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The Mission of Willow Creek Community Church is to turn irreligious people into fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.The Vision of Willow Creek Community Church is to be a biblically functional community of believers so Christ’s redemptive purposes can be accomplished in the world.

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Journey Through Philippians - Peace in a Place of Anxiety

November 9 & 10 - Megan Marshman Anxiety is something we all face, and Paul was not immune to it (Philippians 2:28). What Paul teaches us, however, is that peace is possible when we face trying times. It begins with recognizing God as the source of peace, turning to Him with our requests, and not forgetting to thank Him for what He has already done.


11 Nov 2019

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We Are Here - Welcome to the Party

Week 1: Welcome To The Party // Eugene Cho, August 3/4 What if the Church were where the hungry came to be filled and where you received the best meal you’d ever eaten? What if the Church were like a potluck where everyone brought his or her best dish to the table?


5 Aug 2019

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Summer at Willow - A Great Gardener

A Great Gardener Megan Marshman | June 29 & 30 As the summer heats up, the fruit begins to grow; that’s what plants are made to do, right? But compare apples to apples and you’ll often find a big difference. Great fruit is the product of a great garden. A great garden is most often made by a great gardener. John 15 reminds us that the same is true for the fruit we hope to produce in our own lives.


30 Jun 2019

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Christmas at Willow - Worth the Wait

Throughout the sweep of the Old Testament, a consistent theme rings out. Whether through temple or tabernacle, in the best and the worst, God longs to be with his people. For generations, God promised to be with them, but the world had to wait for the full fruition of that promise. Finally, in the surprise and miracle of Matthew chapter 1, we see the great lengths to which God went to make the waiting worth it.


2 Dec 2019

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All The Things - All The Fears - Psalm 23

PSALM 23: ALL THE FEARS January 4/5 - Albert Tate What about when I’m afraid? Psalm 23 is among the most comforting and beloved of the psalms. But it’s written for real life. It’s written to remind the weary and the wary that no matter the path ahead, the darkness around, or the enemy nearby, even in our worst fears, God is near.


6 Jan 2020

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All The Things - The Most Encouraging Message You've Never Heard


17 Feb 2020

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Summer at Willow - Four Little Words

Four Little Words Steve Gillen | June 22 & 22 Four words... four little words with profound meaning tell the story of who God is, who we are, and what is possible. Those words are: love, sin, justice, and rescue. Love is who God is. Sin is the mess we’ve made. Justice is what’s necessary. And rescue is what God offers. But beyond those four words, God has given us two ways—communion and baptism—that help us remember and celebrate the sacrifice and promise of what God has done.


24 Jun 2019

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All the Things - Why the Psalms

ALL THE THINGS December 28/29 - Eugene Cho The Psalms have it all. They reflect the full gamut of human experience and emotion, harboring no-holds-barred doubts, fears, and frustrations alongside sincere worship and praise. The Psalms also hint at the fullness of God, his character, his power, and his willingness to welcome all we are to all he is. Let’s begin a journey into sacred space.


30 Dec 2019

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Summer at Willow - Resurrection Power


29 Jul 2019

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Journey Through Philippians - Content in All Circumstances

Content in All Circumstances (Philippians 4:10-14) November 16 & 17 - Albert Tate Despite the overwhelming blessings most of us enjoy living in Chicagoland (when compared with the rest of the world), it's quite common for us to feel discontent, especially when we compare our situations with others. What Paul teaches, and also models, is that joy and contentment are possible even in the most difficult circumstances.


18 Nov 2019

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Journey Through Mark - Come On Now

To go, we have to leave. To take something up, we have to lay something down. If we follow, we can’t lead. The call of Jesus is courageous and uncompromising: to be a part of the world reshaping work of Jesus, we will need to leave our old world behind. Pastors Steve Gillen and Ray Johnston teach on the book of Mark.


16 Mar 2020

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Journey Through Philippians - Whatever Happens

Journey Through Philippians - Week 1


21 Oct 2019

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Journey Through Philippians-Make My Joy Complete-Steve Gillen

Of all people, Paul should not be joyful. He’s been called to hard ministry. He’s imprisoned. He’s potentially looking at a death sentence. And yet a sense of joy permeates the book. How can we live with the mind of Christ and practice joy in all circumstances?


28 Oct 2019

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Paul had quite a number of personal attributes in which he could place his confidence. But what he discovered after he became a Christian was that everything he previously clung to was like human waste compared to the value of knowing Christ. Nothing compares to having a relationship with Him, so Paul pressed on every day to get to know Him better.


3 Nov 2019

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Summer at Willow - Let Them Come

Let Them Come Steve Gillen | July 13 & 14 Pushed the fringes, kept out of sight, sent to the back of the line. That’s how Jesus’ followers treated the children when they came to see Jesus. After all, Jesus was too busy, too important, too distracted to make time for the little ones. But Jesus said, “Let them come.” He welcomed them, he listened to them, he looked them in the eyes, and there he saw the glimmer of the kingdom he’d come to bring.


15 Jul 2019

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We Are Here - Pray More

6 PRAY: More // Albert Tate, September 7/8 When Paul writes to the Ephesians, he doesn’t just tell them, “I’ll pray for you.” He prays for them! And his prayer pushes past their circumstances to the very heart of life in Christ.


9 Sep 2019

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All The Things - All The Guilt

PSALM 51: ALL THE GUILT January 11/12 - Megan Marshman What about this thing in my past? None of us can escape the stain of sin, and most of us are helpless to avoid the spiral of shame. That shame makes us hide from each other and from God. But Psalm 51 shows us that the way out of the cycle of sin and shame is to go through. To come out of hiding we need to go through confession and repentance.


13 Jan 2020

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We Are Here - Worship Begins Here

4 WORSHIP: Worship Begins Here // Megan Marshman, August 25/26 When we roll into church on Sunday it’s easy to think it’s just another service, forgetting that we’re together to worship a holy God. But what is worship? And why do we gather and sing together?


29 Aug 2019

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We Are Here - Made For This

3 SERVE: Made For This // Matt Wright, August 17/18 Ephesians 2 tells us that we are created by God to do work he’s called us to do, so when we serve, we are more of what God has made us to be than at any other time.


19 Aug 2019

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All The Things - All The Love

PSALM 139: ALL THE LOVE February 22/23 - Megan Marshman What if you really knew me? We get used to living life like we’re on a perpetual first date, hiding our quirks, our baggage, our past, and our innermost thoughts and feelings. After all, how could anyone love all of that, right? Psalm 139 is a close-up examination of our intimate God, the one who sees it all, knows it all, loves us all, and has all along.


24 Feb 2020

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