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Ed Byrne and Mike Wozniak

The legendary Ed Byrne and the Moustachioed maestro Mike Wozniak spent time out of their busy stand up schedules to shoot the breeze with our immaculately dressed host Ben Shires. Among other things they discuss how to build the perfect Comedian... Take a dash of Russell... add a sprinkling of Byrne... you get the picture.


29 Aug 2013

Rank #1

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Alex Horne Breaks the News

Comedy fans rejoice! Dave has another podcast for you to enjoy. Alex Horne will be joined by some great comedians to discuss the best and worst news stories from the week.


18 Apr 2013

Rank #2

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The Dave (Bi)Weekly: Dave Spikey, Pat Cahill, Joel Dommett and Angela Barnes

The Dave Weekly podcast team are heading up to Leicester for 16 days of hilarity for Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival. To kick it all off we'll be talking to Dave Spikey, Pat Cahill, Joel Dommett and Angela Barnes. It has funny written all over it.


8 Feb 2013

Rank #3

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The Dave Weekly – Daily: Nick Helm, Journalists doing stand-up and not reading War and Peace

We caught up with Nick Helm in a lovely London café to chat comedy, winning awards and playing Dave’s Curry House in Leicester. Ben also spends a whole evening in the Curry House judging the Dave Turns the Tables gig where five nervous journalists attempt stand-up for the first time. Could they hack it?


7 Feb 2012

Rank #4

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The Dave Weekly – Daily: The Comedy Curry Cook Off

Ben ‘Mr Korma’ Shires lives the Leicester dream as he judges The Comedy Curry Cook Off – a competition between Rob Rouse and Shirley and Shirley as to who can cook the best curry. MC Tommy Holgate spices things up by eating some chilli sauce that’s WAY TOO HOT for any human being. Fool.


14 Feb 2012

Rank #5

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The Dave Weekly – Daily: Josh Widdicombe and Rosie Wilby

Josh Widdicombe joins us in a cafe to talk about saving lives and winning awards whilst Rosie Wilby makes Ben's palms sweaty talking about the Science of Sex and minor pop stardom.


13 Feb 2012

Rank #6

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The Dave Weekly - Daily: Tom Deacon, Toby Williams and piles of honesty

Today’s glorious episode sees Tom Deacon and Ben Shires locking horns to disgust each other in equal measure in a hotel room in Leicester PLUS we chat to comedian Toby Williams aka. Dr George Ryegold in, of all places, a curry house.


7 Feb 2012

Rank #7

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The Dave Weekly – Daily: Paul Foot, Marcus Birdman and Ben stands-up

It’s the final episode of The Dave Weekly – Daily from Leicester and it’s a pleasure to bring you the wonderful Paul Foot, who, as usual, chats absolute rubbish in the name of comedy. Apparently he has a gas powered vagina. Who knew? We also catch-up with Marcus Birdman slap-bang in the middle of a gig and our very own Ben Shires takes on the advice of the professionals and performs his very own stand-up set.


20 Feb 2012

Rank #8

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The Dave Weekly – Daily: Richard Herring – 'King of Edinburgh', Lord of Leicester

Richard Herring ‘King of Edinburgh’, Lord of Leicester (possibly) graces us with his lordly presence to talk about love and marriage. There’s no mention of a horse and carriage but there is comedy by the cart load.


17 Feb 2012

Rank #9

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The Dave Weekly: Alexander Armstrong Big Ask special

With Alexander Armstrong being such a great guy and one of the wittiest men on TV we thought we'd make a BIG deal out of getting him on the show. We also present the Dave's One Night Stand Award for best comedy venue in the UK... But you'll have to listen to find out who won. How's that for a cliff hanger?


22 Feb 2013

Rank #10

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The Dave Weekly: Mark Watson and David O'Doherty

Hold onto your hats, The Dave Weekly is officially back on the airwaves, hurrah! Coming to your little pods this week we have a real treat in store. Mark Watson and David O'Doherty join us direct from the main stage to discuss flea circuses, ping pong and chorizo.


