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Confessions Of A #BeautyBoss

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Angela Sanchez brings you leading beauty industry professionals and their inspirational journeys to becoming the #BeautyBoss they are today.

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Angela Sanchez brings you leading beauty industry professionals and their inspirational journeys to becoming the #BeautyBoss they are today.

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Great interview!

By lashliftsbykajin - Jul 16 2018
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I love the entire podcast! Very helpful and inspiring for me as a new lash artist. Thank you for sharing!

Informational and fun

By china2387 - Jul 15 2018
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As a new esthetician this podcast has been a great find. It’s helpful, informative, fun, and relevant.

iTunes Ratings

9 Ratings
Average Ratings

Great interview!

By lashliftsbykajin - Jul 16 2018
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I love the entire podcast! Very helpful and inspiring for me as a new lash artist. Thank you for sharing!

Informational and fun

By china2387 - Jul 15 2018
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As a new esthetician this podcast has been a great find. It’s helpful, informative, fun, and relevant.

Best weekly hand curated episodes for learning

Cover image of Confessions Of A #BeautyBoss

Confessions Of A #BeautyBoss

Latest release on Nov 12, 2020

Best weekly hand curated episodes for learning

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Rank #1: 4: Carissa Hill - Rapid Business Growth Coach and her Unstoppable #BeautyBoss Journey

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Carissa Hill is A Rapid Business Growth Coach with ebooks, online courses and private coaching available that sets out to help you grow your business fast. After growing and selling her own beauty businesses she turned to sharing her knowledge with how she did it with the world. Her facebook group Coffee with Carissa now has over 15 000 members. Carissa has been featured in the Huffington Post, Forbes and her ebook I like money has been voted amazons #1 best seller. Carissa's philosophy in business is Be Real, Have Fun, Make Money, and Love Life and I believe that is something we should all be taking back to our businesses.

You can win Carissa's Best Selling Ebook - I like money http://carissahill.com.au/ilikemoney/

Simply let us know in our social media post on instagram or facebook  of this episide with your biggest take away from Carissa's journey. 

Show Notes: 





Instagram : @carissahillofficial 

Best Book Carissa has Ever Read: 

The Go Giver - Bob Burg


Carissa's Favourite Apps: 

Facebook App

Pages App

Ads Manager App

Pay Pal 

Apr 14 2018



Rank #2: 29: Sarah Perry from Face Medispa shares her Beauty Boss Journey

Podcast cover
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Sarah is the owner of Face MediSpa along with her husband Matt, and I’m labelling them the new power couple of the beauty industry. Matt holds the position of CEO and has a background of creating incredible customer experiences through the corporate world, and Sarah is the Director of Happy Faces. During this episode you will see how this all ties into a perfect picture of how Face Medispa came to life for both of them.

When this episode was recorded I hung up feeling so inspired to take a good look at my own salon and to make sure we are continually connecting everything we do to our why, and are my values aligned with this. If you are to do 1 thing after this episode …. Go and check out Face MediSpa over on their website, Sarah and Matt have nailed their ABOUT YOU section. Yes that’s right, it’s a great reminder that one of the keys to a successful business is not ABOUT US…. And also take a peak at their memberships options they have for their clients aswell. I have that butterfly in my stomach feeling because doing interviews with incredible business owners who are open to sharing and connecting lights me up, and I look forward to seeing Sarah and Matt’s journey flourish.

Find Out More : 



Jul 22 2019



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Rank #3: 28: Karen Keeling and her Beauty Boss Journey

Podcast cover
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Karen is the owner of Hope Island Beauty and Medi -Spa and throughout this episode we chat about niching down your offering and the importance of finding who your ideal client is. 

Karen expresses the amount of pressure being on top of her social media is for her business, but I love the fact that she is diving in and experimenting instead of worrying if things are perfect.

Karen has been a member of Beauty Boss Pro for 6 months now and I love that she is utilizing a heap of done for you drag and drop graphics we create each month for our members, and loves the community and accountability that is offered to help her reach her Beauty Boss Goals. 

Doors Close Sunday 14th July and wont reopen again until 2020. So head to www.beautybusinessco.com to find out more and of course to tune into this weeks episode you can stream directly through our site from any computer or mobile devise www.beautybusinessco.com/podcast or search Confessions of a #BeautyBoss in iTunes. 

Don't forget to take a screen shot and share and tag us on an Instagram story - I literally do a happy dance every time I see this popping up on your feed! 

