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With VISION Radio (f.k.a. Noisia Radio) we select what excites us in bass music; drum & bass, electronica, beats and whatever forward leaning sounds we can get our hands on. We champion our latest releases as well as tons of music from people you have or haven't heard yet. There's artist takeovers, guest mixes, a weekly Reload voted for by our Patrons and our host Dave, who is...well, Dave.

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Noisia Radio S05E47

Noisia Radio this week: Two premieres! ‘Amber’ by Mefjus & Skeptical, out today, and ‘No Cats’ by Posij, taken from the ‘Chrysalis’ EP, out on the 27th of Nov on our Vision imprint. All this and more things. Enjoy!

1hr 2mins

20 Nov 2019

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Noisia Radio S02E20

This week in Noisia Radio; A Tipper exclusive, brand new Emperor, and a tune in 5/8th by Brunnen. In Question time! we talk about skinning animals and introduce our noisia.nl/demos website!


13 May 2016

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Noisia Radio S03E33 (Noisia DJ Set at Glastonbury 2017)

Noisia Radio this week: The live recording from our show on the Arcadia stage at Glastonbury 2017.

1hr 12mins

18 Aug 2017

Rank #3

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Noisia Radio S02E16

This week's episode premieres new releases from our own imprints by The Upbeats, Posij and Subtension. Among the usual beats and dnb we like, Thijs explains why he mistakenly thought Martijn did karate. :D


15 Apr 2016

Rank #4

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Noisia Radio S04E34 (Eprom & ZEKE BEATS Takeover)

Help! I can't find my way out! This week we've got Eprom and ZEKE BEATS taking over a full episode in honour of their release on Division. At the end of the show they elaborate on the process of making the tracks as well!

1hr 9mins

22 Aug 2018

Rank #5

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Noisia Radio S02E06 (incl. Ivy Lab guest mix)

We have a guest mix by Ivy Lab to celebrate the release of the first Division various artists EP and this weeks exclusive is a heavy new tune from Prolix.

1hr 4mins

5 Feb 2016

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Noisia Radio S02E14

This week in Nosia Radio; more exclusives from our own imprints, we answer some great questions from you guys and play you some old s**t we never finished that we finished!

1hr 2mins

1 Apr 2016

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Noisia Radio S04E17

Noisia Radio this week: We premiere ‘Together’ by Mefjus and have DotCrawl in the studio. New music by Ivy Lab, Volatile Cycle, Killill, The Upbeats and more..


25 Apr 2018

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Noisia Radio S04E16 (co-hosts: Skrillex & Sevdaliza)

Noisia Radio this week: Skrillex and Sevdaliza join us as guest hosts on this episode. New music by Mefjus, Skrillex, The Upbeats, Joker, Bop, and more..


18 Apr 2018

Rank #9

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Noisia Radio S01E27 (Favourites of 2015)

In the last episode of the year the three of us go through our favourites from season 1 of Noisia Radio, and the presence of an airhorn soundboard in Nik's vicinity makes for a very messy Christmas episode.

1hr 4mins

25 Dec 2015

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Noisia Radio S02E09

This week we share some true stories about stage diving in question time, we play you new music, old sss we never finished, classic drum & bass tunes, and we use an Oxford comma in this text.


26 Feb 2016

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Noisia Radio S05E01

Happy new year! Starting off Noisia Radio season 5 with ‘Dial Tones’ by The Outsiders, taken from Outlines 3 which is out now! More new music by Kronodigger, Ternion Sound, Sustance, Limewax and Semichrome.


2 Jan 2019

Rank #12

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Noisia Radio S03E41

Noisia Radio this week: Brand new music by Misanthrop, Black Sun Empire on remix duties for The Upbeats, and a Signal & Disprove guestmix inside! All this and more things.


11 Oct 2017

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Noisia Radio S04E31 (Posij Takeover)

Noisia Radio this week: After some new Phace, The Upbeats & Rockwell, Posij is taking over the show with a lot of new music he made, and some music you may already know. We hope you will enjoy his selection! Peaaace


1 Aug 2018

Rank #14

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Noisia Radio S04E28 (Noisia DJ Set @ We Are Electric 2018)

Hello Person! Our remix of 'Asteroids’ (with Prolix) is out today YAAASSS omg aaand it's featured in Martijn’s set at We Are Electric Festival 2018, which we’re playing for this week’s episode. Bon voyage!


11 Jul 2018

Rank #15

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Noisia Radio S01E03

Thijs has been exploring Florence in the days leading up to a show there tonight, whilst we (Nik and Martijn) were working on new Noisia material in the studios so we recorded this week's episode of Noisia Radio together.


10 Jul 2015

Rank #16

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Noisia Radio S04E08

Noisia Radio this week: Our genre-bending DJ set from Let It Roll Winter Edition 2018.


22 Feb 2018

Rank #17

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Noisia Radio S03E32

Noisia Radio this week: Enei drops a single on Critical, new music by Revazz for our Partial series on Division and an exclusive by Joker. All this and more things..


11 Aug 2017

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This week we help you cure your hangover, play a new Mefjus remix and try to keep it serious with occasional spurts of being not so serious.


11 Mar 2016

Rank #19

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Noisia Radio S03E01

Noisia Radio season 3 starts off with a guest host, no one other than our friend Mefjus, his personal picks and our weekly dose of beats and bass make up this season's first episode.


6 Jan 2017

Rank #20