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(68) Eat Me

Due to the high volume of requests we've posted this recent material that didn't turn into a show, so here are some lazy files off the portable. March was our 3rd anniversary, thank you very much to those who have donated, and/or purchased apparel, and for tuning in and hanging out with us. We love your company! We've also received your voice-mails and will incorporate them in to future shows, please be patient it may take a little while but we love hearing from you! http://www.twitter.com/thelesbianmafiahttp://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Lesbian-Mafia/64622264260http://www.myspace.com/thelesbianmafiacastCALL THE LISTENER COMMENT LINE: 206-984-4093 LISTEN TO THE LESBIAN MAFIA ON YOUR TELEPHONE: 651-925-1610


18 Apr 2010

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(19) Where's Dildo?

Losing one's mind is not the only concern here at the Lesma ...


15 Jan 2008

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(4) PMS and Worst Psycho Lesbian Stories Revealed

pms, weapon weilding mattress stabbing, gas station fights, holes in walls, head banging stalkers, bottle dodging, and flying chairs ...


29 Apr 2007

Rank #3

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(15A) LesbianGangs, Turkey Day Adventures and Guest Nikki

(repost from 11-15-2007)


11 Jun 2008

Rank #4

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(36) Bernie & LINDSAY the Lezzy?

Bernie, Isaac, LINDSAY the Lezzy Trash-Talk, to Drill or Not to Drill, Hydrogen Cars, 12 Steppin' Gift Bags, Word of the Day - Tourniquette, Why Don't they Fall? Not Even Science Can Conclude and More Bernie ... This show is dedicated to the late great, Bernie Mac.


11 Aug 2008

Rank #5

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(22) Tumult, Love Lesbian Style and Whorey Moments

Valentine's Stressors, Infidels, Long Term Love, The Lesbian Moment of Truth, Whorey Moments, Lesbian Bed Death?


14 Feb 2008

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(27) The Complete Guide to Loosening Uranus

The Shadow Knows, Melissa's Mash-Up Submission, Listener Call In, Polygamists, Summer Diets, Gym Observations, Kardashian Meaninglessnesses, Fantasies, Subconscious Seriousness and more ... Music Featured by: The Trucks http://www.myspace.com/thetrucks


27 Apr 2008

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(30) You Like the Crazy

Isis, American Chappaquiddick Idol, Listener v/m, Quarrels, Monsters, Not so Smiley Cyrus, What's a Hooker to Wear?, This American Life, Bottles of Red for Billy Joel ... and last but not least, if you listen very carefully you will learn the real reason why cops eat donuts! Only here at the Lesma! Featuring music by: Music Producer PiperRox http://www.myspace.com/piperrox_house_things


14 May 2008

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(32) Burn the Witch! (The Radical Show)

Sort of a Mini, A Plea for Manners, Not Radical Enough?, Soda, Witch Burnings, Banana Clips, Silje Nergaard


24 May 2008

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(74) Are Women The Inferior Sex?

20 minute monologue, a message to 2030, crazies, gay male sexist oppressors, tackling the tough questions on woman-haters and why they have no b@lls, Hollywood crap movies, then Lale calls in and we talk Giffords, fire arms and Jersey Shore.blogs referencedWhy we have too few women leadershttp://is.gd/jgBNGLGBT and Liberal Feminist Hypocrisy Defend Islam While Women are Whippedhttp://is.gd/iHfnz


18 Jan 2011

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(67) bell hooks

Hello Lovers, We are still on a bit of a vacay and hope to return soon. In the meanwhile, we managed to snag part of an interview we heard on WBAI with esteemed author, thinker, teacher, and foremost theorist on feminism, gender, race, class and culture, bell hooks, author of over 20 books. She discuesses parenting, critical thinking, Precious, conflict, the deradicalization of feminist women's studies and black studies, women's health and self-care.First, there is a highly relatable funny opening by Gina McCaully from the What About Our Daughters blog.Enjoy!Talk at you soon!Hugs,-s


24 Mar 2010

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(5) Is Being A Lezzy-Cakes A Choice?

Converted Lezzy's sing Nelly FArtado in Pathmark, Choosing a sexuality?, Vegas karaoke and sexy tranny hookers, Peter Lugar's steak sauce for 99 cents, Gay beams only for special people, Arguing Lezzy's with tourrete's ... and Shout Outs!


