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Broadcasting electronic music without borders. Data Cult Audio maintains an interest in creating a platform for music, sound sculpture and noise artist pushing boundaries, and reshaping the sonic landscape.

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Data Cult Audio 0009 - Walker Farrell

Walker Farrell Is part of the Make Noise crew. When he was about 17 Walker composed a piano piece that was based around a chord he had "discovered". This particular chord, when broken out and arpeggiated, had a feeling that was both longing and uplifting simultaneously, a never-ending cadence, an equal temperament Shepard scale. It turned out to be minor-flat-6, though the phrasing was as important as the content. In C it was spelled C, G, Gb, Eb from bottom to top. Two perfect fifths separated by a minor second. It's also notable as the core of the Rachmaninoff Prelude in c# minor, which was a favorite of Walker’s at that time. Repeated, transposed, or reiterated in successively higher octaves, it had, for him, a sense of endless reaching. (It could also be spelled as an Ab Major 7th chord, but he always felt the C as the root.) In this decade Walker has been musically more interested in structural grounding than in goal-oriented results. He makes music without specific results in mind, in two branches: one concerned with the creation of structures within which to improvise, and the other concerned with generative music (music that creates itself). "Green Fiber" is one of his proudest examples of the latter. It is realized on a modular synthesizer, and based on three ideas: 1. The notion that any given "state" of the system should follow from the previous state, and should lay the grounds for the next state. 2. The oxymoronic or perhaps redundant idea of processing an additive oscillator with a frequency-specific resonator; this leads to occasional periods of great intensity when particular frequencies are emphasized twice over. 3. The above-mentioned chord and the feelings it still inspires in him. The sense of "always ending and always beginning" seems appropriate for generative music that cannot have a larger structure imposed upon it. The piece is played without any input from the performer. In other words the system is the performer. The recording was made without being monitored by a human. On 6/2/17 Walker released a new EP of improvised computer music. Please check it out!


10 Jun 2017

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Data Cult Audio 0067 - Radek Rudnicki & Maho Cwejman

Radek Rudnicki and Maho Cwejman play modular synthesizer based electronica with unique post dub and industrial influences. Dense textures are mixed with micro grooves and precise Cwejman modular sounds. Duo takes listeners to the journey going through ambient, noise and heavy beat based grooves.Maho and Radek are also running workshops focused on modular synthesis that compliment their set and show techniques used in their performances. This involves showing Cwejman modules, patching techniques and how to get the most out of them.Links:http://www.wavefolder.net/~~~/radek-rudnicki-maho-cwejman/ https://wavefolder.bandcamp.com/album/-


21 Jul 2018

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Data Cult Audio 0026 - Collin Russell

Collin Russell is a Southern-California based composer and the Director of Technical Support at Qu-Bit Electronix.Heart Eyes was recorded live on an Eurorack modular synthesizer for Data Cult Audio 0026.Heart eyes have been gone for some time, but are here now.They see what they like, but don’t always like what they see.Void-gazers, they are, glancing from here to there.They finally stop to stare.Record date: September 19, 2017Airdate: October 7, 2017Duration: 23:21www.collinrussellmusic.com www.collinrussellmusic.bandcamp.com


7 Oct 2017

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Data Cult Audio 0019 - Kimchi Princess

Kimchi Princess lives in San Francisco and composes musical sounds with modular synthesizers. After falling in love with late nineties rave music, Kimchi has been exploring the world of sound synthesis ever since. Kimchi has no formal musical training, doesn’t play any other instruments, and had left the world of music production after burning out on software (and the inherent trap of endless editing) many years ago. But still Kimchi listened, feverishly, voraciously, to the wide world of sound. A few years back Kimchi happened upon youtube videos of these strange devices and have thus entered the world of modular. About the track: Tech Duiin is a live piece recorded in one take using a eurorack modular synthesizer and pedal effects. No post processing or editing of any kind involved. Links to Kimchi Princess:www.instagram.com/kimchiprincess/ https://352421365622.bandcamp.com/


