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The Sunday Times Top 5 Gardening Podcast described as “Despite the ropey name and grating music, this podcast is a great guide for parents who want their children to learn about the outdoors” and a Top 20 Garden Podcast in the World, plus his mum said it “ok” too! Hosted by CBBC Blue Peter and being the Author of How to get Kids Gardening Lee Connelly, The Skinny Jean Gardener.  With guests from Gardeners World such as Monty Don, Adam Frost, Joe Swift and Carol Klein, Alan Titchmarsh, he also talks to parents and teachers about how you too can get gardening, Plus answering your gardening questions. New Podcast Episode uploaded Every Sunday

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What seeds should I sow? [Questions] #220

Sponsored by Flymo. Flymo your Life Easy. Find more at Flymo.comIf you loved, or even just a little enjoyed the podcast be sure to share it on social and tag..Facebook: @skinnyjeangardenerInstagram: @skinnyjeangardenerTwitter: @skinnyjeangardor email: lee@skinnyjeangardener.co.uk


14 Apr 2020

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How to get rid of Weeds [Questions] #234

Sponsored by Flymo. Flymo your Life Easy. Find more at Flymo.comIf you loved, or even just a little enjoyed the podcast be sure to share it on social and tag..Facebook: @skinnyjeangardenerInstagram: @skinnyjeangardenerTwitter: @skinnyjeangardor email: lee@skinnyjeangardener.co.uk


5 May 2020

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A MESSAGE TO MONTY DON + Competition [Hello Monty] #122

This is a message for Monty Don + YOU can WIN RHS Malvern Spring Festival.Its been a goal/ mission of mine to get Sir Monty of Don on The Skinny Jean Gardener Experience. I thought id talk to the big man directly though this podcast.. and you can help AND win tickets.. not a bad deal is it? is it? Just listen and let me know.*Ticket winners will be picked out of a hat and will be contacted through twitter on the 3 May, the week prior to the show.


19 Apr 2019

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Recorded LIVE Phone in on the 12 February 2019Get involved every Tuesday 8PMBig Thanks to Manomano.co.uk who support and sponsor this podcast. if you've got a project you want to get done this weekend, jump on manomano.co.uk and go order them materials and tools, sit back, and get ready for a delivery for that project to get finally finished. PLUS I've got myself some merch. well a t-shirt. im pretty proud of it. Its top quality and a decent price. if I didn't have a warehouse full of 'em (not really) id buy myself one. go have a look.. all in £12.. you cant go wrong!skinnyjeangardener.co.uk/shop


21 Feb 2019

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British Flowers Rock with Ben Cross [Chit Chat] #232

Sponsored by Flymo. Flymo your Life Easy. Find more at Flymo.comIf you loved, or even just a little enjoyed the podcast be sure to share it on social and tag..Facebook: @skinnyjeangardenerInstagram: @skinnyjeangardenerTwitter: @skinnyjeangardor email: lee@skinnyjeangardener.co.uk


1 May 2020

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RHS CARDIFF 2019, THE PERENNIAL GARDEN [Part 2] with Peter Donegan & Ed Burnham #143

LISTEN back to PART ONE [episode 106] Before hitting up this podcast.. as we revisit the finished garden at this years RHS Cardiff and talk to Peter and Ed on how it all went down.A fantastic insight into the before and after of a show garden build.. part one is a MUST listen first to get the whole story. Enjoy.By the way just a little thanks to anyone who reads these little bits from me Lee! A big thank you to everyone thats shared this podcast out to friends and family.. listener figures have exploded the past few months and thats all down to you lovely people. Theres so much more to come so please watch out.. really means alot.. much love.. Lee x


11 Jun 2019

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Ever built a Vegepod with a four year old? This could get interesting. Either build along to this audio, or sit back and enjoy. This is a start to finish audio journey of how to build, im not saying you'll learn anything but it will be fun.Want to support the podcast AND look cool doing it? ive created the best, nicest march at a decent price! No, on sale now, no 15% off if you stand on your head, just £12 straight up, all in, delivered to your door. still reading? click here.. skinnyjeangardener.co.uk/shopT-shirt not enough? you want to sponsor? of course you do.. you need to get in touch with this guy.. lee@skinnyjeangardener.co.ukIts gunna cost you a bit more than £12, but my god it will be worth it. If your not in to email then the below might help..twitter: @skinnyjeangardfacebook & instagram: Skinnyjeangardener


2 Apr 2019

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JOE SWIFT [Interview] #167

Gardeners world presenter and garden designer Joe Swift joins us on the podcast finally after about 3 years! Another top bloke of the industry it was great to get to sit down and chat garden design and his thoughts on other subjects in gardening.


