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This show will take you along my own Amazon Private Label journey in real time, teaching you as I go. I'll also be interviewing some of the most successful minds in the industry to talk about how they built their Amazon business and how that can help you!

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TAE 057: Product Research Parameters - What Metrics Should You Use When Using Product Research Tools?

Happy Friday! Hope you had an amazing week and are pumped for the weekend!  Here's my motivational quote for the week: A few bad chapters doesn't mean your story is over! This is really to symbolize that you can make mistakes and go through bad times, but those experiences don't define you. Keep going and keep writing that script because the story of YOUR life is for YOU to control :) So in this episode I'm talking about product research metrics and what parameters you should be using when using a tool such as Helium 10. There are a lot of a parameters to choose from and most people stick to the same set - I talk about why that isn't always best and a method to try something different that can also be successful. For Helium 10, you guys can get $100 off per month with the platinum plan by using code TAZ so go and do that and try out Black Box which is their product research tool. They have so much more value to offer and I'll Manny Coats back on in a few weeks to talk about their latest updates. I also mentioned yasiv.com which is a tool that helps you to see what products are being bought together with other products which is another very useful way to find products! Hope you guys enjoyed this episode, and an amazing weekend!


20 Apr 2018

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TAE 085: Is There A Better Way To Do Product Research? Sophie Howard Tells Us How She Does It Whilst Making A 7 Figure Exit!

Hey guys, Is there a better way to find products? Are there other strategies out there that can be more successful?  Well today I have Sophie Howard on the show and she talks about some unique strategies that allowed her to build a very successful Amazon business (her first one) and manage to sell that for 7 figures! Using her unique sourcing skills, Sophie has also created a platform where she helps you source unique products in unique locations and provides guidance on how to pick successful products. She also conducts her very own sourcing trip details of which you can find on her website www.aspiringentrepreneurs.com You can also get hold of Sophie via email at sophie@aspiringentrepreneurs.com Talk to you all soon!


27 Jul 2018

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TAE 056: CEO Of Sourcify Nathan Resnick Talks About What To Watch Out For When Looking For Suppliers!

Hey guys, In this episode I had the pleasure of interviewing Nathan Resnick who is the CEO of Sourcify, a company that takes the pain out of sourcing and automates the entire process for you! Nathan talks through some of the most important factors you need to be aware of when you source from China as well talking a bit of Mandarin - yes he's fluent in Mandarin so you know that he's not getting fooled by any suppliers! If you'd like to try out his platform, just go to trysourcify.com and use code TAZ and get $100 off to get you started!


16 Apr 2018

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TAE 064: Chris Jones Is Back And We Talk Product Research Methodologies And How To Get Reviews In 2018!

Hey guys! Today I have brought back Chris Jones and his insatiable energy to talk about 2 key areas that I know people struggle with: - Product research: We talk about the various ways you can do product research and why it's important to vary how you do it! - Getting reviews, white hat! I actually learned a brand new strategy for reviews in this episode for how to get reviews that I 100% plan on implementing, stay tuned to find out what it is! Talk again next week!


11 May 2018

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TAE 126: Burak Yolga Teaches You How To Save On Shipping And Logistics

Hey guys, In this episode I have logistics and sourcing master Burak Yolga from www.forcegetlogistics.com back, this time to zero in on his bread and butter - LOGISTICS!  He's an expert with all things sourcing and shipping - this is part 2 and in this episode we are going to go into: - What you must understand about trade terms, FOB, EXW, CFI, DDP - Knowing your tariffs and taxes - The keys to saving money on your logistics Burak would love to hear from you and this is how you can contact him: Website: www.forcegetlogistics.com Email: burakyolga@forceget.com Cell: 3059427597 See you in the next one! 


5 Dec 2019

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TAE 061: Is It Possible To LEGALLY Pay ZERO Taxes In Your Business? Andrew Henderson From NomadCapitalist.com Educates Us On How It Really Is Possible!

