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Featuring artists, business owners, dancers, and other dance studio related professionals. Highlighting the dance industry, instruction, choreography, trends and studio ownership.

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Sheryl Dowling,Co-Owner & Studio Director of The Dance Club

Enjoy this interview with Sheryl Dowling, her goal at The Dance Club is to provide students not only with the technical dance skills to pursue a professional dance career, should they be interested, but more importantly arm them with essential life skills that lead to success in whatever they pursue.


4 May 2010

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Releve Founder DeAnne Boegli Interview

In this podcast get to know Releve’ LLC founder DeAnne Boegli. A marketing executive by day, and dance teacher by night, DeAnne decided to break boundaries and begin offering dance studio owners exactly what they needed for their studio walls: Interactive Art. DeAnne shares some of her own helpful teaching tips and ideas for studio owners to increase communication with parents and their students


19 Oct 2009

Rank #2

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Interview with Tricia Gomez creator of "Hip Hop in a Box'

In this candid interview, creator of the hip hop emergency kit, HIP HOP IN A BOX, Tricia Gomez shares about her intentions of finding an easy way to transfer her unique teaching method to her subs and new teachers. What she discovered was a kit that made teaching hip hop to kids as young as 3 easier than anyone could have imagined! Tricia shares advice with dance studio owners and teachers plus explores why the negative stigma of hip hop doesn't have to impact your class offerings at your dance studio.


20 Aug 2009

Rank #3

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Ten Tips to Make Your Dance Studio Website Great

In this 30 Minute Interview, hear Ten Tips to Make Your Dance Studio Website Great with Chad Michael Lawson. Knowing the dance world, the marketing world, and internet development has put Chad Michael in a unique position to help dance studio owners and other dance businesses. Usually, it seems a person in the dance world is either business minded or artistic,but not both. His clients say he’s a rare find with the perfect marriage of business and art. Visit Chad on the web at http://www.realdealdancemarketing.com/


18 Jun 2009

Rank #4

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Sisters Joey Dowling & Jacki Ford's Dancewear Line

Enjoy this candid interview and learn how Joey Dowling, assistant choreographer for Broadway's "In the Heights," and her sister, Jacki Ford, a choreographer and teacher at the Broadway Dance Center and Steps in New York City, credit their initial "one of a kind" clothing with helping them land roles as Rockettes a few years back. A new clothing and dance wear line designed by two dancers (former Rockettes) who longed for comfortable clothing for their tall frames launched today at www.joandjax.com. Designed for both girls and women, Jo+Jax features comfortable and colorful items such as dance unitards in both long sleeve and tank, tri-tops, booty shorts, t-shirts, sport shorts and sweat suits, with more styles and sizes coming out in the next month. The website is open for shopping at joandjax.com.


2 Dec 2008

Rank #5