16 Aug 2017

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Data Cult Audio 0079 - Julia Bondar

About:Julia Bondar is a self-taught electronic music artist. She is most known as part of dark, minimal wave project - Principal Uno which is recently released their debut album BLCK NOIR. Being a primary part of the company Endorphins, a company focused creating modular synths, Julia has had the opportunity to discover a wide range of musical genres. This experience has helped her to develop a unique sound of her own. She extremely fluent in using acoustic electronic instruments on the stage, and has created a signature sound that is comprised of dark, mysterious danceable rhythms.Links:https://principaluno.bandcamp.com/ https://soundcloud.com/pral1


13 Oct 2018

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Data Cult Audio 0070 - R Beny

r beny is the electronic ambient project of California-based artist, Austin Cairns. Through the use of modular synthesizers, samplers, and tape loops, Cairns weaves a sonic bouquet of vestigial textures and melodies. recalling forest drives, coastal cliffs, lost loves, and half-imagined memories like light gleaming through the trees.Links:https://rbeny.bandcamp.com/ https://www.youtube.com/rbeny https://www.instagram.com/austinthecairns/


11 Aug 2018

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Data Cult Audio 0103 - Jill Fraser

About:Jill Fraser is a composer and electronic music pioneer.She was mentored by Morton Subotnick, studied with Mel Powell and Earle Brown at CalArts and attended master classes with, among others John Cage and Lou Harrison. After finishing her master’s degree in composition she worked at Serge Modular in Hollywood and took her modular synths into the Hollywood studios to score films. Her composing credits on film scores include Personal Best directed by Robert Towne with collaborator, the infamous composer Jack Nitzsche and Hardcore (starring George C Scott, directed by Paul Schrader).Jill has composed both electronic and acoustic music for hundreds of TV commercials for Lexus, BMW, Honda, Porsche, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Mattel, Carl’s Jr, NBC, Apple Computers, Adidas, Estee Lauder, Baskin Robbins, Yamaha Motorcycles and many, many others. She has won 3 Clios for original music and is a voting member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.She toured with singer Buffy Sainte Marie and performance artist Ivan E Roth. Her performances with Ivan were part of the vibrant Los Angeles punk and spoken word scene and she played live modular synthesizer, opening for acts including the Minutemen and Henry Rollins. Ivan and Jill released the CD Alphabetical Disorders on Periodic Music featuring “Life is a Noun”.Links:http://www.jillfrasermusic.com/ https://thezzyzxsociety.bandcamp.com/releases https://www.facebook.com/jillfrasermusic


29 Mar 2019

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Data Cult Audio 0145 - Ricky Tinez

About:From the Bay and now in LA Ricky Tinez finds his inspiration in the late night underground scene. Taking inspiration from the warehouse district his deep house records can instantly show it through their sound & texture.Links:https://rickytinez.bandcamp.com/ https://soundcloud.com/rickytinez https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4OAAbxtB6QEKaTDb-SEe-Q https://open.spotify.com/artist/2DvaNQDOAnhR1MXCFF7T98?autoplay=true&v=A


17 Jan 2020

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Data Cult Audio 0104 - Gerald Fjörd

Data Cult Audio 0104 - Gerald Fjörd by DC Audio


6 Apr 2019

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Data Cult Audio 0035 - Erin Cooper

Erin April Cooper is an experimental improvisational musician based in Portland OR. She creates her pieces using a variety of synthesizers. Her pieces are inspired by her emotions and life experiences.Links:https://soundcloud.com/rinprilooper/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_ldvGq1L8_aU5LwOJ-f_XQ


9 Dec 2017

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Data Cult Audio 0004 - Flohr

Flohr’s music explores timbre and texture through time by means of manual and automatic repetition, momentary gesture, and the construction of autonomous self-generative audio environments. His music draws on a diverse archive for its inspiration: from ambient, kosmische musik, jazz improvisation and tonal minimalist composition, through post-punk, industrial, techno and jungle, to the melodic and generative wing of contemporary modular synthesizer performance. A student but also a teacher, he is interested in being affected by sound, responding to it and being led by it. Recently he has been oriented more towards real time performance than "production". Beyond solo work he is a part of many duos: Marketa Lazarova, Fictions, Ordered Pairs, Efris. Affiliated with the Volta Laboratory Social Club and the Whisperbrick art collective.


