and award-winning photographer, whose work is all about leadership, self-determination and making light. You can learn more about her at KarenWalrond.com.


20 Aug 2018

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Collecting Evidence of Your Amazing Year: Make Light Season 5, Episode 6

Join Karen as she shares strategies for making sense of the past year, and set your coming year up for success.

15 Dec 2019

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Meaningful Family Travel with Carmen Sognonvi: Make Light, Season 2, Episode 06

Today’s amazing guest is an old friend, media professional and world-traveling mom, Carmen Sognonvi. Carmen is the brainchild behind the amazing site, Top Flight Family — a destination all about luxury travel with kids (which isn’t as difficult to do a...


12 Feb 2018

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Savannah Thoughts: On Learning Something New: Make Light Summer Break 2019, Episode 2

Join Karen in Savannah, as she there's her thoughts about fighting aging by learning something new

7 Jul 2019

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Step Away from the Screen with Laurie Smithwick: Make Light, Episode 09

Designer and artist Laurie Smithwick joins Karen to talk about how she curated her designer life, what she learned when she stepped away from her screen, and how she earned a Grammy nomination for her work.


25 Sep 2017

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How to Make a Big Leap: Make Light Season 5, Episode 3

Planning on taking a big leap -- from a safe gig to a more risky one? Join Karen as she shares her top 5 tips for making a big leap feel like a walk in the park.

4 Nov 2019

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Physicality with Christine Koh: Make Light Season 2, Episode 10

My friend Christine Koh is a neuroscientist, and graphic designer, and a marathoner. She actually came quite late to movement and exercise, and views her movement as a holistic part of her self-care (which also happens to include copious amounts of cak...


12 Mar 2018

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Surviving the Holidays Stress-Free: Make Light Season 5, Episode 5

Join Karen as she shares her top tips for reducing holiday stress. Because you owe it to yourself to have happy holidays.

1 Dec 2019

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Back Home: On Family, Make Light Summer Break 2019, Episode 5

Karen returns from her European vacation to visit family, and shares her thoughts on what "home" means.

18 Aug 2019

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Why You Should Play More: Make Light Season 5, Episode 2

Play Evangelist Jeff Harry joins Karen to talk about why he's passionate about play -- and why you should be, too.

20 Oct 2019

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Creating a Thank You Project: Make Light Season 5, Episode 4

Nancy Davis Kho, host of the podcast Midlife Mixtape, joins Karen to talk about the subject of her brand new book, The Thank You Project.

17 Nov 2019

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Storytelling with Lucrecer Braxton: Make Light, Episode 11

Artist and storyteller Lucrecer Braxton joins Karen to talk about why it’s important to control your own narrative, how to discover your own medium for storytelling, and how that career as a radio DJ worked out for her..


9 Oct 2017

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A Musical Love Letter from DJ Sun: Make Light Summer Break 2019, Episode 1

Summer is all about relaxing. Meet André Sam-Sin, aka DJ Sun, and his soular grooves -- perfect for chilling with friends on a warms summer evening.

23 Jun 2019

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Design Your Workspace: Make Light Season 4, Episode 9

Does your workspace feel like how you want to show up in the world? Join Karen as she shares her tips for designing a workspace that represents your values, your story, and inspires you to perform at your very best.

31 Mar 2019

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Walking for Mind & Spirit: Make Light Season 5, Episode 7

Join Karen as she speaks with wellness coach Laura Conely about walking -- not for physical fitness, but for mental and spiritual health.

29 Dec 2019

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Lessons from Hurricane Harvey: Make Light Season 3, Episode 15

This is it, friends — the final episode of the Make Light Show for Season 3! It’s also almost exactly a year since my family and I escaped our home destroyed by Hurricane Harvey flooding.  For this last episode,


10 Sep 2018

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