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Bobby Belt has served as host of Cowboys Cast since its inception in the spring of 2015. He’s a veteran of the radio industry and has worked on numerous nationally syndicated talk programs as both a technical director and producer. He has also worked as a content consultant with a number of local stations across the country.A lifelong Cowboys fan and pseudo-historian of the team, Bobby has built up an extensive collection over the years of original game broadcasts from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. His knowledge of the game and the Dallas Cowboys team make him the Cowboys Cast resident Cowboys Historian.

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CC157: Thoughts on Mike McCarthy, and the Dez anniversary

On today's edition of CowboysCast, Bobby takes a look back at the "Dez caught it" anniversary, and assesses the hiring of Mike McCarthy as the Cowboys' next head coach.


11 Jan 2020

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CC103: Giants Beat Writer Paul Schwartz, Depth Chart Madness, and Elliott Plays

Will Odell Beckham Jr play Sunday? How have the Giants changed from 2016? Paul Schwartz, Giants beat writer for the New York Post, stops by to break down Cowboys vs. Giants. The Cowboys have trimmed rosters and ordered their depth chart. Is there anywhere the Cowboys have erred before the season kicks off? Bobby shares his thoughts. Ezekiel Elliott will play on Sunday and likely beyond. We share the latest on the NFLPA's lawsuit against the league. Follow us on social media... Bobby - Twitter.com/BobbyBeltTXPaul - Twitter.com/NYPost_SchwartzCowboys Blitz - Twitter.com/CowboysBlitzNFL #DallasCowboys #CowboysNation #NFL #EzekielElliott #NewYorkGiants #Giants #NFCEast #NFC #DakPrescott #EliManning #OBJ #OdellBeckham


9 Sep 2017

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CC126: Reviewing Preseason Game 1, Igor Carvalho on How He Keeps the Cowboys in Peak Shape, and Bob Sturm Analyzes Dak Prescott's Forthcoming Season

The Cowboys dropped the preseason opener, and there was plenty of good and bad to analyze. We'll take a look at the guys who impressed, and the guys who left fans disappointed. Gymnastics coach Igor Carvalho is changing the way many Dallas Cowboys players treat their offseason conditioning. He joins us to talk about it. How much is at stake for Dak Prescott and the future of the Dallas Cowboys in 2018? We'll talk about it with Bob Sturm from The Athletic. #DallasCowboys #CowboysNation #Football #NFL #AmericasTeam #JerryJones #DakPrescott


10 Aug 2018

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CC Extra: RJ Ochoa on McCarthy, Garrett, and Witten

In this special edition of CowboysCast, RJ Ochoa from Blogging the Boys stops by to discuss the Mike McCarthy hire, Jason Garrett’s new job, and Jason Witten’s potential departure.


20 Jan 2020

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CC112: New Faces on the Coaching Staff, Urban Meyer's Words of Wisdom, and Dane Brugler Previews the Senior Bowl

The Cowboys have brought on two new coaches for the 2018 season, but were they the right hires? Plus, what can Urban Meyer's lecture at a Wisconsin coaches clinic almost a decade ago teach us about the Cowboys? Also, Dane Brugler from NFLDraftScout and the Trust the Tape podcast joins us to preview the Senior Bowl. www.Cowboys-Cast.com Follow Bobby on Twitter @BobbyBeltTX. #DallasCowboys #CowboysNation #SeniorBowl #NFLDraft


19 Jan 2018

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CC Extra: Biggest Cowboys Headlines of the Last 20 Years with RJ Ochoa

RJ Ochoa from Blogging the Boys stops by to discuss today's Throwback Thursday topic; what are the biggest Cowboys headlines of the last 20 years? #DallasCowboys #Cowboys #CowboysNation #NFL #JerryJones #DezBryant #JasonWitten #EzekielElliott


10 May 2018

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EP4: Ryan Russell, Mike Fisher, Draft Analysis, and a Cowboys Giveaway!

Bobby and Josh chat with new Cowboys Defensive End Ryan Russell. Ryan talks about growing up a Cowboys fan, who he most compares to as a player, and the quarterback he's most looking forward to sacking. Mike Fisher from CowboysHQ separates fact from fiction with the never-ending Valley Ranch rumor mill Bobby and Josh give their thoughts on how the Cowboys draft played out Information on how you can win autographed merchandise from Ed 'Too Tall' Jones! You can follow all of us on Twitter... Bobby - twitter.com/SportsByDallasJosh - twitter.com/JoshWingate302Jared - twitter.com/JaredKatz30Ryan Russell - twitter.com/RKRelentlessMike Fisher - twitter.com/FishSportsEd 'Too Tall' Jones - twitter.com/1EdTooTallJones Also be sure to follow Cowboys Nation at twitter.com/CowboysNation on Twitter and on the web at www.BlueStarTimes.com.