13 May 2017

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Data Cult Audio 0075 - Hainbach

About:Based out of Berlin, Germany, electro-acoustic music composer and perfomer Hainbach (Opal Tapes, Limited Interest) creates shifting audio landscapes, which THE WIRE called "One hell of a trip". Using esoteric synthesizers, magnetic tape and idiophones he has become known for his immersive live performances and eclectic YouTube videos.Links:hainbachmusik.com https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeovElJP0n0i8ADaPsRSd8g


15 Sep 2018

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Data Cult Audio 0153 - Surachai

About: Surachai’s repertoire pivots from full ensemble black metal outfits to solo synthesizer explorations that have an avant garde fearlessness. A professional sound designer, mixer, and location audio engineer, the Chicago-based musician and producer brings a technical expertise to a curious artistic output that makes every upcoming release unpredictable.Links:https://surachai.bandcamp.com/ https://www.instagram.com/surachais/All the tracks are unreleased, experiments, outtakes of components that made some of Come, Deathless. Recorded live as a 2-bus into the computer with hopes of it being fleshed out. Unfortunately, these were excommunicated and branded as heretics.


13 Mar 2020

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Data Cult Audio 0100 - Bana Haffar

About:A lifelong expatriate, Bana Haffar was born in Saudi Arabia in 1987 and spent much ofher childhood in the GCC.Through her switch from 10 years of electric bass to modular synthesizers in2014, Bana is attempting to dismantle years of institutional ‘conditioning’ in traditionalsystems of music theory and performance. She is interested in exploring sonicdisintegration and coalescence into new forms and synthesized experiences.Haffar is also the co-founder of Modular on the Spot, a monthly outdoor synthhappening that began on the Los Angeles river and has since spread nationally andglobally.Links:https://soundcloud.com/banahaffarmusic https://twitter.com/banahaffar https://www.discogs.com/artist/4031728-Bana-Haffar https://www.instagram.com/sinusoidaltendencies https://banahaffar.bandcamp.com/


9 Mar 2019

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Data Cult Audio 0083 - Panic Girl

About:Panic Girl dedicated her life to music from an early age. After receiving classical training in piano, guitar, and singing she got deep into the production of electronic music. If you visit her place, it is hard to not fall over a big mess of cables and different production gear like the Marxophone, a Eurorack System, ARP2600, Casio CZ 5000 or Juno 60 synthesizer. Influenced by a wide range of music Panic Girl delivers a deep mixture of electronica and experimental sounds. Besides writing her own lyrics, she writes and produces all recordings on her own. In 2017 she performed her first modular live gig at Superbooth with Jericho. Together with Anatol Locker she forms Lucid Grain, a modular project having released their first album on the label Modularfield.Links:https://www.panic-girl.com/ https://www.facebook.com/pg/panicgirlofficial https://www.instagram.com/panic.girl.666/ https://soundcloud.com/panicgirl https://twitter.com/panicgirlpro


10 Nov 2018

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Data Cult Audio 0141 - POB

About:Patrick O'Brien POB is a modular synth performer in Los Angeles. Patrick grew up outside of St. Louis, classically trained on both piano and trumpet, which comes through in his melodic performances. He's DJed in clubs, worked in radio and is currently working in television. He's part of the Modular on the Spot LA team and performs live regularly along the west coast. You can catch his performances, jams and demo videos on his social channels.Links:https://www.youtube.com/obrienmedia https://www.instagram.com/pobenergy https://www.bandcamp.com/pobenergy https://www.soundcloud.com/pobenergy https://pobenergy.bandcamp.com


