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Two seasoned Home Inspectors, John Richards in Jacksonville, FL, and Preston Sandlin from Charlotte, NC discuss home inspection and real estate topics and answer your home inspection questions.

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Toxic Chines Drywall and Other Hazards Involved In the Real Estate Transaction

In todays episode of Talkin Home Inspections The Jacksonville Fl inspector John Richards and The Charlotte NC home inspector Preston Sandlin will be talking about toxic Chinese drywall and other hazards involved in the real estate transaction. These hazard include but are not limited to Asbestos, Radon, Carbon Monoxide, Lead, and of course toxic Chinese drywall. Real Estat Agents aren't experted to be experts in these fields but they are expected to have some knowledge in these fields. Please join two vetren home inspectors as they discuss these hazards and there experiences in their home inspections.


24 Mar 2010

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Selling Your Home And The Home Inspection

In this episode of Talkin Home Inspections John and Preston discuss their experiences of inspecting homes for buyers AND Sellers. If you are planning on selling your home do yourself a favor and listen in.Preston Sandlin is the President of Home Inspections Carolina, based in Charlotte, NC www.homeinspectioncarolina.com.John Richards is the President of Informed Decisions Certified Home Inspections based in Jacksonville, FL. www.904inspect.com.


4 Mar 2010

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Is Something Bugging You

On this episode of Talkin Home Inspections Jacksonville home inspector John Richards and Charlotte home inspector Preston Sandlin will be taling about termites. They will cover where termites come from and their biology. They will also cover the most likely places that termites are found during a home inspection. John and Preston will share some stories of termite damage that they have found during their home inspections. They will also discuss treatment methods and how they have changed over the years. Termites and termite inspection aren't all that your inspectors will be discussing though. They will also talk about other types of wood destroying insects that can affect your real estate transaction. As always the inspectors will also be answering general home inspection questions at the end. So Join John and Preston from Jacksonville and Charlotte on Feb 18 to learn all you ever wanted to know about termites.


18 Feb 2010

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Don't Get Stuck With A Foreclosure Nightmare - Episode 1

In this inaugural episode of "Talkin' Home Inspections" two crafty, veteran home inspectors will give you the low down on buying a bank foreclosure to help you avoid buying a money pit! Preston Sandlin is the owner of Home Inspection Carolina, based in Charlotte, NC. His website is www.homeinspectioncarolina.com. If you need a home inspection in or around Charlotte, NC you can call 704-542-6575. John Richards is the owner of Informed Decisions Certified Home Inspections in Jacksonville, FL. His website is www.904inspect.com. If you need a home inspection in Jacksonville, FL or the surrounding area you can call 904-891-6309.


4 Feb 2010

Rank #4

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