2 May 2015

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CC111: 2017 Year-in-Review Highlights Show

Ezekiel Elliott's suspension, a heartbreaking playoff loss to Green Bay, the retirement of Tony Romo...you can't say 2017 wasn't memorable. On today's CowboysCast we look back on some of the biggest stories of the year as told through interview segments with some of the biggest names in football. #DallasCowboys #TonyRomo #EzekielElliott #NFL #DakPrescott #NFC #Playoffs #Cowboys #CowboysNation


30 Dec 2017

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CC54: Backup QB Questions w/Jon Machota, Veterans on the Hot Seat with Mike Fisher, and Cami Griffin on the Keys to 2016 Success

Will the #Cowboys bring in a veteran backup for Tony Romo or is will they roll with Kellen Moore and Dak Prescott? Jon Machota from the Dallas Morning News is here to break it down. There are a number of veteran players on the hot seat before the start of the season, but which players will ultimately find themselves without a job? CowboysHQ's Mike Fisher weighs in on the topic. What do the Cowboys need to do in order to succeed in 2016 and what could possibly derail their Super Bowl hopes? Bobby chats with Cami Griffin from CowboysHQ.com about it. Check out our wonderful sponsor, the National Fantasy Football Convention! www.GoNFFC.com Follow us all on social media... Bobby - Twitter.com/SportsByDallasJon Machota - Twitter.com/JonMachotaCami Griffin - Twitter.com/CamiAnnGMike Fisher - Twitter.com/FishSports #Romo #Cowboys #NFL #NFC #NFCEast #Draft


20 May 2016

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CC Extra 13: Dan Turner Projects Dallas' 9 Draft Picks

As part of our continuing draft series, Dan Turner from NFL Draft Zone joins Bobby to project who the #Cowboys might be taking with their 9 picks in this week's #NFL #Draft. Check us out on Twitter... Bobby - Twitter.com/SportsByDallasDan - Twitter.com/dtsturner


26 Apr 2016

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CC136: Scott Linehan Gets the Boot

The Cowboys have fired offensive coordinator Scott Linehan. We'll discuss the reasons for his ouster, as well as some of the potential replacements. #DallasCowboys #CowboysNation #ScottLinehan #JerryJones #JasonGarrett #JamesColey #DougNussmeier #NFL


19 Jan 2019

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CC35: Dane Brugler, Kellen Moore, and Roster Decisions

Dane Brugler from CBS Sports drops by to discuss some of the Cowboys' options in the draft. What should Cowboys fans make of this new media policy? Bobby and Jared discuss. Should Kellen Moore start or would that actually be more damaging to the future? Bobby and Jared lay out the arguments. You can follow all of us on Twitter... Bobby - twitter.com/SportsByDallasJared - twitter.com/Jared_Katz30 Check out our sponsor, Grapevine Craft Brewery: www.GrapevineOnTap.com Also be sure to follow Cowboys Nation at twitter.com/CowboysNation and on the web at www.InsideTheStar.com


18 Dec 2015

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CC Extra 2: Jason Fitzgerald Discusses Cowboys Cap

Jason Fitzgerald - founder of OverTheCap.com and a Sporting News contributor - joins Bobby to discuss the Dallas Cowboys' cap situation heading into the 2016 offseason. Follow us on Twitter... Twitter.com/SportsByDallas Twitter.com/Jason_OTC Check out CowboysNation on the web at www.InsideTheStar.com and twitter.com/CowboysNation Also be sure to visit our wonderful sponsor, Grapevine Craft Brewery at Twitter.com/GrapevineOnTap


29 Dec 2015

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CC125: Interview with Randy Gregory's Attorney, Training Camp Battles to Watch, and Jerry Jones or Jerry Poppins?

Cowboys defensive end Randy Gregory is back with the team after more than a year and a half away on suspension. Gregory's attorney, Daniel Moskowitz, talks about the road to reinstatement. Training camp has begun for the Dallas Cowboys, and we'll discuss some of the position battles that will be front and center leading up to the season Cowboys owner and GM Jerry Jones is known for being a straight shooter, while also holding down an identity as the eternal optimist. We play some of Jerry's opening week remarks to the media and determine if it's Jerry Jones or Jerry Poppins. www.Cowboys-Cast.com #DallasCowboys #CowboysNation #RandyGregory #JerryJones #JasonGarrett #AnthemProtest #NationalAnthem #DavidIrving #TrainingCamp #NFL #Football


27 Jul 2018

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CC Extra: Darren Woodson Discusses the 90s Cowboys Dynasty