12 May 2007

Rank #12

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(31) But Do You Have Gas?

Fill-er-Up, Stem Cells, Where In The World Are Our Senators?, St. Clare's the Molesters, Andy Can Kiss What I Twist and I Don't Mean My Wrist, Schools Out, Sinus Dreams, Out With The Netti-Pot and In with Hydro Pulse ... http://www.hydromedonline.com/


20 May 2008

Rank #13

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(76) Kaleidoscope

Not really sure what's happening here but at listener's requests we tried AGAIN do to a prank and clearly it's not working out. Just can't seem to get thru them like we used to, not sure why. We will try again in the future and hopefully get them right again. After the Gay Girl from Damascus hoax revealed that Lez Get Real "A Gay Girl's View on the World" was yet another hoax. The site is still up, they've accepted zero accountability and if possible seem even crazier than we already thought they were. They've said they will continue posting it's normal stupidity under Lez Get Real "A Gay Girl's View On the World" posing as lesbian women even though the site is run by a heterosexual man who did 2 years probation and community service for domestic violence; a transgender, who is supposedly lesbian transgender, ya ok... and one of their mother's. No lesbians. These imbeciles, specifically Bridgette LaVictore has been aggressively cyber stalking us for quite a long time but didn't put them on blast before we understood the details. Unfortunately we can't blame all of our stalkership on these locusts, we could have an academy awards ceremony to house all of them. And re: opening, of course we don't know if anyone really is or isn't an alcoholic, it's best to assume we're probably exaggerating, but in some cases we are definitely NOT!Are lesbians exempt from every being considered slutty? Not that we don't adore the word Slut amid the right occasion, but really. What else? Who has a memory longer than a webpage download these days, can't remember it all, tune in and find out! Listener voicemail from geminichanel is regarding show # 59. A lot of this is recorded on the portable which requires some shouting. Please be forgiving of this situational scenarioscope.And BTW neither of us have ever cheated and we think it's gross. And we love you vegetarian's too, sheddap! Except for the preachy sanctimonious a-holes, we just tolerate you. Love you long time.Yours, Sandi


23 Jun 2011

Rank #14

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(6) Interview w/ Kate Clinton and My Feminazi Ramblings

Fancier than Uhaul, Rare Exclusive Interview With The Goddess Kate Clinton, Sexy Feminism, Closing Ramblings From Yours Truly The Feminazi?


26 May 2007

Rank #15

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(70) What The Hell Is Going On?

Miley Cyrus, Tammy & Melissa Lesbalimony, Opinions and what do they really mean?, The Definition of a Lesbian conclusion via Twitter, The Real L Word, Julianne Moore in Kids Are Alright is gonna learn right here and right now that Lesbians are not bisexual. Somebody has to tell us what in the gay hell is going on in the world that some VERY delusional people actually think this is a topic for debate.(update: there were some issues w/ today’s podcast post. no one was able to link or comment. it’s fixed now. sorry for the trouble)


18 Jan 2011

Rank #16

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(26) TLM-Minute: Be My Therapist For 8&1/2 Minutes

Harley Davidson Vests, Balloons, Horseshit Beach, Mental & Emotional Clutter, To Say or Not To Say, Meanies ... Why Pay A Therapist Who Probably Has More Problems Than I Do, When I Can Podcast?


21 Apr 2008

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(35) Fruits, Porn & Cheats 101

Frustrating Fruits, Sarah Jessica Parker and Ferris Bueller's Day Off Getting Off, Interns, Infidelitors, Porn, and more trash-talk! (some of the calls had bad sound, sorry :/ Featuring music by: Sarah Greenwood's - GSX! http://www.myspace.com/gsx Vote for her VIDEO HERE: http://www.logoonline.com/shows/dyn/the_click_list/video_voting.jhtml

1hr 2mins

28 Jul 2008

Rank #18

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(29) It's Oceanic

Literalism's, Show #28 Anxiety, Degenerates, Gambino's?, Liquid Symbiosis ...


1 May 2008

Rank #19

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(20B) Goddess Radio Interview w/Zsussana Budapest

Fellow Podcast - Swannie of Goddess Radio Interviews Zsussana Budapest author of The Holy Book of Women's Mysteries GoddessRadio.podomatic.com


21 Jan 2008

Rank #20