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High Definition videos of the underwater world for your computer, iPad, iPhone 4, and HDTV!Showcasing some of the best high definition underwater short films being produced today from all over the world. Featuring beautiful images of the underwater world, marine life large and small, interviews with interesting people, and updates on underwater imaging. Produced in association with Wetpixel.com.

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HD - "Shark Bite GoPro!"

Sharks. Teeth. GoPro HD Cameras! Wild action by Eric Cheng of Wetpixel.com. Additional video by Sterling Zumbrunn and Jim Abernethy.


1 Oct 2010

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HD - "Shark Diving French Polynesia!"

Eric Cheng's great imaging of shark diving in French Polynesia. Thank you to Plongeur.com and Wetpixel.com!


17 Oct 2011

Rank #2

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HD - "Komodo"

Rusty Sanoian travels to Komodo, Indonesia for this amazing Canon 5D Mark II underwater footage. More info at Backscatter.com.


3 May 2012

Rank #3

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HD - "Cenotes, Mexico"

Berkley White's stunning underwater cave and cavern footage of the cenotes of Mexico shot with Canon 5DMIII and 5DMII DSLRs, topside shot with GoPro Hero HD. More info at Backscatter.com.


1 Aug 2012

Rank #4

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HD - "The Maldives in RED"

Howard Hall, RED One, Maldives. Gorgeous. More info at HowardHall.com


5 May 2010

Rank #5

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California Wild

Bob Cranston's spectacular highlights of diving California and Baja California. Shot originally in 5K 3D using a Gates 3D EPIC/Dragon rig that he helped design. Color grading and editing by Mary Lynn Price, with additional footage by Johnny Friday.


6 Aug 2015

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HD - "The Giants of Cenderawasih Bay"

John Boyle's and Fionn Crow Howieson's award-winning film about a rare bond between Whale Sharks and fisherman of Indonesia's Cenderawasih Bay. This film took 1st Place at the 2013 Our World Underwater video competition co-sponsored by Wetpixel.com and DivePhotoGuide.com. More info on the filmmakers at SharkBayFilms.com


14 Mar 2013

Rank #7

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Based in Germany, filmmaker Christian Fries takes us on an unusual visit to Lysekil, Sweden's Havets Hus (House of the Sea).This wonderful short film was shot on the dSLR Canon EOS 5D Mark II. To learn more about Christian Fies and his work with Below the Surface, please check out his website:http://belowthesurface.de/


7 Sep 2009

Rank #8

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Diver's Backyard - San Diego by Elke Specker

Sometimes the best dives are in the diver’s own backyard. Here, that backyard is San Diego, California in this beautiful short film by Elke Specker. More info on Elke and her work at IN2FocusMedia.com


3 Mar 2016

Rank #9

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"Whale Wisdom - A Mother Humpback's View"

A mother humpback whale rests below while her calf ascends to the surface and explores the wonders of this strange new world. She offers her calf encouragement and assurance, but also warns of dangers to come. She recounts how commercial whaling all but wiped out their species and how even now, over 20 years since the ban on commercial whaling, the killing continues. Will her calf be next?Though commercial whaling was banned by the IWC in 1986, over 25,000 whales have been commercially hunted since then. This is an incredibly controversial subject and one which often stalls in political, racial and cultural debates. Whale Wisdom transcends these debates and offers a fresh take on the issue, a mother whales perspective. The political and cultural disagreements are not her concern. Her only worry is that her child and their species have a future in the Oceans.To learn more about this film and other works by award-winning filmmaker Shawn Heinrichs, please visit his website: BlueSphereMedia.com


5 Jun 2008

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Antarctica Diving with Stacy Kim & SCINI

Dr. Stacy Kim is a Benthic Ecologist and diver who studies sea floor creatures in Antarctica waters that are below freezing. Her research team has developed a cool new ROV named SCINI (Submersible Capable of Under Ice Navigation and Imaging) for deployment beneath the ice to study depths below where divers can go. In this video, Stacy tells about diving the extreme cold water beneath Antarctic ice, and how SCINI makes possible even greater capabilities to explore and record the sea floor life in polar regions. Video includes wonderful underwater footage by Henry Kaiser of Stacy with SCINI diving beneath the Ross Sea ice near the Antarctic Base, McMurdo Station.


19 Jan 2009

Rank #11

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"The Sardine Run"

Filmmaker Shawn Heinrichs's award-winning film evokes the thrill and energy of the South African "Sardine Run" in this awarding winning video entry from the 2008 OurWorldUnderwater/Wetpixel/DivePhotoGuide Competition. "For years I had dreamed about returning to South Africa to experience the Sardine Run. I was born in Durban, South Africa and spent the first six years of my life there before moving to the United States. I have only faint childhood memories of the Sardine Run. It was a time of year when the sky over the beach filled with birds, dolphins broke the surface in the hundreds, when we stayed out of the water for fear of sharks, and when fishermen on the shore hauled in huge nets bursting with glistening silver fish."Now a seasoned diver and underwater film-maker, I returned to the Sardine Run to relive that excitement, but this time anxious to join the sharks underwater and experience the full energy of the Run. With me were my close buddies Justin Ebert, Mattias Fornander and Nick Jackson. Our leader Drew Wong and boat captain Pkee would do all they could to get us as close as "safely" possible to the action."To read more about Shawn's Sardine Run experience, please visit his website:BlueSphereMedia.com. For more information on the OurWorldUnderwater/Wetpixel/DivePhotoGuide Competition, please visit the website: UnderwaterCompetition.com.


30 Mar 2008

Rank #12

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2016 Trailer for the San Diego UnderSea Film Exhibition

Select highlights from entries to the 2016 San Diego UnderSea Film Exhibition. More info at http://sdufex.com


21 Aug 2016

Rank #13

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HD - "Skeleton Shrimp Encounters"

Mike Elliott's weird mesmerizing world of tiny skeleton shrimp drama. More info at MuckDiver.com.


1 Aug 2011

Rank #14

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"Rasta Pasta"

Underwater filmmaker Mike Elliott takes us into the weird world of some of the tiniest visible crustaceans, the skeleton shrimp. Featuring some truly amazing footage of these minute critters as they go about their daily lives, meeting, greeting, fighting off larger critters, mating and caring for their even tinier young.Filmmaker Mike Elliott and his wife, underwater photographer Jody Elliott, are based in Monterey, California. Their diving takes them all over the world, and also right in their own waters off the coast of Northern California. Please visit Mike's website: http://muckdiver.com


17 Jul 2008

Rank #15

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HD - "Pacific Drifters"

Nannette Van Antwerp's beautiful view of strange drifters of the open ocean off Hawaii and California. Official Selection of the 2011 San Diego UnderSea Film Exhibition. More info at blueviews.net.


2 Oct 2011

Rank #16

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"The Epic Deep"

From Great Hammerhead Sharks to Gentle Giant Mantas, Ron Lagerlof's stunning new short film shot on EPIC digital cinema cameras.


5 Sep 2013

Rank #17

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HD - "Circle of Life"

Simon Spear on our deep connection to the ocean world. More info at viewfromtheblue.me.uk


17 Jun 2010

Rank #18

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HD - "Solstice"

Simon Spear's basking sharks, dolphins, and seals from the waters off Scotland in this gorgeous short film. More info at ViewFromTheBlue.me.uk


5 Jan 2012

Rank #19

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HD - "Galapagos, Realm of Giant Sharks"

Whale shark researchers explore mysteries of the giants of the Galapagos in this excerpt from a new documentary by cinematographer Johnny Friday . Learn more about Johnny's work at BajaProductions.com.


5 May 2013

Rank #20