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Ready, Set, Glow! w/ Dr. Anita Phillips - Ep. 1 - Goal Smashing

Chhiiillleee, W.E. love a good series with practical tools to help us live our best life. In this episode of our Ready, Set, Glow 3-part series, Dr. Anita helps a few sisters strategically map out how they can smash goals all 2020 (and beyond). Sis, the glow up is about to be real!! • If your New Year’s resolution includes less eating out and focusing more on your mental health, then check out HelloFresh.com/evolve for easy meals to cook at home and BetterHelp.com to find a qualified counselor to chat with.

1hr 21mins

9 Jan 2020

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Learn Your Limits

Sis, W.E. missed you! We’re 2 years in this thang and just like the terrible 2’s, you know SJR & the Delegation had to cut up a little bit. The Rescues — hilarious! Will we stand by petty or have we matured for SZN 6? SJR shares how gearing up for the Refuse to Lose tour has added to her perspective on limits vs. playing it safe. • Convenient savings W.E. love — an online therapist at BetterHelp.com/Evolve, key points of books on Blinkist.com/evolve, bomb meals from HelloFresh.com/10evolve. Chile, you better!

1hr 20mins

12 Feb 2020

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Everything's Fiiiinnnee

Sis, thank us now because this episode will surely change your whole mood to absolute joy because SJR, Cora and Dr. Anita CUT.UP! SJR tried to be a gracious host while Cora was, well, she was Cora, and Dr. Anita showed up as the highest version of the Delegation. • Saving coins while slaying a new skill set and getting your mental health in check? Issa win! Check out skillshare.com/evolve, get started now with perfecting your skills, and BetterHelp.com/evolve to find a great licensed therapist.

1hr 20mins

5 Mar 2020

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Are You Present?

Not only is the Delegation rescuing folks (or not), SJR had us out here finding a word viral video after viral video, including women proposing the men (chhiiillleee). W.E. gave big ups to Snoop for keeping the same energy with his apology to Gayle King. SJR discussed how anxious feelings make her reconnect with what she has the ability to control. • Sis, SJR is the plug on therapy (BetterHelp.com/Evolve), weight loss (Noom.com/evolve), and small business shipping options (Shipstation.com, with code: Evolve).

1hr 12mins

19 Feb 2020

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Best of Cora

Now sis you know we couldn’t have a Best Of... series without sharing our favorite moments from one of our favorite delegation members...Cora! That’s right, SJR left us unsupervised and let us piece together our favorite Cora moments. Get ready to laugh and catch a word (or two)! • Start your 2020 off right by learning a new skill with the help of skillshare.com/evolve. Leave us a comment telling us the new skill you’re learning. • Notes: Jamie Washington

1hr 9mins

31 Dec 2019

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