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Jim Duke Perspective is a weekly show features news and information exposing the NWO Illuminati conspiracy and Luciferian agenda, and analyzes society from a Christian view. This is where we discuss a variety of fringe topics and genres as they relate to the conspiracy and their Secret Societies, and present biblical insight as we near the End Times. We bring conspiracy evidence and unravel the truth behind the facade wherever it takes us. Whatever level you are at, we break it down for you. No corner is too dark for us to tackle and alert you of the evils of the world.Our episodes analyze culture and society and cover conspiracy, the Illuminati and secret societies, the NWO, psyops and black op projects, the paranormal and occult, rogue government, political deception, the agenda of the Elite, radical ideologies, Entertainment industry, history, signs of the times, and other things related. As well as hosts interesting guests who appear for an exchange of ideas and insight.This is where you will hear “a rational voice in a world of conspiracy." Topics that make you think. The information on this show is for those awake and are awakening who want the truth about the inside agenda, the guts behind the facade, and exciting details that the world is not exposed to from their normal resources. Information beyond the boundaries and your Sunday morning sermon. Shows air live or post Sundays at 6pm EST.News show segment airs midweek.The website is https://JimDukePerspective.com

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Enoch, Nephilim, Cain, Babylon

In this episode we look at the relationship betweem Enoch, the Nephilim, the lineage of Cain, and the result of Babylon for the explanation of our culture and influence of false religion, Gnosticism, and all things counter to God.

1hr 5mins

2 May 2021

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Pandemic In Perspective

We are weighing out the contradictions that question the pandemic and puting it together for those who still do not see the story behind the agenda.We compare COVID with other viruses in its uniqueness. What were the early reports compared with current? Has the number of deaths changed in the overall rate?What is the impact politically?Does the vaccine relate to the Mark of the Beast?

1hr 6mins

25 Apr 2021

Rank #2

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Satanic Performers, Vaccine Contradictions

We discuss the movement in entertainment of Satanic references and imagery that is now cool. Performers such as Lil Nas, as well as Lady Gaga and others have shown a taste for the dark side. We reveal the reason. And we also outline true Satanism and its characteristics that doesn't necessarily represent by worshipping a red pitchforked pixie.We also look at the vaccine regulations, claims by Fauci that they DO NOT prevent infection, and how the tests are meaningless.NOTE: The audio muted on the original feed, so it was replaced by the backup audio.

1hr 6mins

18 Apr 2021

Rank #3

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Season 6 Begins: A World In Denial

Can you believe we are into our 6th season? We talked a lot of topics, of course the current pandemic dominating the issues.We talk with the show co-host and how the podcast started.Truther cynicism is it getting out of hand?A world in denial

1hr 16mins

11 Apr 2021

Rank #4

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Vaccine Passports for the Vaccine Agenda

NYS passed an experimental Excelsior Pass program in which calls for a mobil device app for proof of vaccination to present to establishments. As other States may also have a means for Vaccine passports. Yes this is likely to spread to other places to mandate you present certification upon entry into a venue or business. We think it is a way to enforce vaccination, which leads us to believe it is an agenda.

1hr 1min

4 Apr 2021

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1984 Orwellian Society and Brave New World

The novel 1984 by George Orwell serves as a model of Utopian (or dystopian) society of Elite totalitarianism. it serves as a warning of what can happen in the future. Today we see traces of this outcome actually played out. The novel Brave New World by Aldous Huxley also gives us warning of a runaway World State dictatorship. These men were visionaries... or perhaps insiders of Elite plans guised to warn the public.


28 Mar 2021

Rank #6

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Culture Cancel, Censoring You

We are under culture persecution with so many offenses being called. Social media is reacting with policing content and screening what it decides is inappropirate to its platform. Does this reflect the majority of society or for an agenda? We will look at the Cancel Culture movement in society to censor the voices it determines not of "Community Standard."

1hr 3mins

21 Mar 2021

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Gender Neutrality, Trump Still Not President, Great Reset

We discuss the current events and make some references to the agenda. Gender neutrality issue with Mr. Potato head... er I mean just Potato head. Despite claims of QAnon, Trump is still not appearing at the White House. The WEF produced a video on the Great Reset that we analyze. Biden's address on vaccines and promises.

1hr 18mins

14 Mar 2021

Rank #8

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MKULTRA Mind Control How it Affects You

In this episode we discuss the government's MKULTRA project for mind control under the CIA and the military Dept of Defense that claims to have abandoned in 1973. But we have documents of its experimentation on citizens in society and suspect aspects of it still occur. MKUltra morphed into other mind control programming like Monarch, which certain programs developed such as "Alice in Wonderland."Subprojects under MKULTRAhttps://www.theblackvault.com/documentarchive/cia-mkultra-collection/#whatis

1hr 5mins

7 Mar 2021

Rank #9

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PRISM Program and NSA Surveillance

In this episode we examine the NSA and their surveillance spy programs used to monitor behavior that they deny they do.We look at PRISM, Echelon, Centra and other programs used by NSA and CIA to collect data and monitor citizens, even the innocent. Certain people have been targeted (for less than what we expose), even Christians for citing scriptures. Pastors are monitored for gathering during restrictions under the excuse of health regulations. We feel there will be a clamping down on Christians soon, if this pattern continues.

1hr 12mins

28 Feb 2021

Rank #10