Jul 11 2019



Rank #4: 34: Kiyomi McPherson and her Beauty Boss Journey

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Kiyomi McPherson is  a Mum, is a killer brow boss known as the brow bakery , and has just launched Beige and Beauty a collaborative freelance studio based here in Brisbane. The concept is the driving force behind her wanting to support beauty industry professionals with an inspiring space to work without the hefty overheads when it comes to leasing a property. Its so unique and such an amazing opportunity. 

We also speak about the brand discovery process of Beige and Beauty and how Kiyomi macde this dream become her reality. 



Dec 21 2019



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Rank #5: 26: Lauren Lappin and her Beauty Boss Journey

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From stay at home mum to building her Lash empire, Lauren is a great example and proof that when you have the passion and love for what you do and focus on that 360 vision of what you want your business to look like, you really can make your dreams become a reality. 

Going from a small shop, working countless hours in and on her business Allure Lash and Beauty Bar . Lauren's drive to succeed and niche her services resulted in rapid growth in a short 4 years. She now leads a team of 8 and has launched her own wholesale lash supply company called Runway Lash Co. 

May 09 2019

1hr 2mins


Rank #6: 8: Sara Whithorn and her BeautyBoss Journey

Podcast cover
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Sara has an incredible jounrye to share with you all and I'm excited to bring this episode to you because its aligned with a very special launch that Sara has been working so hard with her partnerr Marissa to bring to lift. 

Sara has a bubbling amount of energy and you cant help but feel uplifted when you are in her company.

From call centers, to working her way through numerous areas of our industry to now launching The Australian Beauty Collective - Sara has a huge vision to help our industry with overwhelm. Connecting you with Australia's leading Aesthetics, beauty and cosmecutical manufacturers, educators and business experts. 

Alonside their very own Beauty Business Software called THE HUB, which I'm very excited to give 1 lucky listeners the chance to win a months free trial of the ABC First Class Pass including coaching valued and a month of the software. 

To Win : Go and join the ABC Affliate closed facebook group  https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=a.b.c.%20affiliates

and tell us in the comments of the instagram or facebook posts of this episode what your biggest take away from Sara's interview was. 

Website: www.australianbeautycollective.com

A.B.C Affiliate FACEBOOK GROUP : https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=a.b.c.%20affiliates

Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/AustralianBeautyCollective/

Intragram : AustralianBeautyCollective


THE POWER SHIFT - Elle Wilson - 


                              NEVER GIVE UP - JENE CLARE - http://www.jeanclare.com.au/

FAVOURITE APPS - New ABC App, ING, The Smiling Mind. 

Jul 02 2018



Rank #7: 27: Robyn McAlpine and her Beauty Boss Journey

Podcast cover
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Robyn McAlpine owner of Skintifix and author of her new book Skinside Out shares her Beauty Boss Journey with us. Her love for skin has turned Robyn into a qualified Corneotherapist and Skinfluencer. Now known as The Skin Expert, Robyn's obsession to call out the BS on shit skincare and dispel beauty hype that slimes its way across the internet sparked my interest to get her to let us all know where it all began. 

WIN your very own book SkinSide Out. Comment on the Instagram or facebook post with your biggest take away from this episode and be in the running to win your copy.

Connect with Robyn:



Jun 21 2019



Rank #8: 33: Kelly Christie and her Beauty Boss Journey

Podcast cover
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Kelly Christie skin educator and passionate skin therapist who has felt a calling to share her knowledge through social media . Known as the Skin Queen Kelly is embracing the fact that even though she doesn't own her own beauty business as such, its important she shares her passion through her own brand identity as her dreams and goals are set to create a huge impact for our industry. 

Nov 25 2019



Rank #9: 3: Nicola Le Lievre and her BeautyBoss journey in becomming owner of one of the most beautiful boutique beauty salons in Brisbane, InTherapy.

Podcast cover
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Episode Notes.

In this episode I chat to Nicola Le Lievre, an her incredible #BeautyBoss journey to becoming owner of one of the most beautiful boutique beauty salons In Therapy which is in Red Hill in Brisbane.

Im so honored to have the support of Nicola along this journey and jumped at the chance to have her featured as one of the 1st of many inspiring Beauty Salon Owners on the show.

If there is one thing you take away from Nicolas Beauty Boss Journey make it be that when you have your personal and business values clear, your decision making, product partnerships and hiring staff becomes a lot easier. 

