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Bob Dudley of Florida Glamour Photography is fast becoming one of the most sought after glamour and swimwear photographers on the east coast. Bob is based out of Port St. Lucie (East Coast), Florida, roughly 45 minutes north of West Palm Beach. His wife of over 9 years and business partner, Yvonne, is his make up artist and photo stylist and is always on the set to help out. Bob and Yvonne have traveled to Latin and South America, U.S. Virgin Islands, several countries in Europe and the Middle East; he is also a published photographer and has numerous “Showcase” Images. Professionalism is paramount! Take your time, do your homework, and then consider Florida Glamour Photography for your next project. Florida Glamour Photography...be a part of it! Falamos Português!

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Florida Glamour Shoots Renatta in Las Vegas

Shoot Sexy Blonde Hungarian Model Renatta in a Dry Lake Bed Just a Few Miles Off the Vegas Strip!


14 Nov 2009

Rank #1

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Shooting Jessica More with Vintage Pumps, Trucks and Vietnam Helicoptors

Florida Glamour Photography shoots Jessica More at a remote location where she gets down and dirty for our military's servicemen!Come and see...


3 Aug 2009

Rank #2

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Florida Glamour Shoots Jessica More on Beach

Bob from Florida Glamour Photography shoot sexy glamour model Jessica More on the beach in South Florida for her Playboy submittal.


3 Aug 2009

Rank #3