4 Nov 2019

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JOHN 'BOYCIE' CHALLIS [Interview] #172

I chat to Only Fools and Horses Boycie actor John Challis about his gardening journey. We are back in 2020 bigger and better than ever, more amazing guests, Live shows and chit chat. This year we have brand new podcast sponsor Flymo.com Go give them some love and welcome them to the podcast family. Want to join the G- Unit? right here.. https://www.patreon.com/skinnyjeangardener


6 Jan 2020

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The 2019 Christmas Special is an hour long spectacular of gardening fun! Including- The Gardening Christmas Single- Lucy Chamberlain- Saul Walker- Ade Seller- Olive Connelly- Christmas Sing- Alongs- My TOP 5 Christmas gardening giftsEnjoy and see you in the new year!!!! Merry Christmas!

1hr 10mins

29 Nov 2019

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THE PLANT EXPERTS ARE BACK! with Lucy Chamberlain and Saul Walker [Interview] #146

We speak to the Plant Experts Lucy Chamberlain and Saul Walker as they return to the podcast as the discuss what the were asked at this years BBC Gardeners World LIVE.


24 Jun 2019

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I meet up with blogger and RHS Chelsea Volunteer Matt Peskett of Grow like Grandad and tour the feature gardens.If you've not listened to the BIG review of RHS Chelsea then head back one episode and give it a listen.


22 May 2019

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Want more ideas to get the kids out in the gardening more? Check out childrensgardeningweek.co.ukPLUS we take the podcast DAILY this week with a different gardening make from the website EVERY DAY!


30 May 2019

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This week we chat to Richard Bushby about the Mazegarden open day he and his wife put on for gardening charity Perennial, PLUS great news! I will finally be there this year with a LIVE podcast show throughout the day! come and be part of it on August 4th. for more information check out mazegarden.co.ukThis podcast would not be possible without the support from our sponsor manomano.co.uk, if you've got a project this weekend they make it all the easier by delivering it straight to you. ALSO.. its all sell sell sell.. and like some dodgy podcast delboy I've got the brand new podcast t-shirts available right now! so go check them out at skinnyjeangardener.co.uk/shop


18 Feb 2019

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Its Back! Olive and I head into the garden, plus much more! including Potting Shed Ramblings, some story time and Timmy Small Toes. Welcome to The Mash Up!Want to support the podcast? Sure.. Want to look good doing it? Sure.. Well you need.. skinnyjeangardener.co.uk/shopThanks so much for all your support and hope your loving the new format of shows, there's so much new content on this podcast so head back and check out some more. My current favourite of late is actually Garden Centres Undercover, a two part investigation that looks to continue in future episodes!


4 Apr 2019

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BOOK LAUNCH with Olive Connelly [#HTGKG Daily] #183

The New 'How to get Kids Gardening' Book is out NOW! We are going DAILY for it, starting with the second star of the show, or main star for some, Olive Connelly! Have a look and get your hands on the book right here.. https://www.amazon.co.uk/How-get-Kids-Gardening-Connelly/dp/1916293301/ref=sr_1_1?crid=2XT9VESGJ2IDD&keywords=how+to+get+kids+gardening&qid=1581602084&sprefix=how+to+get+kids%2Caps%2C193&sr=8-1 or a signed copy at.. skinnyjeangardener.co.uk/shop Thank you to Flymo.com/uk for sponsoring the podcast!


14 Feb 2020

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Im joined by a host of gardening names in a big chat about gardening, with Richard Suggett, Sean James Cameron, Grow With Joe and Dave Lifton.Really want to do more of these chats in the future, so standby for some of that, and let me know if you enjoy them!The Skinny Jean Gardener T-shirts, Ive got a warehouse load so I'm putting them on offer.. They were £12.... NOW one time special offer.. £12. Get on it. All in. Lovely stuff!


22 Apr 2019

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On the Phone In this week we try to solve the issue of plastic in the gardening industrySponsored by Flymo. Flymo your Life Easy. Find more at Flymo.comIf you loved, or even just a little enjoyed the podcast be sure to share it on social and tag..Facebook: @skinnyjeangardenerInstagram: @skinnyjeangardenerTwitter: @skinnyjeangardor email: lee@skinnyjeangardener.co.uk


30 Jan 2020

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Recorded Live on 25th January to celebrate the 100 episodes of The Skinny Jean Gardener Podcast, with co-host Brooke Connelly. Its a classic story of going Live, celebrating 100 episodes and no one else turning up. Y'know the usual its my birthday and ill cry if I want to. Happy Birthday. All sponsored by manomano.co.uk, get that project finished this weekend. Part two coming up!


4 Feb 2019

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This week me Olive get sowing our seeds and get on the Grow off challenge!Its been a while since the last mash up, and we are finally getting on with some sowing. PLUS we tour HQ and get a little story to finish it all!Like the mash ups? Let me know on the twitter!This podcast is supported by you beautiful people, buying the merchandise on the website. if you fancy bit of it then head to skinnyjeangardener.co.uk/podcast


25 Apr 2019

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