21 Dec 2019

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Data Cult Audio 0138 - Scott Metoyer

About:Scott Metoyer is an electronic musician, experimenter, software developer, and visual creator from Southern California. His work lies at the intersection of the concrete and the abstract, using technology, tools and generative processes to create intricate and evocative soundscapes. Scott uses a combination of modular synthesis, bespoke software, Reaktor, PureData, and hand-built custom controller hardware. He self-releases projects on Bandcamp, has many open source projects available on Github, and is currently designing a small range of boutique Eurorack modules.This release explores the hidden symphonies all around us, locked away in the mundane artifacts of consumerism. Scott has built Arduino-based custom controller hardware that extracts data from credit card magnetic stripes and numeric barcodes and uses it to generate MIDI note sequences and parameter control values. He captured the data ‘in the wild’ at grocery stores, libraries, and local shopping markets, often composing and recording in real-time using a small battery powered lunchbox modular synth. The results are a new take on found sounds - found melodies. The source code for Scott’s tools is open source and available on Github and you can watch some of his guerrilla composing sessions on Links:https://scottmetoyer.com/ https://scottmetoyer.bandcamp.com/ https://open.spotify.com/artist/6qQ9vhT0IvLRzNUQu7g51W https://www.youtube.com/user/scottmetoyerInstagram @scottmetoyermusic.


30 Nov 2019

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Data Cult Audio 0086 - Xexyz

Xexyz is the solo project of Milwaukee modular synthesist Sheila Teruty. Sheila weaves potent leads, spacey pads and ever evolving atmospheres to create soundscapes that are truly unique every time. Not one to shy away from individuality, Xexyz looks to push boundaries and walk you through a sonic journey to expand your mind and soul. Whether she finds herself playing techno or ambient, Xexyz transforms the sound space in effortless fashion to create unique and inspiring atmospheres for a mind bending experience.Links:www.soundcloud.com/xexyz www.instagram.com/xexyz_


1 Dec 2018

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Data Cult Audio 0140 - This Digital Landscape

About:This Digital Landscape is comprised of Brooklyn-based artist, Trevor Clark and his Eurorack Modular System. He creates music for the long-winded listener and evokes deep contemplations through pounding rhythms and ever evolving digital and analog soundscapes. His debut album The Face You Wear // Is Not Your Own is available digitally and on cassette via Bandcamp. In a modular system, as in life, moments are unique in and of themselves. A charge, turn, or push causes catastrophic reactions that disappear as quickly as they came. A modular system makes recreating performances nearly impossible, resulting in a unique performance each time it is interacted with. These tracks are a collection of moments captured within the modular system.The first half of this set is inspired by David Foster Wallace’s 1996 novel Infinite Jest and the parabolic nature in which the plot unfolds, but ultimately does not resolve. The beginning and end are chaotic and mirror one another, while the middle is more sparse, but contains the true essence of the piece. Links:https://thisdigitallandscape.bandcamp.com/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwE_FoNLDdMOeQTkWwfKDZA


13 Dec 2019

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Data Cult Audio 0133 - Eric Schlappi

About:Eric Schlappi is a musician/engineer originally from Arizona, currently residing in Portland, Oregon. He has been performing with, recording, and exploring analog synthesizers since the early 2000s, which has led him into designing and manufacturing his own instruments as Schlappi Engineering. As a musician he is interested in liminal spaces and transformations from the familiar to the unrecognizable (and back again.) He is also interested in live improvisation and physical manipulation of sound.This set is a live-in-the-studio version of the recent live set, consisting of three songs and a lot of improvisation within them. The first and third songs are not yet on any release and titled Dorcas and Court Intrigue. The second is a reimagining of The Last Incantation off of the Poseidonis release. The titles refer to events within fantasy books by Gene Wolfe and Clark Ashton Smith, respectively.Links:https://ericschlappi.bandcamp.comhttp://www.ericschlappi.com/https://schlappiengineering.com/


26 Oct 2019

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