Nicola to me has such a generous heart and everything she does in her life and business is based around uplifting and empowering the people surrounding her to feel good.

1 lucky listener is going to win a Beauty Boss Date with Nicola, where she will give you an insight into herr 20 years of industry experience and behind the scenes look at the running of her beauty business plus a treatment from one of her beautiful therapists that she speaks very highly of.


WEBSITE : http://intherapy.com.au/

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/intherapy/

INSTAGRAM : @intherapy 

Sustainable Salons Australia : http://sustainablesalons.org/

A social enterprise that rescues up to 95% of salon resources from landfill and finds repurposing solutions that benefit our planet, all while supporting the community! In Therapy was one of the 1st beauty salons in qld to partner with Sustainable salons. 

RSPCA : https://www.rspca.org.au/

Nicola's love for animals is part of her core values in her business where she does not partner with any products tested on animals or any that sell through china. 

Apps : Audible, listen to your favourite books on the go. 


Word Swag for creating easy content creation all from your phone.

Tile - Attach to the items you always seem to lose and save time by tracking them from the tile app on your phone. 


Mar 31 2018



Rank #10: 10: Jade Castle and Her Beauty Boss Journey

Podcast cover
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Jade Castle is the founder and director of Kaftanned. An after-tanning apparel line that Ive personally been stocking in my beauty business since they launched back in 2013.

Frustrated at the limited types of clothing that she could wear after spray tanning, Jade felt that by designing something herself, would possibly solve a problem that clients are always having, and tanning technicians could finally offer a solution for them.

This led Jade to going into business with her mum and sister, Kaftanned hit this niche market and now is offered globally and they have over 300 stockists in Australia, New Zealand, U.S and U.K.

These designs are fun gorgeous prints that are affordable to have your clients coming back for every colour and style when they launch.

Jade was recently featured on Australia’s hit TV show Shark Tank, which Steve Baxter decided to jump at the chance of the Kaftanned Brand.

Jade has so much more to offer and I know there is a bit in the works at the moment, and I am so grateful Ive had this opportunity to share this interview with you. If you have ever thought of an idea for a beauty business, if you want to develop your own product line, Jade is proof that it is possible.

We’ve got 2 prizes of 2 kaftans each to giveaway for the show. To win I need you to simply go and follow kaftanned on Instagram, and screen shot you listening to the podcast and upload it as an Instagram story. Make sure you tag @kaftanned and @beautybusiness_co  to enter correctly.

Links: www.kaftanned.com.au

Facebook: www.facebook.com/kaftanned

instagram : www.instagram.com/kaftanned

Favourite Book: Janine Allis Secret to Success


Would love to meet Ellen, Oprah and Margot Robbie

Aug 02 2018



Rank #11: 35: Natalie Sellars and her Beauty Boss Journey

Podcast cover
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Natalie Sellars is an Inner and Outer Glow Maker, Kind beauty holistic facialist and ritual creator, who owns the most beautiful toxin free studio called Kindred Toxin free facials. Natalie has extended this into a Kind Beauty Community where Nat will host events and educate and empower you to nourish your body , skin and soul. 

With over 20 years in the beauty industry, Nat has constantly educated herself on ingredients, the skin, mindfulness and all things wellness and is honestly such a savy beautypreneur, who is always re-inventing her treatment menu to creating the most incredible customer experience for her clients which starts on the 1st touch point when you find her on Instagram at @kindred.toxinfreefacials, so do yourself a favour and go and check her out after this episode.

Jan 14 2020



Rank #12: 7: Kat Hazel and her BeautyBoss Journey

Podcast cover
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Kat Hazel has a passion for inspiring self growth and wellness. Kat started blogging in 2015 while studying her Diploma in Beauty Therapy. The Blog was started with the intention of empowering women of all ages to be reminded of their unique beauty and individual qualities.

When I first contacted Kat it was to get her permission to post the launch of Beauty Business Co in her Facebook Group Beauty Therapists of Australia, which led us to having an amazing conversation uncovering that she manages a lux Day Spa called Cacoon Spa is South Australia, hosts her own You Tube Channel with the vision to become an educator and write a book for Beauty therapists that will empower them when they are first starting out in the industry.

There is no saying that Kat's Beauty Boss journey is going to make you feel inspired to be the best version of yourself.

Since our interview, Kat has been nominated for Beauty Therapist of the Year Award and the day spa she works are FINALISTS in the 2018 Australian Beauty Industry Awards for 2018.