20 Jul 2012

Rank #11

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The Dave Weekly: Paul Foot winking, jealousy and a watery come to bed smile

An outrageous case of flirting breaks out in The Dave Weekly this week as Paul Foot makes presenter Ben jealous by making eyes at another man, discussing his nether regions and cheating in the quiz. And, "because of all the vaginas" our legal team have asked us to say that it "contains adult material". Plus, Donal Coonan puts his jealousy of Ben Shires to one side as he takes the podcast to the commuters to drum up support for the show.


23 Sep 2011

Rank #12

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The Dave Weekly: Jo Brand and some fantasy American load of old bollocks

Jo Brand joins Ben to discuss her new Dave show 'Jo Brand's Big Splash', sewers and old bovver boots. We also take a trip down the river to check out the Greenwich Comedy Festival. Plus, Ben starts our new campaign to get his Dad's Twitter feed up to 20 followers. Our lawyers have asked us to say that this "contains adult material". Exciting eh?


9 Sep 2011

Rank #13

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The Dave Weekly – Daily: Nathan Caton, Tom Allen and Ben’s filthy intro. Sorry.

Award winning comedian Nathan Caton joins us to discuss his funny family and his love of ‘your mum’ jokes whilst we head to hotel room of the wonderful and charming Tom Allen for a chat about Hotel d’comedie and the demise of beady doors.


8 Feb 2012

Rank #14

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The Dave Weekly – Daily: Ray Peacock, not Ed Gamble and Zulu Comedy

Ray Peacock comes in to judge Ben Shires for allowing a man to get his face tattooed on his leg. He does not approve. We also chat to some Danish comics from Zulu Comedy about things that are stereotypically Danish. Bacon mainly.


10 Feb 2012

Rank #15

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The Dave Weekly – Daily: Rob Beckett, Comedy in the Dark and Dads with tattoos

Rob Beckett, one of the cheekiest of all the comedy chappies joins us to discuss stag-dos, not being Micky Flanigan and not winning the Leicester Comedian of the year. We also catch-up with David Morgan, Gareth Richards and Luke Benson to chat about Comedy in the Dark and the challenges it involves.


16 Feb 2012

Rank #16

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The Dave Weekly – Daily: Greg Davies, Rhod Gilbert, Ed Gamble, Joe Lycett and Mark Olver. In the same room.

For the first time in his life Ben Shires can’t get a word in edgeways as Greg Davies and his famous and funny friends join us after their Leicester benefit gig for The Stroke Association to discuss a “mashed up plumb crumble penis”, M.A.S.H and Rhod Gilbert being a bellend. Find out more about The Stroke Association here: http://www.stroke.org.uk/


15 Feb 2012

Rank #17

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The Dave (Bi)Weekly: Paul Foot, Tony Law and Tom Rosenthal

Oh how we've laughed. Leicester really is a darn funny place to stay, especially during a comedy festival. This week we have three fine comedians of all ages and styles. Paul Foot kills time before catching a train, Tom Rosenthal talks off a hangover and Tony Law is live from a karaoke bar in London. Yes London. But he was up in Leicester we just happened to miss him when he was there.


20 Feb 2013

Rank #18

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The Dave Weekly: Russell Kane, Adam Buxton and the Babyliss eye-stubble manscaper

Multi-award winning comedian Russell Kane joins Ben to discuss his new tour, his new DVD and his techniques for creating the illusion of "length". We're also blessed by Dr Buckles himself, Adam Buxton who tells us all about his wonderful beard and equally wonderful show, Bug. And of course there's news on pronger69 and an end of podcast quiz packed with awful puns.


16 Sep 2011

Rank #19

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Robin Ince and Sam Simmons talkin sh*t

Sam Simmons is back on our shores and he's still talking sh*t, only this time he's doing it to the paying public. We caught up with the Mustacheod mischief maker in a dimly lit Soho theatre basement. Hilarity ensued. And if that wasn't enough, and you can never have too much comedy, the fast talking and fast thinking Robin Ince came up to Dave towers for a fast paced chat to put the world right. #funny


16 Aug 2013

Rank #20