Hey guys! Today I have Andrew Henderson on the show from nomadcapitalist.com where he specializes in helping people pay less taxes by moving their business entities to different locations abroad. This was one of my favorite episodes as it took a completely different view for how you can be more efficient in your business by dramatically lowering your tax obligations. We cover ALL of the details and scenarios that we as Amazon sellers could potentially look at for moving ourselves and our companies abroad to save HUGE amounts on taxes. Can you imagine getting preferential treatment from the US government as a NON-US CITIZEN when investing in the US?! I can pretty much guarantee that this is information you have never heard about and for me personally, my mind is blown for the potential that this has! You can find out more at nomadcapitalist.com and Andrew also a book that guides you through the process in even greater detail that you can find on amazon (haha!) by clicking right here! Check out his YouTube channel to find out more! Hope you guys enjoyed this one!


2 May 2018

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TAE 071: Chris Nowak (MyPPCPal) Goes From Cleaning Pools To Building And Selling A Multimillion Dollar Amazon Business

Hey guys, I have another crazily inspirational story for you today with Chris Nowak from MyPPCPal! He started a pool cleaning/building business before he got into selling on Amazon and since then he has created a wildly successful Amazon business and most recently hit $4 million in sales in 2017. He then went on to sell his business for multiple millions. We talk about the struggles Chris had growing the business, using social media influencers, and leveling up mentally to keep investing in your business! Chris has also NEVER USED A LAUNCH SERVICE so we talk about how he launches products using PPC and how his MyPPCPal software can help you!  We talk about how he bids on 1000 keywords during a launch to rank his products - and it works! Listen to his method for how he does this, it was brand new to me! This is a link to a blog post where Chris details the exact method he uses: https://www.myppcpal.com/rank-higher-amazon-ppc/ You can sign up for MyPPCPal here and if you use code TAZ you will get a 15% discount off the available plans! Hope you guys enjoyed the episode!

1hr 6mins

8 Jun 2018

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TAE 120: When And How Should You Leave Your 9-5? Erik Fisher Tells Us His Inspirational Story For How He Did It!

Hey guys! Today I have Erik Fisher on the show - Erik went from working an engineering job he hated in Louisiana to building his own Amazon business, moving to Florida and quitting his 9-5! It's a really inspirational story and I hope you love it!  I also mentioned the importance of meetups so here is a link to Carlos Alvarez's Meetup page: https://www.meetup.com/en-AU/South-Florida-FBA/ Here is Erik's Instagram if you want to get in touch: https://www.instagram.com/e_fishhh/ Catch you guys in the next one!


21 May 2019

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TAE 109: How To Dramatically Increase Your Productivity In Your Amazon Business With Aaron O'Sullivan

Hey guys an gals, Today I have Aaron O'Sullivan on the show and we are talking about how you can rapidly increase your productivity in your business by tracking the tasks that you do each day and then offloading those tasks to an outsourced team. We also mentioned the use of an app called Toggl to assist with time tracking. Aaron's company Systems Culture Impact specializes in this process to define and then take this work off your plate! There is a link below for a free consultation to see if you are a fit for the service.  The cheat sheet for building a well oiled amazon machine! Get your free consultation! Talk again soon!


3 Dec 2018

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TAE 039: From 0 to 7 Figures In 8 Months, Marcos Ortega Talks About The Keys For Hiring Talent And How He Stays Ahead Of The Ever Changing Amazon Game

Hey guys! Today I have Marcos Ortega on the show. I met Marcos for the first time last year in Mexico for the first ever Illuminati Mastermind Live event and was just with him again in Hawaii for the second incarnation of the event. Marcos went from 0 to 7 figures in just 8 months in 2015 - with just one product! In this episode we talk about how he got 7 figures, some specific tips on hiring and also how Marcos strives to stay ahead of him competitors.  Hope you love this episode!


14 Feb 2018

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TAE 118: Transitioning To Shopify And Auditing Your Business With Travis And Jenna Zigler!