Her facebook group has also grown to 1000 members which is just fantastic.

Here are some of the links that Kat menioned in her Episode:

Decoding Female Body Language : https://youtu.be/lV2RTqrJ354

Controlling Your Own Birth Control : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqP1kJB0eOY

Favourite Book: Big Magic - Elizabeth Gilbert

Kat Hazel Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7IcN5Am5F5gKgawSnZsiZg

Beauty Therapists of Australia Facebook Group : https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=beauty%20therapists%20of%20australia%20-%20networking%2C%20education%20and%20sharing%20ideas.

Jun 15 2018



Rank #13: 32 : Anna Ravizza and her Beauty Boss Journey

Podcast cover
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Anna is the owner of Anna’s Skin and Beauty who has 21 years of industry experience and is one of Townsville’s leading skin therapists. If there is one thing you can take away from this episode that you get to decide what your future looks like. Even when times are tough or in Anna’s case her whole salon burning down! You are in the driving seat and I love the positive attitude Anna has in her life and business.

Check out Anna here:



Nov 11 2019



Rank #14: 5: Chelsea Valentino and Her Beauty Boss Journey

Podcast cover
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Chelsea runs a multi-award winning business, specialising in lash and brow designs and is one of Western Australia's brand new leading cosmetic tattoo artists.

After running her beauty business for 4 1/2 years Chelsea decided to close her doors and have an incredible travelling experinece an from that found a complete location change and decided to niche her service offering from beauty therapy to Brow Designing. Chelsea has set up her studio from home and is focused on growing her business to the next level.

Chelsea has this go getting #BeautyBoss mentality which I was instantly attracted to and Im so grateful to have had this opportunity to share some time with her.

Show notes:

Beauty Business Vision Planner : http://beautybusinessco.lpages.co/visionplanner/

Chelsea's Fav Apps :

Instagram Preview

Perfect 365

Collage for before and afters

Chelsea's Fav Books :

Gabrielle Bernstine - The Universe has your back

Books from Allan Watts.


Chelsea has been so kind to share her incredibe business strategists details with us all. Jessica Miller owns The Inspired Mark and you can find her on Instagram. Jessica has kindly offered her services with a 90 minute 101 coaching session for $197 to all the listeners which is valued at $247. All you have to do is DM her on Instagram and mention Chelsea's episode on Confessions of a #BeautyBoss podcast.


Instagram : @chelsea_valentino_brows

facebook : https://www.facebook.com/chelseavalentinobrows/

website : https://www.chelseavalentino.com/

May 01 2018



Rank #15: Laura Vazquez and her Beauty Boss Journey

Podcast cover
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Laura Vazquez is a Makeup Artist, Beauty Blogger, Hair Stylist and Beauty Influencer. Laura has her own business called bgirlbridal, but her full time gig is the supervisor for all things hair and makeup on Home and Away, which is my all time fav tv show and I had the honour of sitting next to the cast at the logies this year which is how I got in touch with Laura in the first place because the makeup on the girls was stunning and I knew that I had to get in touch with her as her story would be so inspiring to share with you all. Once again it blows my mind how many directions our industry can take us in. 

Find out more from Laura.



This episode is sponsored by Professional Beauty Solutions.

Sep 19 2019



Rank #16: 9: Lorena Ashmore and her BeautyBoss Journey

Podcast cover
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Lorena is a licensed Esthetician with a background in Eyelash Extensions, spraytanning, microblading and brow shaping.

She has built and grown her business in Los Angeles for the past 4 years and has a true love for the beauty industry.

In 2015 Lorena decided to expand her business and created a beauty inspired womens Tee and accessory line called Lash + Love Apparel.

Her Brand is fun, girly, sassy and speaks to the lash, brow and ALL Beauty Bosses Out there.

Since our interview Lorena has rolled out her rebrand and Dear Lash Love has been born. Her passion is connecting with clients and empowering the Beauty and Lash Bosses in her tribe after realising shes got a lot more to give to the world than just a lash tee. 

Favouite Apps: Canva, Over, Square

Favourite Book: Eat Pray Love 

For your chance to win an apic prize from the Dear Lash Love Store Please go hit subscribe on this podcast and leave me a 5 star review and follow @dearlashlove on instagram and facebook.  - I can tell you just by following Lorena's pages you'll be inspired by her content. 