Audio from a previously unreleased January 2017 interview with former Cowboys Safety Darren Woodson. The interview is part of a larger audio documentary on the 1990s Dallas Cowboys dynasty that will be released later this year. 3:09 Woodson on the vibe surrounding the Cowboys in 1992 6:47 Woodson on how the abundance of talent created some tension 11:09 Woodson on how competitiveness made everyone better 14:06 Woodson on the turning point of Super Bowl XXVIII 16:28 Woodson on the strong player leadership 19:23 Woodson on how aware players were of Jimmy/Jerry tension 21:25 Woodson on if Norv Turner or Butch Davis would have been a better successor to Jimmy Johnson 24:40 Woodson on the team’s approach in 1994 and 1995 30:11 Woodson on how free agency and the salary cap ended the dynasty 31:18 Woodson on whether Jimmy’s departure of free agency had a greater impact on Dallas’ decline in the 1990s www.Cowboys-Cast.com #DallasCowboys #CowboysNation #DarrenWoodson #AmericasTeam #NFL #SuperBowl #Dynasty #JerryJones #JimmyJohnson


6 Aug 2018

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EP9: Dez Bryant Contract, 2015 as a Win Now Year, and How Improved is the Pass Rush?

Who wins in the Dez Bryant contract standoff? Bobby, Jared, and Josh talk about it. Are the Cowboys in "win now" mode? Cowboys fans feel like the pass rush is improved, but is it really? The guys discuss. You can follow all of us on Twitter... Bobby - twitter.com/SportsByDallasJosh - twitter.com/JoshWingate302Jared - twitter.com/JaredKatz30 Also be sure to follow Cowboys Nation at twitter.com/CowboysNation on Twitter and on the web at www.InsideTheStar.com


14 Jun 2015

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CC108: Mike Fisher on Jerry's Resistance to a Goodell Extension, Joel Corry on Pressing Contract Questions, and the Latest on Ezekiel Elliott

Ezekiel Elliott is down for the count once again, and this time it doesn't appear he'll get up. We've got the latest details on Elliott's battle to overturn his suspension. The Cowboys will have three major contract questions this offseason: Zack Martin, DeMarcus Lawrence, and David Irving. Former NFL agent Joel Corry now serves as a contract and cap expert for CBS Sports, and he'll join us with his thoughts. Jerry Jones is digging in against a Roger Goodell extension, and he's calling out other NFL owners in the process. We'll get details on the kerfuffle from 105.3 The Fan's Mike Fisher. www.Cowboys-Cast.com #DallasCowboys #CowboysNation #JerryJones #EzekielElliott #Zeke #Suspension #NFL #RogerGoodell #NFC #AtlantaFalcons


10 Nov 2017

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EP8: Bob Sturm Interview, News from OTAs, and Analysis of the Running Back Competition

Bobby, Jared, and Josh discuss the upcoming season with Bob Sturm from 1310 The Ticket in Dallas. The guys break down coach speak from OTAs this past week. Who will start at Running Back? Is Rolando McClain a lock at Middle Linebacker? The guys talk about it. You can follow all of us on Twitter... Bobby - twitter.com/SportsByDallasJosh - twitter.com/JoshWingate302Jared - twitter.com/JaredKatz30Bob Sturm - twitter.com/SportsSturm Also be sure to follow Cowboys Nation at twitter.com/CowboysNation on Twitter and on the web at www.InsideTheStar.com


31 May 2015

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CC27: Cassel, Michael, Collins in; Cowboys Head to New York

Brandon Weeden has worn out his welcome in the starting lineup, but will Matt Cassel be any better? Bobby, Bryson, and RJ weigh in. The Christine Michael era has arrived in Dallas, but what can realistically be expected? The guys weigh the pros and cons of Michael in the lineup Can the Cowboys snap a three game losing streak against the first place New York Giants? We've got the latest on the Cowboys/Giants You can follow all of us on Twitter... Bobby - twitter.com/SportsByDallasRJ - twitter.com/RJOchoaBryson - twitter.com/BrysonTreece Also be sure to follow Cowboys Nation at twitter.com/CowboysNation and on the web at www.InsideTheStar.com


24 Oct 2015

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CC137: Penny Hart Interview, Jon Kitna's Philosophy, and Finding a Happy Medium in Free Agent Spending

On today's edition of CowboysCast: 2:22 - 13:11   We take a look at the history of free agency spending by the NFL's most successful teams. 13:42 - 22:30   Georgia State WR and NFL Draft prospect Penny Hart stops by to chat ahead of next month's combine. 23:31 - 40:18   We break down Jon Kitna's aggressive coaching philosophy that he shared with high school coaches at a 2013 clinic. Follow Bobby on Twitter: @BobbyBeltTX #CowboysNation #DallasCowboys #Cowboys #NFLDraft #NFL #PennyHart #GeorgiaState #JonKitna #KellenMoore #JerryJones #JasonGarrett


2 Feb 2019

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