Hey guys! Today I have the amazing Travis and Jenna Zigler on the show! They are some of my favorite people in the Amazon space and are not only amazing humans but are also incredible at running businesses.  In this episode we talk in detail about how Travis and Jenna have been transitioning to Shopify. We also talk about some of their most successful ads on Facebook that has helped drive customers not only to Shopify but also Amazon! Finally we go into auditing your business and how dropping most of their least profitable products to focus on the best performing products - which is exactly what they did! You can find their youtube channel below: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY1e42WesWrB5ib6gEXpEYw I hope you guys loved the episode! And to end of one of Travis's quotes - "encourage daily!"


9 Apr 2019

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TAE 069: Viral Launch CEO Casey Gauss Is Back And We Reveal A HUGE Keyword Secret That You Can Take Action On Right Now!

Hey guys! This week I have Casey Gauss on the show and here's a summary of what we talk about: - Quick update on where VL is at and the $100k Salesforce pitch night - The importance of keywords and the specific action mentioned in the title that you need to take action on right now! - How changing your title can have a temporary negative impact on your keyword ranking - The importance of using the full length of your title real estate You can try out the keyword research tool we mentioned in the show by clicking here!


29 May 2018

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TAE 050: Tom Wang Goes From Selling Exploding Hoverboards And Being Rejected From 15 Companies To Building His Own $100k + Per Month Amazon Business

Hey Guys! This is my 50th episode! 🙌🙌🙌 Today we have Tom Wang on the show and here is another inspirational story of someone who put in the work to create a successful Amazon business and quit his job! After graduating, Tom was rejected from 15 straight companies before he got a sales job at Yellow Pages and also started selling those exploding hoverboards! Later on started his FBA business experiencing failures and almost quitting before launching more products and eventually creating the right formula to make it work! He has now quit his full time job and is a full time Amazon seller! Tom is also the founder of Digital Muvmnt where he offers copywriting and graphic design services (link below)  - https://www.digitalmuvmnt.com/ Tom lays out some great advice throughout specifically showing that when you focus on getting the key basics right when finding, ordering and then listing your product, you can be really successful! Hope you enjoyed this episode! If you're not subscribed yet, what are you waiting for?! 😁


26 Mar 2018

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TAE 090: 7 Figure Seller Robb Green Talks About Knowing Your Numbers, His Own Amazon Framework And Why You Should Fly To China!

Hey guys, In this episode I have Robb Green on the show and this guy is a straight talking Amazillionaire who has built up his business to revenues of $6 million in 2017! In the episode we dig into numbers and explain the difference between profit/ROI and what time value of money is. Robb also talks through a specific framework for the top things you should be thinking about if you decide to build an Amazon business. During this, we talk about the value of putting time and effort up front on the product instead of rushing it (what I did in 2017!). Finally, we also go into why it's so important to travel to China - and it's not to source products!  Hope you guys loved it, will talk again this week when I'm in Austin!


22 Aug 2018

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TAE 045: From 7 Failed Products In A Row To $6 Million In 6 Months! Brock Johnson Tells Us How He Did It!

Hey guys, today we have Brock Johnson who went from $0 to $6 million in 6 months - yes that is NOT a typo and no it was NOT luck!  Brock's story is in incredible, here are some of the key parts of his story that we go over: How Brock failed with his first 7 products but then cracked a home run with eclipse sunglasses Understanding human behavior (and math) to predict sales volume The importance of research and how to analyze your product of choice and focus on the small details that can make a difference - in this case the certifications for the eclipse glasses. Do you have the correct certifications for your product? Being weary of electronic suppliers How to find seasonal products Where do you need to start if you're thinking about selling on Amazon How to reduce your risk on your first product There is so much value in this episode it's really crazy! Brock's scientific approach to how he was successful with eclipse glasses is a method that will work with any good product.  Please also check out Brock's YouTube channel below: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLuet8w1f-B0guLLh_KRm0w


15 Mar 2018

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TAE 070: What I Learned Getting To $50k Per Month, Fake Reviews And More Million Dollar Sellers Than Ever!