Jul 14 2018



Rank #17: 6: Joy Crossingham and her BeautyBoss journey & building her very own Global Lash Empire.

Podcast cover
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Joy Crossingham has built a global Lash Empire and is an industry leader in lash education, superior lash extension products and has employed award winning lash stylists to work alongside her in her lash studio. Joy Is soon to expand into one of Brisbane's largest Beauty and Wellness destinations and has been working hard at bringing her courses to an online platform while keeping the integrity of her 5 star training experience. 


Classic Lash Mastery Online Course for beginners valued at $3,000!!! 
Includes a $700 LashJoy Lash Kit, 150 page workbook and lifetime 20% discount at LashJoy.
More information via www.lashjoyacademy.com
Next Intake in August 2018.
GIVEAWAY GUIDELINES : Check my podcast highlight for further instructions
Please Follow @lashjoy_ , @brisbanelashes & @joylashstylist
Repost 60 second course promo on their page with the biggest take away they got from listening to the podcast?
You will need a repost app to do it.
Include #eyelashextensiontraining #lashjoy
Plus #BeautyBusinessCo @BeautyBusiness_Co

May 14 2018



Rank #18: 30: Louisa Hollenberg from Earth and Skin

Podcast cover
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Louisa is the owner of Earth and Skin. Known as the best day spa and beauty shop on the Gold Coast. Being featured in many publications such as mammamia, gold coast bulletin, JetStar magazine, urban list GC and mindfood magazine. 

Louisa believes that by making small changes to our everyday behavior we can dramatically change our long term health and save the planet. 

I absolutely love it  when I meet someone and then when I search their business it look sand feels exactly the same as the 1st impression I receive. This was exactly what happened with Louisa, and her branding is so authentically her, that from Instagram to website I was captivated through stories and educated on Earth and Skin's philosophy, my email address was captured on numerous occasions and I read 2 blog articles all in one sitting. That is one attention grabbing website!!

Go an check out and follow everything Louisa has divinely created. 




Don't forget to take a screen shot of you listening to this episode and tag us both - I literally do a happy dance every time I see this!!!!


Sep 06 2019



Rank #19: 11: Lydia Jordane and her Beauty Boss Journey

Podcast cover
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Lydia is the CEO and Founder of Lycon Cosmetics, which has put Australia on the world map of a leading waxing manufacturer now being distributed in over 70 countries across the globe.

Cebrating 40 years in business this year, with a limited edition Ruby designed wax – I had to get Lydia on the show to celebrate.

This episode has so many golden nuggets of wisdom and actionable advice that Lydia Shares, if you are in beauty business for the long haul, you are going to get so much inspiration from Lydias Beauty Boss journey!

As a special thanks the Lycon team have extended a special offer to all of our Beauty Boss listeners. Go to www.lyconretail.com.au/shop and pop in the code BEAUTYBOSS to receive 20% off store wide.

Fav App: Viber and Facebook

Books: The Thornbirds and Wild Swan

Links : www.lycon.com.au

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lyconcosmeticsau/

instagram : www.instagram.com/lyconcosmeticsau

Aug 14 2018



Rank #20: 25: Billy Rickman and his Beauty Boss Journey

Podcast cover
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For Those of you who don’t know Billy Rickman, I think of him like the Gary Vee of the Beauty Industry. Not just because of his straight to the point no BS and get shit done attitude, but also he continues to show up and has so much passion in helping the salon owner succeed that he will do whatever it takes to get his message in front of them.

Including his latest project Salon Growth Con. Get your tickets here: https://salongrowthcon.com/optin-27930598?affiliate_id=1568787

This is an epic 2 day event, held on the 15th and 16th June 2019 at the Gold Coast where 23 speakers will share their tips, tricks, tools, resources, inspiration and motivation for you to take back to your business and implement massive inspired action. Taking you out of the business for the weekend and immersing yourself with 1500 other salon owners can only do 1 thing, and that is cause butterflies of excitement especially with the recent announcement of celebrity guest speaker Tabatha Coffey. Honestly I don’t know how many more magic tricks Billy has up is sleeve to make this event even more jam packed with value, but Tabatha sure does put the icing on the cake.

WIN 1 OF 3 Salon Growth Con Tickets. Simply tell us on our Instagram or facebook post why you want to win in 25 words or less. Prize drawn May 1st.

Billy’s Favourite Apps:

Slack, Trello, Many Chat.

Must Read Book : The E Myth.


Apr 10 2019