Hey guys! My motivational quote for the week: "I never lose, I win or I learn" As always, explanation in the episode! I'm coming at you from Vegas and in this episode I go into the details of some of the key lessons I learned as I made my way up to $50k in revenue per month and also some news on fake reviews and more million dollar sellers than ever! 1. I thought I could do way more than I did. I am super ambitious but can admit that trying to launch 7 products in Q4 was beyond me and I should have tried it... which leads me to... 2. I should have got a mentor immediately. Had I done so, I would have been protected from my own stupidity and done a lot better (though the lessons are valuable) 3. Must learn to push through the hard times.  At one point I was paying $4.5k per month in loan and card repayments with 0 sales. This was a tough time and I am blessed that I have a full time job that can support this level of risk taking! 4. Cash flow is EVERYTHING! Again, another HUGE lesson that I’ve spoken about at summits and is critical to understand before you think that you can launch (and then keep in stock) 7 successful products with about $80k. Newsflash, you can’t, at least not with the products I was going after! 5. Staying in stock is a challenge! I also made it onto the Follow The Data podcast with Viral Launch so have Casey Gauss and Cameron Yoder talking to me about what it's like working full time and running an Amazon business! Check it out here! Talk next week!


2 Jun 2018

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TAE 053: The Importance Of Cashflow And Another Critical Storage Fee Update

Hey guys, In this episode I talk about: Quote for the week: You are the average of the people you spend the most time FBA storage fee updates - deeper explanation on what this means for you and strategies to handle it Importance of cashflow - I go into the mistakes I made in 2017 with cash flow and how I'm making changes now to remedy them and ensure I'm making the right calculations  See you again next week!


4 Apr 2018

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TAE 047: Brand Consulting Expert And 7 Figure Seller John Collins Talks About How More Brands Are Coming Into The Marketplace And How That Impacts YOU! (Part 1)

Hey guys! Today I have brand expert John Collins on the show. John has transitioned from trading the stock market creating his own 6 figure Amazon business and THEN creating a consulting company that consults for various multi-million dollar brands on Amazon! So John and I spoke for way over an hour so I decided to split this up into 2 episodes. In this episode we will cover: - Tips on how to consistently move your business forwards and avoid shiny object syndrome - At what point John gave up his full time job to transition fully into Amazon - Why now is the best time to take action! - What instigated the review ban in October 2016 and what could be coming next? - How more big brands are coming onto Amazon and how that affects you as a seller - Facts: 81% of sales come from the first page! 75% of sales come from the top 6 listings You can also learn more about John's consulting company here at omniix.com. If you like this episode, look out for part 2 coming next week Monday! 


19 Mar 2018

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TAE 121: Variation Abuse And Prime Day Prep!

Hey guys! My quote for the week: "Don't let yesterday take up too much of today"  Quick bunch of news updates this week, articles linked below! Prime day prep: https://www.forbes.com/sites/kirimasters/2019/05/31/what-brands-are-doing-to-prepare-for-amazon-prime-day-2019/#d4116b0222eb Review manipulation: https://www.insider.com/amazon-seller-negative-review-reddit-2019-5 Hacked accounts: https://www.chainstoreage.com/operations/report-hackers-hit-100-amazon-seller-accounts/ Talk again next week!


4 Jun 2019

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TAE 049: How Important Are Your Title, Bullets, Description And Is There An Order? Amazon Has Now Surpassed Alphabet As The Second Most Valuable Company In The World!

Hey guys! So in my Friday update here's what I talk about: - My motivational quote first: Life is 10% what happened to you and 90% what you do about it! - Amazon has now become the second most valuable company in the world now being valued at $765 BILLION! - A group of Amazon sellers are creating a "Merchants Guild" to help negotiate with the behemoth that is Amazon! Full article here: https://phys.org/news/2018-03-amazon-sellers-clout-merchants-guild.html - Sending multi channel fulfillment orders internationally! - How Important Are Your Title, Bullets and Description And Is There An Order? I give my take on this question that is always coming up in forums and facebook groups!  Talk to you all next week!


23 Mar 2018

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